7 Clear Signs You Are An Old Soul Who Has Lived Many Lives


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What does it mean to be an old soul? What is an old soul personality? The following article talks about the signs of an old soul to clear all doubts!

Throughout all this time, we’ve made it pretty clear that we do believe in Reincarnation. Hence, past, present, and future lives are always to be taken seriously by witches.

Therefore, we’ve come up with several ways, to discover our past lives and even tap into our past lives’ Magical Powers as we started in June 2019.

What does old soul mean? An Old Soul is someone who has been reborn, more times than usual in this Realm. Hence, s/he has reincarnated in this same plane of existence again and again. Not all of us do that.

Actually, this happens to a minority of the population. Most of us change planes after some incarnations and move on. 

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So what is an Old Soul? 

This term has widely been used and abused for silly reasons. But there is some truth behind it. And we will try to unravel this secret. Thus, an Old Soul is an entity that has repeatedly chosen this plane for a reason. Why?

  • Probably because s/he has a very important job to complete.
  • Or maybe because something is here that this person needs to be detached from first. 
  • Because s/he cannot learn a very important lesson.

So how many planes of existence are they? No one really knows. However, we do know that what was described as heaven and hell are just denser or lighter planes of existence.

There are several more, like the fairy realm, etc. Some Shamans or witches have the power to travel to some Realms.

However, there are many planes of existence and no one can really tell you what lies there. We know some things only about the ones which are close to this material plane. 

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But let’s go back to the Old Souls. Which are the signs of an old soul? If you have more than half of these signs, consider yourself an Old Soul.

7 Signs Of An Old Soul

Here’re the 7 signs you’re an old soul:

Signs You Old Soul
These are the 7 signs of an old soul

1. Reality feels like a Dream sometimes

Have you felt that what you live feels like a dream? A weird feeling that all you see and hear is not real although it feels real. Like you are part of an illusion.

Such a common trait of an old soul. Due to the several incarnations you’ve undergone, you somehow know the Great Illusion this world is. Although you can’t right now exceed this realm, you’ve gradually built up an awareness that something lies beyond. 

This is a very useful feeling. As you’ve known by now, our task – personal spiritual goal, is to learn how to vibrate higher and reach a point where we can move on to another life, above this Material World. 

2. You are born with intense Spiritual Interest

Were you the child who was always interested in Spirituality and Witchcraft? Did all this wisdom enchant you forever? It’s very common for Old Souls to be born with higher awareness and seek knowledge even at a very young age. 

Old souls carry the spiritual capacity of their previous life spans. What we’ve done in past lives, can somehow pass into this current one.

It’s very common to be born with an intense interest in Spirituality, probably because it’s a way to decode the riddle of your repeated incarnations in this Realm. You somehow know that this is the right path although you still don’t know the destination. 

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3. Wiser than Expected

In the same way, Old souls are usually these children who don’t seem to be that interested in ‘childish’ behaviors & popular habits. Thus, they usually act like they are born wiser than others of the same age. 

Old Souls, love the company of people older than them, especially when they are young! 

It may be very difficult for a child to understand this difference. Old Souls have been through the same experiences and this is why they tend to find them a bit boring. They are not snobs although they may sometimes act snobbish. 

4. You think outside of the box

For example, you don’t feel bound to where you were born. Home is where your heart is. In the same way, you feel that Earth is your country, your home, your root.

Dogmas and traditions don’t seem to attract you. You rather think beyond these usual thought patterns and that makes you special.

People come to ask for your advice, and you usually help them unlock their paths. Do you know why? Because you’ve been through the same problems in the past. 

5. You’ve got your Ascendant or major planets in Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the old God of Time. Ascendants and Planets in this zodiac sign hint at an old soul as this is the sign that Saturn bestows wisdom beyond time and space. Do you know your natal chart? If not check it here for free and see for yourself. 

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6. Recurring Dreams

Have you had several dreams of a certain place or places that you’ve never visited before? Was the dream so real as if you were living it?

This my dear could easily be moments you’ve already lived in past lives. Old Souls frequently have ‘flashes’ of their past lives into their current ones only to remind them of their purpose.

Therefore, if you do have these ‘flashes’ of places out of time, you should write down these experiences and as you grow in your spiritual path, you can come back and see what could these ‘flashes’ really mean.

7. You don’t get too excited about the latest Craze

Old Souls don’t get too involved with things related to the latest trends. What Old Souls see, is in fact the same patterns behind these trends and this is why they don’t see all the fuzz about them.

However, they don’t judge others because they know that they also did it – repeatedly in past lives. You are just wiser now!

So are you an Old Soul?

Comment below and let us know. 

Originally appeared in The Magical Recipes Online

Now that we have covered the topic of “What does it mean to have an old soul” and the signs of an old soul, let us know in the comments down below if you can relate to the signs discussed here.

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