14 Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Old Soul


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Signs Youre Relationship With An Old Soul

Is your partner inspiring you to seek the real meaning of life? Chances are you’re in a relationship with an old soul.

Relationships can be very enjoyable and draining at the same time. It all depends on how well you know and understand your partner. Nowadays, we have a lot of expectations from our significant others, regarding beliefs, philosophies, personalities, and tons of other attributes.

Finding the right match may take some time. You may be required to go on several dates before you can identify and start a relationship with an old soul.

Old souls are a group of people who don’t really relate to the current world’s trends. They live a life of their own and they are so experienced for their age that it seems they have had several past lifetimes. Much like the old folks, they aren’t interested in the normal things that excite most of us.

If you’re in a relationship with an old soul, you need to make an effort to understand them well and it might be a little harder than dating other people.

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14 Signs That Tells That Your Partner Is An Old Soul

Here are the indicators that confirm, that you’re in a relationship with an old soul.

A relationship with an old soul is not easy, but it's rewarding.
Being an old soul in a relationship quotes

1. Home Lovers

Does your partner prefer staying indoors and ordering pizza rather than going to a wild party in the neighborhood? If so, you might be in a relationship with an old soul.

Old souls love staying indoors. Instead of going out, they’d rather stay in watching the Notebook. In contrast with most of their peers who might be out partying, these guys love sitting on the porch, enjoying the comfort of their home, having a beer, reading, or just enjoying the company of their loved ones.

2. They Love Simplicity

Old souls are very simple. They seem to understand the basic truth that most people don’t; the most valuable things are the little ones that we take for granted. Therefore, a relationship with an old soul is also simple in essence.

You don’t have to take them for dinner at a classy restaurant or buy a sophisticated birthday present. If they prefer watching a romantic movie with you, on Sunday evening, taking walks in the afternoon, or engaging in an activity you both enjoy doing together, then your partner is definitely an old soul.

3. They Value Some Lone Time

Craving solitude is one major characteristic of old souls. Every once in a while, they take some time off to think deeply about life. If you are in a relationship with an old soul, you will notice that your partner does some solo jobs such as gardening just to have their own time where they reflect on important aspects of their lives.

4. Wisdom And Good Advice

Your partner is always showing you some new skills every now and then, throwing some lines from a great philosopher or a religious book. When you’re in a dilemma, they always seem to figure something out.

They can closely relate to you and you feel like they’re familiar with everything you’re going through. People always think of him/her as wiser than their age. This is definitely an old soul.

5. They’re Always Different

Old souls are always the black sheep of the family. They view life differently than most of us do. They’re the weirdos of every group. They will always volunteer to do what others refuse. If your partner is always seeking to unveil the truth about different political, religious, and cultural concepts, then you’re in a relationship with an old soul.

6. They Value Relationships

Old souls really value connecting with others at a deeper level. These are the people who don’t like playing mind games or power plays while dating. It’s very unlikely to get cheated on or heartbroken, in a relationship with an old soul. Dating an old soul is a wonderful experience.

7. They Are Not Materialistic

These guys are unattached to monetary possessions or material things. You might have noticed that although your partner works very hard, money is not everything to them.

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8. Freedom

Old souls are exceptionally free-spirited and an old soul in relationships will respect their partner’s freedom as well. If you love science fiction movies or one of those soap operas, they will let you do your thing.

They won’t control or restrict you from being yourself. Rather, they will let you blossom in the comfort of what you like. Similarly, they expect you to understand when they want to have their alone time or do their thing.

9. They Don’t Keep Up With Trends

Of course, they know what Facebook or Twitter is but rarely use them. They know about the new iPhone six or the latest Samsung galaxy or a sports car, but these things do not excite them. In old soul relationships, you will see your partner avoiding trends that their peers are busy following.

10. They’re Romantic In Their Own Way

When old souls love you, they love you unconditionally and use their own simple ways to show you this love. They are not for over-the-top displays of affection but will do their best to win you over with the most heart-touching gestures.

They’re always there for you when you need them most. When you need a shoulder to lean on, they’re there and they’re always listening to everything you’re saying. These are signs you’re dating an old soul.

11. Extreme Generosity

Whenever they can, old souls share their fortune with others. Whether it’s financial aid or their time, old souls are more than willing to share their resources with those in need.

12. They Love Spending Time With Older People

Just as their name suggests, old souls love age-old traditions, antiques, and definitely being with senior people. They relate well to older people since they are more mature than their age. If your partner loves to seek advice from mature and wise people and spend time with them, then these are signs you’re in a relationship with an old soul.

13. Dream Big

Your partner is always telling you how they’ll start a firm, run for senator or outdo some competitor. Surely, this is an old soul.

14. A Different Approach To Everything

Old souls are always thinking of alternative ways to do stuff. They do not conform to what other people think or do. They just have their own principles and philosophies.

They Are Rare

Old souls are rare gems and if you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with one, this will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

By: Samantha Brannon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an old soul personality?

An old soul is generally a deeply empathic, mature, and aware individual, who seeks the deeper meaning of life, and avoids shallow traits and habits.

Are old souls rare?

Yes, old souls are rare and we do not meet such people very often.

Are old souls attractive?

Old souls are deep, intellectual, intelligent, and kind; all these traits make them highly attractive.

Why do old souls struggle to find love?

It’s not easy to understand an old soul. They have a unique attitude that sets them apart from others, as well as, makes them lonely.

Relationship with an Old Soul pin
Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Old Soul
14 Signs You're In A Relationship With An Old Soul
Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Old Soul
Signs Youre Relationship With An Old Soul pin
Signs Relationship With An Old Soul

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  1. Debra Sullivan Avatar
    Debra Sullivan

    I have felt very comfortable navigating through life because I have the wisdom that an old soul brings with them. It is as if I know that I am and that my purpose is very different than most. Im also highly emphatic and I feel when events are approaching. Very difficult to have that knowledge. It is so hard to handle your own feelings but when you feel the feelings of all others it can be seemingly impossible. The wisdom we brought with us teaches us how to master these thoughts and use the gift as intended by our Maker. A romantic relationship is not necessary for me because it uses so much energy and limits the good I can offer to others. So many issues in this type of relationships are just not tolerated because we have learned our lessons of love previously and will feel stagnant and crave the joy of just living on this earth and sharing all the natural beauty that has been created for us. It took years for my soul to reveal my truths to be able to understand why I was so different. For years I was encouraged to hide this knowledge. My parents didn’t want me to have so much responsibility as to bear the hurts of this world. I did keep things to myself to comfort my parents but they have gone on now and I don’t openly talk about it but I no longer deny the facts. It scares alot of people but it also amazes others and they can truly enjoy the benefits that an old soul will share.

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