10 Psychological Signs Someone Truly Misses You

signs someone misses you

Are you missing someone special right now?
Whether it’s an ex-partner or an old best friend, we often miss people who we hold close to our hearts.
But the real question is: Do they miss you too?

Although it has been a long time since you guys were together and you miss them deeply, you are left wondering and filled with doubts.

But how can you know if someone misses you? Is it all in your head or do they really miss you?

Well, remember the old saying? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Scientists have found that absence truly does increase attraction and intimacy.

Studies reveal that when we miss someone, our thought and behavior pattern changes. We engage in certain behaviors and actions that reveal our inner thoughts and emotions that are kept suppressed, whether consciously or subconsciously.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the most common signs that someone special is actually missing you.

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Now let’s take a look at 10 psychological signs someone truly misses you:

1. They’re friends with you on social media

Do they still “like” or “heart” your posts on social media? Are they still following you online months or years after you guys fell apart? Then it is a clear sign that they still miss you.

Think about it for a second. If they hated you wouldn’t they just block you already? Or at least removed you from their social media? But if they are still following you, it means they want to maintain some connection. Studies show that if someone remains friends on social media with a former romantic partner after a breakup then it means they long for them.

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2. They drunk dial you

Do you often get drunk calls or texts from your ex? Then it may be a sign that they miss you. Studies show that alcohol can impair our cognitive functions. This means when we’re drunk, we put our guards down and let our emotions take over. 

Although it may not necessarily mean that they are still in love with you, drunk calls do mean that they think about you when they’re most vulnerable. It means they still have some hope about getting back together with you. If they were having fun partying, would they still call you when they’re wasted? Alcohol makes them courageous enough to contact you.

3. They have not replaced you

Have they already moved on and are dating someone else? When someone breaks up with their ex, they enjoy their newfound freedom by dating new people. But if they are still single and have not replaced you with someone else, then it may mean that they miss you and hope to rebuild the connection. Whether they are burning bridges of the past or building bridges for the future can tell you a lot about whether they miss you or not.

4. They still talk about you

Does your old BFF or your ex still talk positively about you to their friends? When someone you have cut ties with still refers to you in conversation, it means they miss you. Simply because you have parted ways, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the love is gone. Talking about you is a way to indirectly connect with you cause they know that words travel fast.

5. They try to make you jealous

Do they post a lot on social media showing how awesome their life is? They just might be trying to get your attention by showing you how much fun they are having with their new friends. If they frequently post about their new social life, then it may be directed towards you. 

On the other hand, they may also make posts that may be directly connected to you, like old photos, love quotes, or memes that you used to share with each other. All this is a surefire sign that they want your attention.

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6. They “accidentally” bump into you

If they tend to bump into you casually every now and then, then it may not be as “accidental” as it may seem. As they have known you closely, they may have a good idea about your general whereabouts; so they may try to meet you unexpectedly in the hopes of igniting that old spark.

They may even call or text you by mistake and say that it was a pocket dial yet strike up a long conversation. This is their way of connecting with you without the risk of rejection that comes with making direct contact.

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