9 Signs of The Nice ‘Fuckboy’ You Should Stay Away From


Signs of Nice 'Fuckboy ' You Should Stay Away

You should stay away from the fuckboy who is behaving like a nice guy. He might be the nicest person you know, and he might not hurt you every second, but he will end up breaking you nonetheless. Nice fuckboys end up hurting others more than they realize.

“There’s a guy out there who will want to tell everyone that he is your boyfriend. Quit goofing around and go find him.” — Greg Behrendt, He’s Just Not That Into You

It’s surely a difficult thing to resist men with amazing personalities when we clearly know we should be staying away from them. Guys who are either good or bad are easy to deal with but if he is a combination of both, that becomes a problem.

Here Are 9 Signs of The Nice ‘Fuckboy’ You Should Stay Away From

1. He is only concerned with sex.

He behaves like a good guy and perhaps, he is one; he is honest with his feelings, he doesn’t flatter but he is always playing games with you only to have sex.

2. He can easily replace you.

He is one of the friendliest guys you have ever known; he is there for his friends and his friends speak highly of him. But the girl he is dating or is interested in comes last in his priority list and holds the chance of getting replaced by others.

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3. He never participates in your success.

He tells you about your good qualities, he praises you for something you have done but he doesn’t give any indication of sharing your success with you. His words echo one of any other admirer with a clear sign of distance.

4. He behaves formally most of the time.

He will talk to you if you meet on the road, even accompany you home but that’s it. It’s obvious for you to feel bad about it because even if he doesn’t give you an indication of anything, just conversing with him makes you feel hopeful about the possibility of a relationship.

5. He believes in the motto, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’.

He’s a wonderful guy to be around but when you are not with him, he hardly cares. The moment you leave his presence, he will forget about you and go on about his life without a care in the world.

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6. He makes you emotionally confused.

He might not be a flirt and he is definitely not rude. He doesn’t promise you any future with him but his companionship makes you feel happy and somewhere deep down, you start expecting something beyond friendship.

7. He will never be in a serious relationship with you.

He is the nice fuckboy who will make the moments with him feel out of the world. He will be clear of his intentions and tell you directly that he is not looking for anything beyond a sexual relationship. So, when he leaves, you feel devastated. He never rejected you in words but this sort of behavior, this line, this upfront explanation of what he wants is more painful than a rejection.

8. He will have his own inherent reasons for being the way he is.

Just because he is not choosing you, that doesn’t mean he is a bad guy. There might be tons of reasons for his behavior. Perhaps he wasn’t a fuckboy before but now he has become one. He might have trust issues with people, he might have a traumatic past, he might have a few other things and the reason he is rejecting you probably has got nothing to do with you.

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9. He never cares about what you want.

When a nice fuckboy is clear about his relationship with you, he doesn’t feel guilty if you think otherwise. If he has already told you that he wants to have a sexual relationship then he wouldn’t be bothered if you want something more than that. That’s not his problem.

Yes, it’s hard but you have it to let it go. What’s the point of hanging around someone and get disappointed every single time when he has made it clear that he doesn’t want you?

He is definitely a nice guy but he is not your nice guy. Wasting time behind him, you are ignoring guys who can be the one for you. There are millions of nice guys out there for you and the one for you is still waiting.

So, identify the fuckboy and stay away from him.

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Signs of Nice 'Fuckboy ' You Should Stay Away Pin

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