The Native Americans’ 7 Core Beliefs About Dreams

Native Americans Beliefs About Dreams

Did you know that the Native Americans’ core beliefs about dreams are just one of the many reasons, why their culture is revered all over the world?

Dream work is an essential part of Native American tribal culture.

Native Americans beliefs about dreams are that they are an extension of reality, an opportunity to travel to other realms, and communicate with ancestors and spirit guides.

They teach their children from a very young age to remember their dreams so that they use them for spiritual guidance and healing.

Native Americans tribes have shaman or medicine men that can help to heal the soul through dream work by inducing altered dream states through shamanic drums, breath work, and Ayahuasca.

Following are the 7 Core Native American beliefs about dreams:

1) We have three souls.

These tribes believe that human beings have three souls, each with a distinct purpose.

The first soul is called the Ego soul that is embodied in the breath of an individual, the second one is called the body soul and its main purpose is to give energy and provide life force or prana to the body during waking state.

The third soul is the free soul that is free to leave the body and travel to other realms during coma state, trance state, and dream state.

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2) The dream world is as real as the physical world.

According to the Native American tribes, in dreams, we experience the shamanic world. They believe that everything is alive and connected to everything else. We can travel to different realms and even talk to animals, spirit guides, and our ancestors when we astral travel in our dreams.

They believe that it is not our bodies or minds that dream but our soul that dreams and undergoes the entire experience.

“Your soul dreams those dreams; not your body, not your mind. Those dreams come true. The soul travels all over the world when you dream.”- Chippewa Elder John Thunderbird

3) Our souls can communicate and astral travel.

Astral Travel is a technique by which the soul can leave the body for a temporary period of time and travel to the astral plane for learning and soul growth.

The soul can communicate with other souls, animals, or other entities to receive soul guidance.

Astral travel can be done both during the conscious waking state and unconscious dream state.

  • Astral travel during a sleep state

Many people have done astral travel during their sleep without even realizing it. It is undertaken by the soul itself to progress rapidly on its spiritual evolution journey.

  • Astral travel during waking up state

If you are interested in consciously training your soul to go on an astral travel journey, you can do so by using shamanic tools like shamanic drumming, breath work, and Ayahuasca.

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4) Life is one big dream.

Native Americans believe that life is one big dream similar to Hinduism and the Buddhist concept of Maya.

They emphasize that everything is impermanent and we are all just living a dream.

4 thoughts on “The Native Americans’ 7 Core Beliefs About Dreams”

  1. One of the first things of being ascending from Spanish and Native American ancestry is, the understanding.
    I know dreams are connected now, I personally understand why my dreams are connected.
    Being able to understand the separation without knowing. Is like knowing how to flick a switch without being aware of the connective consciousness or perhaps being grateful of light in darkness.
    Dreams the lost wisdom. Each person of understanding, can always know much less shake off dream phases.
    I’m one of many born after the Spanish and Mexico Revolution. Hey I’m with Spain, who’s ancestry married Indian. ( My grandma told me stories about the Spanish genocide done by the Mexican people. Only out of fear, opinions of oppression.) I’m one of these descends. The offspring of a Native American culture who is not considered Native American for the unwillingness of New American to hold up the end of a contract.
    Lost wisdom to the knowing of this dream interpretation. Dreams we all have yet
    unable to yet interpret much less comprehend. Yet unable to comprehend. Where are our healers, I’m your people. Lead me to where this type of wisdom originated from.

    True Story, all present = all is connected. Understanding that even in darkness, such said or though is a connection.
    Stuart’s of the things presented to us at a moment. Doesn’t mean the possibly of possession, being able to carry into the next reality.
    Physical is Ego= gratifying the first phase in dream state.

  2. OMG! I was just telling my sister the other day that our souls actually do experience our dreams,that we are actually there,in our dreams experiencing what ever we are dreaming.then this morning I came across this.

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