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7 Dream Signs That Indicate You Are Remembering A Past Life

signs in your dreams that indicate youre remembering a past life

Dreams are said to be a series of thoughts and sensations that occur to you while you’re asleep. They are in one way or the other related to our subconscious mind. Sometimes, they can also show signs that indicate that you are remembering a past life. These are called ‘dream signs’.

Your body is at absolute rest when you are asleep, and you dream of things that can be entertaining, romantic, scary, bizarre, and sometimes even illogical. There are many reasons behind the occurrence of different kinds of dreams and the categories they are classified into.

Mostly dreams are of two kinds, one that you remember and the one that you can’t. The dreams that you can remember are the ones that have managed to have a deep impact on your mind and sometimes they can mean something too.

Psychologists over a period of time, after thousands of researches, have found that there are particular dream signs that indicate you are remembering your past life, and as bizarre as it sounds, you should really have a look at the 7 dream signs that could be indicating the same.

Some moments in life are captured by our memory like photographs. They are the same images from the past life that occur in dreams and guide you through the way. The dreams of your past life act like pillars that guide you in your future life so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes all over again.

To find out what are dream signs indicate you’re remembering a past life, continue reading!

Here Are 7 Dream Signs That Indicate You’re Remembering A Past Life

Signs Dreams Indicate Remembering Past Life infographics
7 Dream Signs That Indicate You Are Remembering A Past Life

1. People And Places That Don’t Necessarily Exist.

People and places play the most important part in our day-to-day life. Sometimes we do forget one of the other, but just by placing two of them beside each other, things start to make sense and form a picture.

When we see people who belong to our present life, in our dreams, we know who they are, but somehow it’s the opposite of what we understand in our past life.

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2. You Behave And Appear Differently In Your Dreams.

We all have experienced a certain dream when we were absolutely unable to recognize our own selves. This is an indication of your past life. Your face remains the same but other than that everything else is different. Your behavior, surrounding and even your name is different.

3. You Have The Same Pattern Of Dreams With No Major Changes In Them.

Your future is always changeable as it depends upon your present actions. This is the reason why dreams that speak of your future are forever changing. This isn’t the case with the dreams of your past.

Everything remains the same no matter how many times you see it. This happens because the events have already happened and you cannot change them anymore.

4. Your Current Injuries And Accidents Are Also Present In Your Dreams.

Things that matter to you now will always find their roots in the past. This is just one of the weird things that our mind does. If you are facing a serious injury in your present life and it has been hurting you awfully, then you are going to find it exactly on the same spot in the dreams related to your past.

5. Constant Feeling Of Being Incomplete Or Missing Something In Your Dreams.

Dreams directly or indirectly portray our deep-rooted desires. If you deeply desire something in your present life then you will find it missing even in your past life. It is this constant feeling of missing something.

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6. Déjà Vu.

Almost all of us have experienced this at least once in our lives. In dreams, it’s cannot be deciphered as a rare occurrence. It’s a completely different thing that didn’t happen in your life but you just know what is going to happen or what someone is going to say next. It is like reliving a moment.

7. Feeling Older Than Your Actual Age.

It is said that souls live forever; it’s the bodies that die. But some people feel a little more. They feel like their soul is a million-year-old. Their soul is ripened, dusted, and tired over time. Their approach to things is very different from most people of their own age. This is an indication that your soul has reincarnated.

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7 Dream Signs Remembering Your Past Life pin
Signs Dreams Indicate Remembering Past Life pin
7 Dream Signs That Indicate You Are Remembering A Past Life
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7 Dream Signs That Indicate You Are Remembering A Past Life
signs in your dreams that indicate youre remembering a past life pin
7 Dream Signs That Indicate You Are Remembering A Past Life


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