5 Miracles I Received from the 21-Days Gratitude-Prayer Program

Miracles Gratitude Prayer Program

The changing times of 2020, which many leaders are touting as the Dark Night of the Earth, is showing us a different perspective of life. And we know it’s not always about “Me”, but “Us”. We are also discovering that our “thoughts” are “manifesting” faster than ever. This isn’t a personal observation though, as I am working with so many people who are coming into their own in these tough times and their power of thoughts is out-of-their-roof strong.

These are the same people who didn’t say no to a difficult situation, they were always hopeful of a new life, and now slowly they are coming to fold; as Universe and the Source is showing them that their work, their strength, and their perseverance is bearing results.

If you have had gone through difficult times and you too are seeing the rise of others, but still waiting for your good and your happy-ness, know it’s happening, but for that to come in you have to be in the receptive mode, forgetting about the past, letting it heal and looking forward with enthusiasm and happiness.

I have been thinking the same way as I came out of my dark night with an awakening this year earlier. It was a super-surprise and I thought, “Finally, something is shifting in my life and everything will fall into place”. But I was still waiting or it felt like that because there was so much chaos and confusion after awakening as if I was drifting with the winds, with no proper anchor/base. And trust me that’s really frustrating.

I really wanted “Out” of the situation as I felt I have lived the karmic cycle I had a soul-contract of. And truly in the most beautiful fashion, my Spirit-Team of high vibes took care of me. When I started channeling these Invocations I was just going with the flow, not thinking too much or analyzing, because I haven’t seen any changes, yet.

When within a week there was one major shift and by the end of the month I was just bypassing every inner-obstacle that I have, I knew this is my thing. Then my Spirit-Team intervened to say that this is for all and if one is in despair, difficulty, and karmic cycles, always waiting for something good, but seldom manifesting it, this will bring rapid changes in and out. They will know that their Spirit-Team is overlooking their growth and happiness and delivering blessings to them.

And then this program was built, and it has been the simplest yet one of my most powerful course ever, that I created or attended. Let’s see what miracles I did receive,

1. Opening my inner-eye:

Well I know many of you will think of clairvoyance as soon as you read it and it will be me too, thinking the same 6 months back, but not anymore. Our Inner-Eye is something which is our 

Soul- Eye, which is far more than clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is just one part of our inner-eye and this inner-eye of us is the God-Eye too, because it knows everything, as it sees everything in the light of the truth and not that of judgment, criticism, or discrimination of any kind. This inner-eye is the way God sees us, with unconditional love. 

And this inner-eye lets us see our true nature, our divinity. Our powers, strength, and energy doesn’t remain intellectual.

I have been battling with low self-esteem and confidence as my fears came up to surface during my dark-night. Everything changed for me, as I started acting on the basis of fear and from there every aspect of my life went downhill. Even after awakening I wasn’t really sure, and it was pretty difficult for me.

These invocations which are a mix of the powerful force of gratitude and prayer came to my rescue. Without even my noticing it, I became more confident in my abilities and faults. I started some sessions which I was super confused about, but now I was like, “I think it’s okay as everyone makes mistakes”. And there I was just enjoying those activities that earlier were super awkward. And these have since then kept opening many doors to new opportunities for me.

2. Clarity in Vision:

Throughout the period of 10 years with the dark-night and not even knowing that I was going through one, did my system a lot of damage. When we go through a karmic cycle, we all get damaged in our internal-matrix of abundance & prosperity. It’s not only about what’s not happening in the outer-circumstances like the job, finance, relationships during this difficult period, it’s also about how we are losing some vital powers within us. But we seldom notice them since we are so engrossed with the outer-world.

And this brings in further difficulty for us even after the karmic-period of our life is over. We keep struggling as I was and don’t know why. It them seems like this struggle and difficulties are our life and our life isn’t going to be successful and beautiful like so many others.

We forget the fact that, due to the changes in our chemical-bonds, in our neurological system which happened because of the difficult period and the thoughts and emotions we were holding then, they can as easily change with a different, vibrant more positively strong feeling and thought. 

The words have power either spoken, silently communicated or even through body-language, which changes our inner-component. This is why I call some special phrases used in this program as quantum, because they let you be the Master and change your chemical-bonds of negative karmic-cycle which is over and done with but still going on due to lack of understanding.

I attracted that clarity, it was shown to me that certain limitations in my thoughts and belief-systems were creating the most difficulty in my life. It was frustrating yet liberating. I am confessing it to you now, is a sign to me that I am not being defensive about my own limitations anymore, as I see the magic, this miraculous program is bringing to me every day.

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