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What Percentage Intuitive Are You? Find Out With This Quiz

Percentage Intuitive Are You

Do you often listen to your gut feeling? Is your intuition always trying to tell you something? Our intuitive nature and abilities can help us build a stronger connection with the eternal consciousness. This intuitive quiz can help you find out how much you use your intuitive abilities.

What is intuition?

Being intuitive means that you have the ability to understand something instantly based on your instinctive feelings, instead of relying on facts. It means you can make immediate decisions based on feelings without any need for analytical thinking or conscious reasoning. Almost all of us have varying degrees of intuitive abilities which we use to make important decisions every day without even realizing it.

Here are a few things that you need to understand about intuition and your intuitive abilities:

  • Intuition is our instinctive belief or knowledge gained without thinking or reasoning.
  • It originates from the knowledge preserved in our subconscious mind.
  • This knowledge can often be gained through observation and even psychic means.
  • This knowledge is not dependent on our 5 senses or the logical reasoning process.
  • It is a rapid subconscious thought process that leads to crucial decisions, information, and solutions.
  • It is our ability to understand and make judgments based on knowledge acquired from previously gained information & experiences.
  • Intuition is also known as instinct, clairvoyance, gut feeling, a hunch or the sixth sense.

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How intuition can help you

Being intuitive can be exceptionally beneficial for you as it can guide you in effectively navigating through life, in a way logical thinking never can. If you are intuitive, you know when to follow your instincts and trust your gut.

Studies conducted by psychologist Gary A Klein revealed that firefighters make instant decisions based on their intuition about how the fire might affect a specific location based on their previous similar experiences and simulations. Not only this helps firefighters to prevent damage, but it also enables them to save lives.

Developing your intuition

Simply by being a bit more aware of your inner voice, you can strengthen and develop your intuitive abilities. When you pay attention, you will realize that the little voice will inform or warn you about something important. Calming your mind and silencing all the noise in your mind can also help you to sharpen your intuition. You can achieve this by practicing mindfulness and meditation.

However, you need to understand that all your internal sensations are not intuition or gut feelings. You need to use your wisdom and common sense before following your intuition.

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How intuitive are you?

Have ever wondered how intuitive you are? Or if you are intuitive at all? This intuitive quiz has been specially designed to help you find out what your percentage of intuition is. Take this fun test and answer a few simple questions honestly to understand how you make valuable decisions on a daily basis.

However, remember that this test is purely intended as a fun exercise, so don’t take it too seriously. Answer this quiz honestly to get the most accurate results about your intuitive abilities. You may get surprised by the answers you get.

Share your results with your friends and family and have fun.


Take This intuitive quiz To Know Your Intuitive Abilities
Percentage Intuitive Are You pin
What Percentage Intuitive Are You? Find Out With This Quiz

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