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9 Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life

Signs You Have Met A Love From Your Past Life

That unique bond of affection and an unbelievable attachment are true signs that you met your love from your past life.

We come across many people in our day to day life (unless of course, you choose to abandon everything and live in the woods) some good, some bad, and some we are confused about and then we meet someone who makes a volcano of joy erupt within us.

It’s as if we have known them for ages even though you just met. You instantly feel a connection, an overwhelming sense of familiarity.

You feel like you don’t even need to speak to understand each other, your souls feel connected.

Well, you may have just met your partner from past life.

Signs you’ve met a love from your past life

1) You feel an instant connection

Meeting various people you might have felt different emotions, some might have made you feel happy while some made you feel confused and disgusted but when you meet your love from past life you feel an instant connection.

All the pain and sufferings you’ve been through seem to vanish and you feel a bond grow stronger between you two. You feel like you can melt the right way in them.

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Sometimes the connection is so deep that you can almost anticipate what they are going to say next. It’s like you have known them since forever even though you just met.

2) Time seems to fly by with them

Time, Space, and all of the reality seems to vanish while you’re with them. You may feel like you just met and are catching up while 5 hours have passed.

When by their side you just don’t keep track of time or reality for that matter.You just want to be in that moment and secretly wish if the time stopped right there.

You feel so tuned in and engaged and that you just lose the track of time and just get lost in the now, the moment.

3) You share everything with them

You feel so comfortable around them that you just pour your heart out. You know you can tell them anything and everything and still they won’t judge won’t judge you.

You feel heard and understood, they hang to your every word and they listen to listen not to counter it or reply so you feel good and important.

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They make you feel comfortable to be around them and speak your mind and heart when you do this you feel much more alive. You share your fears, insecurities, past, future, secrets everything without hesitation.

4) They feel like home

You finally feel understood and accepted for who you really are. You can be your real self around them and still not be judged.

In fact, you’re loved for this, they embrace you in your raw form. You feel like you know them and they know you to the core of your soul. When you look at them you see comfort, a home.

Feeling like home is feeling you get when you can be who you’re and know that none will judge you, you are comfortable in your skin.

The love from a past life we meet makes us feel the same. We have no need to pretend, the mask we have on in front of everyone can be put to rest and there you are with all your insecurities and vulnerabilities and yet comfortable.

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