Renee Slansky

Renee Slansky is an Australian TV presenter, writer, professional blogger and dating and relationship coach, whose purpose and heart for women compelled her to educate people on how to find, build and cultivate healthy and fulfilling relationships. Her own blog is now the number 1 dating and relationship blog in Australia. Renee contributes advice regularly to some of the biggest online dating sites and publications globally including The Huffington Post, E Harmony, Plenty of Fish, Your Tango, MamaMia, The Good Men Project, The Love Destination and Yahoo 7. As a professional coach, Renee has built online programmes for women and mentors both men and women around the world. She is often called to comment as an expert for on the radio and Channel 7's The Morning Show and Sunrise and speaks at events. Her mission to educate a generation, change the dating culture and lower the divorce rate.

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