7 Signs You Are A Spiritually Gifted Person

Signs You Are A Spiritually Gifted Person

Have you ever seen any signs that indicate you might be spiritually gifted? The following article discusses subtle yet distinct signs of a spiritually gifted person.

There’s a pretty big discussion about Spiritual Gifts and people who claim they’ve got plenty. Although everyone does have at least one spiritual gift, there are some of us who are closer to that heritage. These are the ones who never stop to amaze us with what they can accomplish.

I’m pretty sure you’ve already come across some ‘lists’ of the same matter. But let’s see what is really true about those genuinely ‘Gifted People’.

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Difference between Spiritual Gift and Natural Born Witches

  • Not all who are genuinely Gifted become Witches. Some chose to ignore their gifts.
  • Also, not all Witches are born with their gifts; some explore and develop them during their current lifespan.
  • There is no better or worse situation. It’s all about choices. Gifts do not demand to be developed. But if the individual chooses to do so, fruitful results await.
  • In a few words, Natural Born Witches are ‘genuinely Gifted’ people, who are also aware of their abilities and choose to use them.

Signs You Are Spiritually Gifted

Spiritually Gifted

1. You Have Troubles Sleeping during Full Moon and New Moon

It’s a fact. Most spiritually gifted people experience sleep problems. Most of this turbulence is caused by the Lunar Circle. Normally, people should not be affected by the Circle of the Moon. However, the genuinely Gifted people, seem to have troubles when Lunar activity is most powerful. Track here the Phases of the Moon.

Gifted People are affected by the Lunar Circle because their powers most often come from the Moon. 

2. You Regularly Wake up between 03:00 – 04:00 AM aka ‘The Witching Hour’

Another sleeping issue is believed to be a sign of a Spiritual Gift. Ever heard about the ‘Witching Hour’? Well, this is believed to be the most interesting hour of the day, when all magical activity is boosted and weird things happen. 

A naturally gifted person feels this power and instinctively wakes up. However, these powers of yours should be tamed, and learn how to control them. If you do this, you will certainly understand more about why you are waking up. 

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3. Animals are attracted to You

Do you regularly attract the company of nearby animals as you walk? Does it come easy to you, to be visited by birds and animals? According to the Old Ways, regular visitings of 1. Animals, 2. Birds, 3. Butterflies are considered divine omens. 

Moreover, animals ‘sight’ is completely different than ours. In fact, they see the world in a completely different way. Hence, animals and birds see our ‘aura’ and our energy matrix. Genuinely Gifted people have a distinctive energy matrix, one that can be traced by animals. The animals are attracted by your energy and feel comfortable and protected by you, as they see God in you.

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4. Weird things happen when you are Emotionally Tense

Have you noticed weird things happening when you are under emotional pressure? Do things around you break or catch fire when you are full of rage? Does the weather change when you are full of emotions? 

Emotions are the triggers of Magical Conjuring. In all Schools of Witchcraft, apprentices are taught to embrace and control their emotions, in order to successfully conjure magic. Hence, if things get weird when the tides of emotions drown you, then you have a spiritual gift, waiting patiently to be developed! 

Weird Things That Happen When You Are Full of Passion or Rage:

  • Things Breaking or falling around you
  • Other things catching fire
  • Animals around you act weird. Cats stare at you for no reason, dogs bark at you without reason, ravens appear out of nowhere, owls visit your house, etc. (Read more animal omens or bird omens here)
  • Strangers appear in Your Dreams giving you otherworldly advice
  • The Air starts Blowing or Clouds appear or go
  • When this happens for a long time, plants flourish or get sick without reason

5. Strangers and ‘Crazies’ Regularly ask for your Help

When humans are lost or in danger, we are able to make use of powers we have no clue of possessing. Do strangers call you for help? If yes, these people may intuitively search for a ‘powerful’ person who can help them. This person is you. Your ‘Spiritual Gift’ can help them.

People who are labeled as ‘crazy’ often possess abilities, society is not ready to understand. Hence, these pariahs can do nothing but wait for an illuminated person to ask for help. If ‘crazy’ people regularly ask you for help, they might see the light in you, which is capable of helping them. 

6. You smell the Storms Coming (aka you Sense the Changing of Weather / Seasons)

Long before Spring comes, you somehow feel change is coming, like a warm feeling of hope inside you. You may also smell it in the air. Moreover, you may be able to tell when Rain is coming or feel the tides if you live by the sea. 

If this happens, if you can tell when seasons or the weather is about to change, then you are probably a naturally gifted person. Your Spiritual Gift most likely comes from Mother Nature. 

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7. You Feel that You Don’t Belong in This World

Spiritually Gifted

Most people who were genuinely gifted act strangely while they are in a crowded place. Examples of this strange behavior are the following:

  • Some may experience fainting or getting sick while in a crowded place.
  • Others, may just not like hanging around in popular places, yet they seek more quiet yet sophisticated places in order to put their mind in order. 
  • Furthermore, headaches might appear when hanging around with many people. (It goes without saying that both headaches and fainting should always be examined by medical doctors). 
  • A weird sense of pressure on the ‘Third Eye’ Chakra, or the ‘Solar Plexus’ chakra (located under the Xiphoid process). This happens because either the 3rd Eye is sensing magic at work around you or possible danger or maybe your Solar Plexus is defending against malicious energy – probably Evil Eye. 

Genuinely gifted people, somehow feel that they belong to another realm. These are the Awakened Souls who just try to find a way to lead a Spiritual Life, far from modern obsessions. 

More than 5 Signs mean that you have a Spiritual Gift.

Are you a Genuinely Gifted Person?

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So, those were the 7 signs you have the gift of spirituality. If you are a spiritually gifted person, then you are truly one of the lucky ones. Make sure that you use your gift wisely!

Are you spiritually gifted? Let us know in the comments below!

If you want to know more about the signs of being spiritually gifted, then check out this video below:

Are You Spiritually Gifted? Spiritually Gifted Traits

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are spiritual people?

Spiritual people are aware of a higher power that drives all life forms and they seek a deeper meaning of life beyond material pleasures. Highly awakened spiritual people delve into practices that nurture their spiritual gifts.

Can you be connected to someone spiritually?

Yes, if you are connected to someone spiritually, you will feel an undeniable pull toward them. However, the spiritual connection can be a Karmic or a soul connection.

Does everyone have a gift of the Holy Spirit?

Yes, we may not have all the spiritual powers, but each one of us has at least one spiritual gift.

Spiritually Gifted Traits
How To Know If You Are Spiritually Gifted: 7 Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift
Spiritually Gifted Traits
Signs Of Being Spiritually Gifted: Are You Emotionally And Spiritually Gifted?
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5 signs you have a spiritual gift
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