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Soul Retrieval: 3 Powerful Ways to Heal Your Lost Soul

Soul Retrieval

“Soul retrieval,” a spiritual practice, tries to recover those parts of ourselves that have been lost. Here’s how one can heal their lost soul.

Numb, restless, lethargic, empty, angry, exhausted, confused, dispirited, drained, depressed, hopeless, aimless, purposeless …

These are only a tiny selection of the total possible feelings we carry when we disconnect from our Souls – that vital spark of life within us.

But how do we reach this point of total disconnection from life; this existential malaise?

There are many answers, but essentially:

There’s a thin veil between our conscious self and our Souls that over time thickens until we forget that a ‘deeper’ part of us ever existed to begin with. In experiencing this, we forget about the treasures, gifts, and personal purpose that awaits us.

To escape this dark night of the Soul, we will resort to nearly any tactic to avoid the pain we feel.

We’ll change ourselves to be more acceptable, betray our values for comfort, hurt others before they hurt us, and numb ourselves through various addictions – and these are only a few ways we try to face the reality of our Soul Loss.

Why do many of us carry around heavy clouds with us all day? Why can’t we pinpoint the source of our suffering? Why is there a vague backdrop of pain in our lives that is so persistent, yet so subtle?

The answer is that the persistent emptiness, dissatisfaction, and loneliness we carry around is a sign of Soul Loss. And in this article, I’m going to show you how to feel better using a practice known as Soul Retrieval – also known as the process of Ensoulment.

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What is Soul Loss?

Whenever we suffer physical or emotional trauma, it is said that a part of our Soul flees the body in order to survive the experience. With every cut and wound, our essence and vitality grow weaker. This process is called “Soul Loss.”

Soul Loss is also known, in psychological terms, as dissociation. It’s what happens when we become disconnected from the very Core of ourselves, the source of our vitality, our Soul.

Soul Loss, contrary to popular belief, does not mean literally losing your Soul. Instead, it refers to the experience of losing touch with your Soul.

Your Soul is always there in the backdrop of your life, but it’s not always accessible due to the psychological traumas, abuses, and blockages that have taken root within you.

So how do we regain connection with our Souls?

The answer is that we do this through the process of Ensoulment or Soul Retrieval.

What is Soul Retrieval (Ensoulment)?

Soul Retrieval is a shamanic term that refers to reintegrating lost Soul parts back into a person to create healing.

These days, however, Soul Retrieval can be understood as the practice of reintegrating dissociated and repressed parts of the psyche (a Greek word that also means Soul) back into everyday consciousness for greater Wholeness.

This practice of reintegration I like to call Ensoulment.

Ensoulment, in the spiritual sense of the word, is what happens when we develop an intimate relationship with the Soul within us. We become initiated into the mysteries of our innermost being, learning to listen to and trust our Core Nature rather than numb or deny its existence.

There are numerous perceptions of Soul Retrieval, but the one I subscribe to is that of making the unconscious conscious. 

When a certain part of us is unconscious it can wreak havoc in our lives and starve us of our fundamental vitality. We wind up feeling confused, lost, anxious, depressed and overwhelmed by such shadowy parts of us.

By bringing such unconscious parts of us into conscious awareness, by practicing Soul Retrieval, we are removing the blockages that obscure our Souls. We, therefore, create more inner peace and harmony – defining qualities of Ensoulment.

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