The Spiritual Significance of Halloween

Spiritual Significance Halloween

Spiritual Halloween. What’s the real meaning of All Hallows Eve?

Halloween is all about celebrating the cycle of death and rebirth. The leaves are dying, nature is preparing for the still of winter and the year is reaching its end.

Death and rebirth is an important cycle that is seen in nature constantly, and it’s also something that is mirrored within us.

We are always going through our own process of shedding, releasing and rebirthing ourselves as we travel along the journey of life.

Halloween is a time to honor the deaths that we have all experienced throughout the year. It is a time to make peace with the things that have needed to be let go of and it is a time to celebrate the cycle of the new.

Why Spiritual Halloween?

For centuries people have celebrated Halloween and the cycle of death and rebirth. In pagan times, the ritual of Halloween was known as Samhain.

Samhain falls on the auspicious day of 1/11 and on the night before the calendar ticks over into November, spiritual activity is at its highest.

One of the reasons that spiritual activity is so high on this night is due to the vibrations of the date 111. If you look at number 1 as a pillar, you can see that there are two pillars on either side with a pillar in the middle.

That middle pillar represents the veil and “being stuck” or in limbo between the two worlds. The veil between the living and the dead is also said to be thinnest due to the Sun’s position in the deep and intuitive sign of Scorpio.

Samhain is really a celebration of darkness, but not darkness as in evil. It is more about the darkness of the unknown, the subconscious mind, and the intuition. It is about the darkness of the unseen worlds and the things that we can’t really make sense of with our rational minds.

In pagan times, important rituals were conducted on Samhain to celebrate death and to understand the darker, hidden realms of life. Through understanding, the darkness, the knowledge of light also becomes stronger.

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What is the spiritual significance?

There are many other days of the year where the veil between the living and the dead is believed to be thin. These are often days that carry high spiritual significance due to numerology or astrology. Samhain or Halloween is just one of the more common dates in the west.

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Because many people also celebrate Halloween, even if it is just through costumes and candy, it can still amplify spirit activity.

Halloween is not a night to be feared. However, it is a time to give just a little extra thought to the darker things that lurk within. It is a time to give just a little extra thought to any subconscious musings or intuitive hunches.

Halloween is also a great time to honor, celebrate, and remember loved ones who have crossed over. It is also a powerful time for strengthening your intuition and connection to the Divine.

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In 2016, Halloween falls just one day after the potent Scorpio New Moon which is definitely going to be amplifying all of this energy and really allowing us to explore the deeper, darker, hidden realms.

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The Spiritual Significance of Halloween
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