What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Eclipses and How They Affect Us

Spiritual Significance Of Eclipses how Affect Us

Do you know why eclipses are spiritually significant and how they affect us? Read on to know the spiritual significance of eclipses.

1. Why Are Eclipses Spiritually Significant?

Most of us know that an eclipse occurs when a celestial body, usually the sun or the moon, moves into the shadow of another. We tend to use the term in relation only to the sun and the moon and the way we can view them from Earth. During an eclipse, all three line up together.

The solar eclipse occurs when the shadow of the moon falls on the surface of our planet, obstructing the rays of the Sun. The lunar one takes place when the moon itself enters the shadow cast by the Earth. Both are of immense spiritual importance and can have positive and negative repercussions across the world. This is the cause of the spiritual significance of eclipses.

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2. Are Eclipses Merely Physical?

Apart from these physical ones, there are also eclipses that are subtle. These occur when demonic entities build a wall of negativity between the subtle Sun, the source of cosmic light in the universe, and the Earth.

The vast majority of eclipses are subtle and only a few who have risen to higher spiritual planes have the ability to sense their occurrence. Both solar and lunar eclipses trigger an increase in action and passion but also ignorance and inertia. This increase is higher in the event of a solar eclipse, be it physical or subtle. That is why there is a spiritual significance of eclipses.

3. Is The Solar Eclipse More Potent?

The Sun is more essential to our lives than the Moon. By blocking our access to its light and warmth, diabolical beings make us weak and susceptible to their whims. A break in the usual day/night cycle, as the path of the sun rays to the Earth is untimely blocked, has adverse effects on spirituality. This allows negative beings to harness dark energy and make use of it for their own ends.

However, the level of negativity unleashed also depends on whether the eclipse is partial or total. It has a lasting effect that can continue for months after the actual eclipse is over. The impact of an eclipse is greatest in the area where it was most evident visually and the people living in that area bear the brunt of it.

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4. Are We Likely To Be Harmed?

Talking about the spiritual significance of eclipses, the more spiritually evolved among us are at the greatest risk. The evil forces will try utmost to take away the power of those who are connected to the Divine.

The energy thus procured, through rituals held in the highest circles of hell, is put to use in order to cause hurt and misery in the world. At the individual level, the souls of our family members who have passed away might haunt us and create issues. The increase in inertia, as well as the black energy radiations, help them in this regard.

We start feeling lethargic, weary, ill, and so on physically. Mentally, our thoughts take a turn for the worse and we become pessimistic, more so when we start thinking about spirituality.

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5. Is The Lunar Eclipse A Time For Change?

Even when there is no eclipse, the moon can have a profound impact on our minds, especially at its fullest form. Its power only becomes stronger when there is a lunar eclipse and when the two combine, the consequences can be dire if we are not prepared. We may become more indecisive or end up making the wrong choices around this time.

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However, eclipses, especially lunar varieties, can also bring about positive changes. Practicing spiritual rituals like meditation can help to make the black energy around us powerless. If practiced regularly, you can harness your own spiritual energy to make eclipses a time of spiritual growth for you.

When you ready yourself for a lunar eclipse, you will find new roads opening up for you. Think of all the things that you truly desire. No matter how big or small, throw all the weight of your soul into this desire and let the Universe know. Allow the energy of the eclipse to work through you to bring you what you wish for.

That’s all about the spiritual significance of eclipses and how they affect us. So, beware of the dark forces but don’t lose hope. Reach out to the Universe and ask for what you need because it is only waiting to hear your call.

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Spiritual Significance Of Eclipses
What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Eclipses and How They Affect Us
Spiritual Significance Of Eclipses how Affect Us Pin
What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Eclipses and How They Affect Us


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