20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn’t Know About

interesting facts about dreams

Dreams are said to be the poems we’ve subconsciously written to describe the painful and puzzling emotions that swirl behind your immediate awareness. Not every time do we realize the importance of our dreams.

We either think too much about the dreams we had or disregard them. We do not realize that dreams are the language of the unconscious part of our minds and they are capable of conveying more than what meets the eye!

“Dreams are not meant to put us to sleep, but to awaken us.” — Goemans

Here are 20 amazing facts about dreams

Fact 1: You Can’t Read While Dreaming, Or Tell The Time

you cant read while dreaming or tell the time
20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn't Know About

If you’re someone who remembers your dream, try recalling if you could read or write in that dream. You cannot. As the intellectual part of the brain that accesses language shuts down while we sleep.

Fact 2: Lucid Dreaming

lucid dreaming
20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn't Know About

Lucid dreams are dreams in which you become aware that you’re dreaming and what you’re dreaming about. It’s where your consciousness connects to the dream you’re having, allowing you to do things in the dream. Lucid dreaming allows you to explore your dream, allowing you to experience the dream as you would in true reality. In this world, you’re in complete control.

Fact 3: Inventions Inspired By Dreams

inventions inspired by dreams
20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn't Know About

It’s being said that inspiration can trigger in the most unexpected places. There are many world-changing ideas that came from dreams. Some examples include-

  • The idea for Google – Larry Page
  • The Idea for Twilight Movie – Stephenie Meyer
  • Alternating current generator -Tesl
  • Frankenstein – Mary Shelly
  • The sewing machine – Elias Howe
  • Periodic table – Dimitri Mendeleyev
  • The Structure of the Atom – Niels Bohr

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Fact 4: Premonition Dreams

premonition dreams
20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn't Know About

It was the Egyptians who believed that some dreams were premonitions to be heeded carefully. While most of us dream of things that actually occurred in our lives but many have also seen glimpses of what was to come. Those dreams are visions that manifest our subconscious thoughts of the future.  It’s the precognitive dream. Some famous premonitions include:

  • Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his assassination.
  • Many of the 9/11 victims had dreams which warned them about the event.
  • Curl Jung dreamed of his mother’s death.

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Fact 5: Sleep Paralysis

sleep para
20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn't Know About

Have you ever been chased in a dream? Did you wake up terrified? Did you find yourself unable to move? This is called sleep paralysis. When you have a dream in which you are about to protect yourself, you are not doing that in reality. You are immobilized in your sleep. This generally happens when there is a malfunction of transition between REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and waking up.

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Fact 6: REM Sleep Disorder

rem sleep disorder
20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn't Know About

This is a sleep disorder in which you act out your dreams while you sleep, sometimes violently causing severe self-injuries or injuries to your bed partners. It is mainly characterized by the loss of normal voluntary muscle atonia during REM sleep which forms the dream enactment behavior.

Fact 7: Sexual Dreams

sexual dreams
20 Interesting Facts About Dreams That You Didn't Know About

Lucid erotic dreams are quite common. If you dream about people of the opposite sex, this is a representation of the inner and wise subconscious mind. If you’re engaged in intimate activities with the person in your dream, you’re connecting very deeply with the part of you. There are other representations as well that you may have some untouched emotions or some hidden desires unfulfilled.

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  1. I have to call bullshit on the “people you already know” thing. I have dreamed of several people I know for certain I have never met including 1 person I met after the dream took place and I could never have met him at an earlier point in life because we didn’t live in the same part of the country.

  2. Perhaps I’m just lucky but in my experience, my dreams (the ones that I remember) actually tend to overwhelmingly positive than negative. I just share the weird ass ones. 😛

  3. I was gonna say, I’m able to read and I constantly dream of people I have never even seen in my life… Even other languages at times… I’ve had many precognitive dreams, and like you mentioned I used to sleep walk as a child and suffer from night terrors, which would give me sleep paralysis every night, I used to be terrified of sleeping time because I knew what was coming, but as I got older I started informing myself more and nowadays I am able to control my dreams and avoid or learn how to catch myself before I go into REM state… So not everything is accurate… But good article.

  4. I have been able to read in my dreams; I had sleep paralysis as a kid, gradually grew out of it; I have had dreams with unfamiliar faces; I have had precognitive dreams; Can take control/realize I’m in a dream; I have about a 70/30 ratio of good/bad dreams

  5. this 20 fact out of 5 things happend with me..i Dreamt about place’s which i never seen before..i saw nightmare REM etc..

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