11 Ways To Spot A Keeper From Player In One Date: Tips From An Expert Celebrity Profiler

11 Ways To Spot A Keeper From Player In One Date Tips From An Expert Celebrity Profiler

This is why people should learn Rapid Trait Profiling. If you can see their features, you can recognise their personality traits. Compare that and what they have written about themselves and you know whether they are who they say they are. Do they really love long walks along the beach or candle lit dinners, or is it what they know you want to hear?

Ask yourself what does your image project about you? Are you attracting the right people? Remember that dating sites are renowned for being predator’s playgrounds and many of the profiling questionnaires dating sites use make it very easy for them to find their intended victims.

Predators are expert at reading other people. And so should you, if you want to stay safe.

Q 4: How can we tell if a guy is serious or just a player based off his body language or face?

It’s not something that you’ll see in his facial features, although I am working on some new traits that will give some insight into a person’s character.

First though, you need to observe his body language and his expressions to determine his intentions. How much he focuses (uninterrupted) on you will show his interest. The expressions he makes to your comments and actions will give an indication of how sincere he is.

How congruent the expressions appear to be with what you’re saying will give light to his intentions. Is he confident or have an air of arrogance?  How does he talk to you? His expressions will tell you if he is interested and where his intentions reside. You may have found a charmer, but what is his intent? A first class catch or a predator?

The players want to control and they can range from the guy looking for a one night stand to full on abuser and Psychopath. Remember the initials CIA.

The player will Charm and then try and Isolate you from your friends and family, just like a predator isolates its prey from the herd. In many cases the isolation can lead to Abuse or worse.

See how much they involve themselves in the subjects you’re talking about. Don’t let the excitement carry you away. You might find the shy guy is a far better choice in the long run.

Q 5: What is the most common physical/ character trait in a cheater vs a keeper?

I’m investigating some possible features but at this time there are no physical indicators which determine a keeper from a cheater. The facial features are the history of a person’s personality. But personality is not character.

Two people can look very similar but one can be a saint while the other a sinner. The features will tell you how they think, not what they are thinking about.

The facial expressions and body language are better indicators of a person’s emotional state and their character. Look for congruence. Whether the body language and expressions match the conversation and situation. Do their behaviours change from when you are alone to when you are with family and friends? Does their attention stray?

Don’t judge them if they look around when they talking. We all move our eyes up, down and to the sides to source memories and create ideas. That’s natural. The question would be more, where are they looking when you talking? What expressions are they making and are the expressions what you’d expect in regards to the subject of conversation.

People look to one side to remember and the other to create an answer. Which side is which? That does vary from person to person and it’s why we always test first. Everyone though looks up for visual answers, sideways for what things sound like and down for their feelings and internal thoughts.

If someone is lying or worried about being caught lying they may cover or turn their face away or down. Remember thought, don’t jump to conclusions. Look for multiple indicators.

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