What is Spiritual Transformation? 9 Signs You’re Evolving

What is Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual transformation occurs when an individual’s soul awakens from its slumber and causes a change in behavior or personality. To transform the highest concept of the Self into the greatest experience on Earth, that’s what is spiritual transformation all about.

Something is shifting, morphing, and evolving in your life. These alchemical changes might be subtle or shocking, sudden or progressive … but whatever the case, something is transforming below the surface. You are like the caterpillar dissolving in its cocoon.

Perhaps life is heading in a surprising direction. New doors may be opening to you, out of the blue. Synchronicities may increase. And what haunted you before is beginning to fade away. 

You just aren’t the same person you used to be– and this can feel disorienting yet titillating! If you can relate to these feelings and intuitions, you might be going through a spiritual transformation.

What is Spiritual Transformation?

Spiritual transformation is what happens when we evolve on the level of the Soul. Like a lotus flower (which is symbolic of inner alchemy), we emerge from the muddy waters of the ego into a more divinely expanded version of ourselves. Spiritual transformation can happen slowly throughout time or in an unexpected, fast, or intense way.

Examples of Spiritual Transformation

To help illustrate spiritual transformation in a more nuanced way, here are a few common experiences of spiritual transformation that people have:

  • Letting go of an old toxic pattern or behavior
  • No longer feeling limited by a certain trauma
  • Becoming more authentic and soul-centered
  • Desiring to open up rather than shut down (and hide)

Of course, there are endless possibilities when it comes to spiritual transformation. Can you relate to any of the above examples? (If you have your own unique story to share, feel free to write it in the comments below.) 

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Spiritual Transformation vs. Spiritual Awakening (What’s the Difference?)

While spiritual awakening and spiritual transformation sound similar and are certainly connected, these two experiences are different. Let me explain why just to clear up any confusion:

  • Spiritual awakening is an umbrella term that refers to the spiritual path as a whole. 
  • Spiritual transformation, on the other hand, is what happens within the spiritual journey

Another way of distinguishing these two terms is by seeing spiritual awakening as a force of change that happens at the very beginning of the spiritual journey. And spiritual transformation is what happens near the end of the spiritual journey.

Keep in mind, though, that the spiritual journey is cyclical – so we may undergo a transformation and then begin a new era of awakening which will eventually lead to another transformation. The cycle is an ever-expanding mandala.

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9 Signs You’re Experiencing a Spiritual Transformation

Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our being, we are enough.– Ram Dass

In essence, spiritual transformation is about returning closer and closer to the Centre of our being. It is a culmination point where all of our effort, all of our inner work, all of our spiritual journeying begin to ‘pay off.’ However, the rewards we receive are not always what we expect – they are what we need rather than what we want. (Of course, it’s entirely possible to get what we both want and need.)

As a cyclical process, spiritual transformation is bound to happen to all of us walking the spiritual path not just once, but many times over – each time helping us to embody deeper layers of our True Nature.

Here are some key signs of spiritual transformation. How many can you identify in your own life?

1. Old ways of being disintegrate

You begin noticing thought patterns, habits, beliefs, and other limiting ways of being crumble – they don’t have the same hold on you as they once did. This dissolution or death and rebirth can cause you to feel many different feelings. Some people feel relief and gratitude, while others feel nervous and on edge. Whatever the case, just know that it’s part of the natural flux of spiritual transformation.

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