Signs the Law of Attraction Is Working For You

 November 03, 2016

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Let’s begin with understanding what the Law of Attraction really is. The term, coined in the early 19th century, is a new age concept which basically states that whatever energy you send out in the universe is what you will receive in return. In simple words, it says ‘like attracts like’. If you’re sending positive energy, i.e. your thoughts are positive, then you will receive the same energy in return and if your thoughts are negative so will the events in your life be. We first need to understand that energy flows where attention goes. To manifest anything in your life you need to introduce it to your consciousness in form of thoughts and then vision. Then that vision metamorphoses into action.

If you put your energy into negative people and negative thoughts you’re bound to have negative experiences but if you put your energy into positive thoughts and focus on all the positive aspects that make you feel happy, you’re sure to experience them in the future. This is how law of attraction works, whatever energy you send out in the universe, the universe will return the same to you.

This is not so convincing a concept and many people are baffled by it. Here are a few signs showing that the law of attraction is working for you and that you’re on the right track to manifesting your reality.

You’re open to changes

If people cannot accept changes how can they grow? When we try to resist something or try to hold on to something we are stopping a change there. Helping your inner self to evolve or grow needs you to let go of old thought processes and habits so you can reach your full potential. Changes come with uncertainty, fear and vulnerability. When you embrace these aspects of change, the universe will more easily send you the changes needed for you to grow.

You befriend the universe

You no more feel uncomfortable or afraid to tell the universe what you need. You talk to the universe and seek guidance. You are clear about your motives and comfortable with the idea of telling the universe what you want and actually working for it. When you do this, the path in front of you gets clearer, your unique path.

More positive energy in life

The burden that negativity puts on your shoulders is now gone. You feel the light within. The negativity that bothered you once is no more a factor. You’re filled with joy and excitement of what lies ahead as you know you have the universe by your side.

You start manifesting things more quickly

If negativity no more a bother and you can easily shift your energy to the positive things in life, you already have mastered the key component of LOA in your life. When you’re clear about what you want, the universe lays out the path accordingly and unnecessary thoughts or negative energy do not come in your way. You can feel everything falling into place you and things couldn’t get any better. You have developed gratitude now and are always grateful for what you have and thus the universe sends out more to be thankful for.

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  1. Nonsense. Fake-ass science. Everything is cause-and-effect. If things happen, it is because you took action, not because you were positive. Being positive motivated you to take action. Particle interactions are required though. The Universe does not bend to your will. Too much conflicting information would result.

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