Signs Of Reincarnation: Is Cellular Memory The Key To Our Past Lives?


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Signs Of Reincarnation

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Do you feel like you have lived a life before?

Do you remember parts of your previous life?

Are you looking for signs of past life?

There are certain memories that are stored in our cells which get replayed due to specific stimulus. The concept of cellular memory and reincarnation have gained traction for some years now and it can finally help shed some light on how we can learn about our own past lives. But is this all just your imagination or is there some scientific basis for how you feel? Let’s find out.

What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is a philosophical or spiritual concept which posits that the soul transmigrates after the biological death of a person or an animal and is reborn in a new body as either an animal or human based on the moral quality of the actions of their past life. The concept is widely believed in Hinduism & Buddhism as well as in ancient Greek philosophy and the Celtic Druids. Reincarnation is also prevalent in various tribal cultures across North America, Australia, West Africa, Siberia etc. If rebirth is considered to be real, then all of us possess infinite knowledge and we can recollect all our memories from our past lives using the right techniques. You can easily find signs of past life if you know how to look for it.

Is reincarnation real?

Reincarnation is everywhere around us. Just take a look at the cycles of nature: the motion of the sun, moon & earth, the reincarnation of day & night, the birth of a new plant which sprouts from the seeds released of a dying tree to get reborn again. Rebirth of energy is constantly happening all around us in various forms. Look around you. Change, transformation, growth and evolution are the very essence of life and nature. Similarly the soul also evolves and matures through reincarnation and rebirth.

There is a belief that all of us have a past life as there is no “new soul”. The soul can never die and it is only the physical body which perishes. We have been reincarnating in different forms for millions of years. Although it can be hard to believe, there may be some evidence in favor of reincarnation.


Is it a scientific fact?

Finding scientific proof for reincarnation can surely be a challenge. However, there are several documented cases, true stories and legitimate proof where people have recalled their previous lives accurately through past life regression therapy. Memories of past lives are usually experienced by children below the age of 5 and starts fading away by the age of 7. However, in many cases, teens and adults have had strong memories and remembered vivid details about their past lives that correspond with real places, events and people.

Many researchers studying reincarnation believe that memories and data from past lives can actually be stored in our cells and DNA. Although cells do not have any “brains”, biochemists are constantly conducting new studies that reveal cells tend to have memories. Anecdotal evidence already exists for organ transplants, where recipients have reportedly developed new habits, personality traits or memories that are closely similar or almost accurate to the donor after receiving the transplant. So could cellular memory store memories from our previous lives? Many believe the answer is YES. Our brain is a physical processing device while our DNA is the physical storage medium.


What is cellular memory?

The speculative theory of cellular memory notes that memories, personality traits, tastes, habits and histories may be stored in human body cells like our organs apart from the brain. These memories can be stored independently of brain cells or genetic codes. Hence, our cells are capable of recalling memories and experiences given the right stimulus. Cellular memory can seriously impact our subconscious mind and affect our responses, needs and desires.

The human body consists of billions of cells that are being renewed constantly. Each cell has a memory and responds in real ways to memories not only from our present life but also past lives, even though our conscious minds may be unaware of them. We can access such memories through past life regression therapy that are deeply rooted in the subconscious and heal from various phobias & illnesses that we may not fully understand.


How does cellular memory work?

It is a scientifically proven fact that our cells comprise of DNA which is considered as the blueprint for the overall design of our body. DNA also holds the master design of our spiritual, mental and emotional states. Hence, your cells contain all the information about who you are until this present day and that includes your past life as well. This is why it is known as cellular memory. As we mature, evolve and grow in various ways in our lives, the cells in our body update the data continuously. They even contain all information from the combined life experiences of our ancestors obtained from our genetic heritage. Everything that has been experienced ever is programmed into our cells.

First discovered by Dr. Wilder Penfield, cellular memory has its fair share of skeptics. However, there have been several documented cases that provide evidence how cellular memory affects humans. According to a 2009 report by the Harvard Medical School, cellular memory is defined as “a sustained cellular response to a transient stimulus.” It means cells react in a specific way when they are exposed to certain stimulus. It was also found that the cells react in the same way when introduced to that specific stimulus repeatedly. As our cells divide & renew, it starts to remember information from the past, whether from our own body or from another.


How can cellular memory affect us?

Real life cases of organ transplants is perhaps the best way to understand how cellular memories impact us and our lives. One of the most popular and widely studied cases is of Claire Sylvia. She was a heart and lung transplant recipient who suddenly started craving burgers and beers like never before. Eventually it was found that her late donor was a teenager who enjoyed burgers and beers a lot. Another convincing real life case is of an 8 year old girl who received a heart transplant. Her donor was a 10 year old girl who was murdered. After the transplant, the 8 year old girl started having vivid nightmares about a man trying to murder her. After the police investigated the case and spoke to the recipient, they were able to find and convict the murderer based on the physical appearance described by the 8 year old girl.

Author, psychologist and professor at the University of Arizona, Gary Schwartz believes recipients of organ transplant often inherit their donor’s traits. He believes “When the organ is placed in the recipient, the information and energy stored in the organ is passed on to the recipient. The theory applies to any organ that has cells that are interconnected. They could be kidneys, liver and even muscles.”

Although there are no real scientific evidence on how cellular memory may work, extensive research is being conducted as of today to understand the interactions between the brain and our body organs. And this may be the key to finding signs of past life.


Why don’t we remember our past lives?

But you do. Have you ever experienced a déjà vu? Well, most of us have at some point or the other. It is an intuitive feeling and a unique emotional experience which makes us feel like we have already lived this moment.

Its a flash of a memory of an experience, place or person that we have encountered before, although we might not have in reality. Whether it makes you recall a positive or negative moment, you simply cannot explain the experience.

Remembering our past life is a similar experience that raises more questions than the answers it provides. Most people seem to remember their past lives very vividly, some tend to have only sparks of memory from their previous lives, while most of us live our entire lives without any recollection of past lives or feeling that we are reincarnated.

The answer may lie in our karmic debts or maybe it was predetermined before we were reincarnated. What does that mean? If a criminal is executed for his crimes in his previous life, then he would have paid all his karmic dues and his past life will be closed with nothing to be carried over to his next life. On the contrary if an innocent man was convicted and executed, then they would have significant emotional scars like phobias & pain, and unpaid karmic dues that need to be paid in his next life.

Cellular memory can also remind of our past lives through birthmarks and recurring nightmares. Dreams can often result from cell memories that may remind us of upsetting events from our past lives.

As our subconscious mind consists of several suppressed memories, these usually come out in different ways after staying dormant for a long time. Unless we recognize and face our emotional issues, pains and fears from our previous lives, such memories will keep haunting us for a long time.


How you can know about your past life

Our mind, body and soul often reveals subtle clues about our previous lives.

These 7 signs of past life can offer you hints about who you were in your previous life and why you were reborn.

1. Birthmarks

This is one of the main physical signs of your past life. Most of us have either one or multiple birthmarks. Although we usually consider them as irrelevant and unimportant, these may hold the secret to uncovering truths from our past lives. Experts studying reincarnation claim that these marks may serve as physical evidence of rebirth. There are several documented cases that reveal similar patterns and marks on people who lived earlier.

Birthmarks can be related to reincarnation in 2 major ways. They might be an indication of an injury from a previous life, for instance a fatal wound that caused your death. If your birthmark is either brown or pink in color, then that is probably the area where you were injured in a past life. Another notion claims that birthmarks could be passed on from one life to the next one. It can help you identify similar marks on other individuals that might have been your past existence.

2. Bizarre Memories

Unusual and weird memories is perhaps the most common sign of past lives. These unfamiliar and detailed memories tend to surface at the oddest times. You may have certain memories from your childhood that never actually occurred. You can also remember places you have never been to and remember people that you have never met in your present life.

There’s a possibility that these can be merely false memories. But if you want to know whether they are related to your past life or not, you can conduct some research and find out if they actually exist in reality, like particular places or people or any other details that you may remember.

3. Déjà Vu

As mentioned earlier, deja vu can often be an indication of our past lives. Whenever you have a feeling of deja vu, consider it as a clue to how you lived in your previous life. As this sense is usually vague and fleeting, we are mostly unable to gather any concrete information from it. And hence it can be rather frustrating.

Deja vu can be triggered by a number of factors. Having a clear understanding of these factors and the triggers will eventually help you to discover and remember further memories and details from your past life. So when you have a feeling of deja vu next time, try to read the message and observe the trigger. And make sure to keep your mind open.


4. Recurring Nightmares

Memories from our past lives often tend to crop up through our dreams and take the shape of recurring nightmares as these are suppressed in our subconscious memories.

If you have the same type of nightmares repeatedly and can remember these dreams vividly for a long time, then it may be a sign of past life. These nightmares usually recall some type of traumatic experience from your previous life. You can dream about people you have never met in real life, or you may have nightmares about death or loss.

The key here is to focus on the details in order to understand your life from a previous existence. Write down all that you can remember after you wake up and conduct some research on whatever details you can gather. This will help you understand where you used to live or what you used to do before you were reincarnated.

5. Phobias & Fears

Your phobias and fears might hold the key to uncovering details about your past life. Although it might be an unlikely source, what makes us uncomfortable may be linked to negative and traumatic experiences from past lives. However, these usually do not include common phobias like the fear of spiders, snakes, sharks, heights etc.

If your phobia is exceptionally specific and highly irrational, then it may be linked to your past life. It can be a specific number, an object, a shape or it could be related to how you died like driving (if you died in a car accident) or the water (if you drowned) etc.

6. Unexplained Pain

Firstly, if you are experiencing pain that cannot be explained, then you should seek the help of a medical professional immediately. In case, your doctor is unable to pinpoint the exact cause for a particular pain you are experiencing, then there’s a good chance that your discomfort could be related to experiences from your previous life.

The most common type of pain experienced in most cases is a specific ache in a particular place that is related to an injury or wound you might have sustained in your past life. Use this information and link it with the other data you can gather from the other signs of a previous life, then you can get a clearer and more detailed picture.

7. Old Souls

If you feel older than your actual age, then you might have lived many lives before. Some people are born with old souls and they are considered to be reincarnated according to the Soul Age theory.

The concept claims that our souls mature, progress and develop from birth to birth from an infant soul to an awakened soul. As per this theory, you will have child-like and primitive characteristics if your soulful energy has been reincarnated only a few times. On the other hand, you will feel older than your age if your soul has reincarnated a number of times on earth. You will have wise and mature characteristics irrespective of your age.


Have you lived before?

Whether you lived a past life or not can be determined by various factors. But most of all, you will need to rely on your instincts and gut feelings.The truth is reincarnation is a puzzling, strange and mysterious topic.

If you believe in past lives and reincarnation, then may be these signs can tell you more than you already know.

However, the signs of reincarnation mentioned above can be easily described through psychological and medical explanations. So even if you have experienced any or all of these signs, it does not necessarily mean that you have a past life.

These phenomena are simply a starting point for you to get some idea about what you are experiencing or what you believe to be true. The best way to find out about your past life experiences is to go for past life regression therapy conducted by a licensed therapist.

Can you identify any of the above mentioned signs? Do you have any birthmarks or unusual memories that are trying to tell you about your past life? Are you listening closely to you what your cellular memories have to say? Share your story below.

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Signs Of Reincarnation

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