How To Know If Someone Is Thinking Of You? 10 Psychological Signs


How To Know If Someone Is Thinking Of You? Psychic Signs

Have you ever had that weird feeling that someone is thinking about you, even when they’re not with you? It feels like a whisper in the back of your mind, a subtle but undeniable connection that transcends the physical distance between you two. So then how to know if someone is thinking of you, for sure?

The interesting thing is that, in this curious world of human psychology, there can be many fascinating and psychological signs someone is thinking of you; all you have to do is know what they are.

So, are you ready to do a deep dive into the world of mind-reading (well, sort of). Let’s explore 10 psychological signs someone is thinking of you.

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How To Know If Someone Is Thinking Of You? 10 Major Psychological Signs

1. You notice your eye twitching.

If your eye suddenly starts itching or twitching, it might mean you’re on someone’s mind. That vibe could turn into a little involuntary eye dance!

You may not buy it, but the side of the twitch can give you a clue about whether someone’s thinking good or bad thoughts about you, and mind you, it’s not the same for guys and girls.

For example, if a man’s right eye twitches, it’s a good thing; that means someone is thinking about him in a positive way. However, if his left eye is twitching, well, let’s just say the vibes are anything but good.

How to know if someone is thinking of you

2. You get goosebumps.

If you suddenly get goosebumps, then it’s one of the biggest psychological signs someone is thinking of you. Getting goosebumps isn’t just physical, it’s linked to your emotions as well.

We all experience goosebumps at times, maybe due to a memory, some great news or when we are looking forward to something. Pay attention when goosebumps pop up for no clear reason. It could be a sign that you’re on someone’s mind and picking up on their vibes.

3. You can recollect their face clearly.

If all of a sudden, someone’s face pops into your head and pushes out all other thoughts. Let’s face it – nothing else stands a chance against the image of that person.

It might not always happen this way but this person is special to you. When their face jumps into your thoughts vividly, and without you putting too much effort into it, it feels like your souls are entwined right then and there. Go on, give them a call, they might be waiting for you.

4. You are always made to feel appreciated by them.

Have you ever had a crush on someone and wondered if they are thinking about you? One of the biggest signs someone is thinking of you is when they never hesitate to appreciate you and make sure you always know how amazing you are.

You are frequently complimented by them, and you can clearly see and feel how smitten they are with you. But at the same time, they will not make you feel uncomfortable and freaked out.

Just like they’ll compliment you all the time, they will also give you your space and make sure you don’t feel uneasy around them.

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5. You get calls and texts from them without any reason.

How to know if someone is thinking of you? They will call and text you without any real purpose or “important” reasons.

If someone keeps ringing you up without a clear reason, or they do it at times that are unusual for them, chances are they’ve got a massive crush on you. They’re likely hoping you’ll pick up on the fact they’re acting differently and figure out what that means.

When you realize this, there’s no harm in asking them upfront about their feelings, and see if they own up to it. Why? Because they might finally get the chance to express their feelings, a chance they were likely waiting for, for a long time.

6. You have dreams about them.

If you find yourself dreaming about someone, chances are they’re thinking of you too. Some psychologists believe dreams are linked to our memories, while new age thinkers suggest they’re connections between the physical and spiritual realms.

If this person pops up in your dreams more than once, it could mean their spirit is reaching out to yours, or maybe you both shared a similar dream. Why don’t you give them a ring and ask them if they remember what they dreamt about last night.

How to know if someone thinking of you

7. You think about random memories, which you haven’t thought about for a long time.

Imagine you’re just hanging out with your buddies, sipping coffee, and out of nowhere you remember a time you chatted or shared a really funny joke with someone. This is one of the biggest psychological signs someone is thinking of you.

When someone is thinking of you, a bunch of old memories can come zooming in without any warning. It’s especially true if you two have a tight bond or have gone through a lot together; those are the memories that hit hard.

So, the next time you are hit by random memories, know that it’s one of the signs someone is thinking of you.

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8. You keep bumping into each other.

If you keep bumping into the same person, again and again, it’s one of the glaring psychological signs someone is thinking of you. It’s thought that maybe destiny or the universe has a hand in these meetups, pushing you two to link up or remember your bond.

Now, seeing the same face time and again could hint they’re thinking of you too, but let’s not jump to conclusions. Some logical reasons might be because you live close to each other, have mutual friends or tend to visit the same spots.

However, you never know what the actual reason is till you explore more.

9. They like or comment on your old pictures on social media.

Liking old posts on your social media means going through your profile and checking out your content from top to bottom. Now why would someone do that unless they are interested in you? When they like your old photos or comment on them, it means you are on their mind, and they are thinking about you.

They might be feeling curious about your past memories, or maybe they want to know more about you, and that’s why they’re going through your profile. This is a subtle way of showing their interest, and is one of the underrated signs someone is thinking of you.

10. You notice the same numbers popping up.

How to know if someone is thinking of you? Look out for angel numbers.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re tight with someone who has you on their mind, specific numbers show up again and again? For example, if your crush keeps sending texts at a specific time or calls you right on the dot each time, chances are they’re thinking about you.

These repetitive numbers are known as angel numbers. They signal that maybe, just maybe, a guardian angel is giving you a nudge by flashing these particular figures at you.

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So, these are the psychological signs someone is thinking of you. How many of these signs can you tick off? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

psychological signs someone is thinking of you

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