Spiritual Health: What Is It And How To Improve It

spiritual health

4. Practice yoga

Yoga is one of the spiritual practices derived from the orthodox school of Hindu philosophy,” explains a 2012 study. It is a physical and mental training that can significantly help to improve your spiritual health and relive physical and emotional strains. Although you do not need to be an “yogi” to practice this body-mind-spirit technique, you may need to consult a licensed and experienced trainer. Yoga offers a range of mental, physical and spiritual benefits that can help to reduce stress, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, depression, blood pressure and boost your immune system. Yoga can be practiced at different levels and should be considered more as a holistic lifestyle than a form of exercise. It is an ancient practice for maintaining spiritual well-being.

Research has found that yoga significantly and positively impacts our mind, body and spirit. Yoga practitioners are more likely to report “expressing their spirituality appropriately and in healthy ways,” explain researchers.

5. Volunteer and help others

Another excellent way to nourish and nurture your spiritual wellness is to help those who are in need. Volunteer for a cause that you care about and figure out how you can give back to your community. You can donate to help the poor, volunteer in soup kitchens, visit the elderly, become a tutor for a child, or even help animals get adopted. This will also allow you to meet like-minded individuals and bring more positive energy into your life. Volunteering provides us with a deeper meaning and stronger purpose in life. Studies have found that volunteering is associated with spirituality and “it promotes greater compassion.” You can choose to join a volunteering organization or help others individually in your own way.

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