Do You Often Wake Up Between 3 am to 5 am? This Is What It Means



If you are waking up between 3 am to 5 am on most days then you should read this. Do you experience troubled sleep? Do you often wake up at night? If yes, then at what time do you regularly wake up? Do you often wake up between 3 am to 5 am?

Time And Our Energy Meridians

A few words first. Our body is full of channels through which energy is directed to our whole body. These channels are called meridians. Some of them are much more important as they carry most of this energy – called Chi energy – in traditional Chinese medicine.

What needs to be clarified is that these meridians – when troubled- need proper healing with Acupuncture or other kinds of practice that helps Chi flow better – like Chi Qong or medication from professionals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Waking up between 3 am and 5 am or specific hours: Spiritual meanings

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), every Meridian is activated every couple of hours. This is done to achieve balance in our energy matrix and maintain proper health and stamina.

However, if a meridian is troubled, then Chi cannot flow through it. Hence, symptoms may manifest when the channel is activated.

Chart of time, organs and meidians
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), time and every meridians

One of the problems usually related to meridian issues is troubled sleep, or repeatedly waking up, during those certain hours when the associated meridians are activated.

Let’s take a look at all possible times when you can encounter troubled sleep. Remember that if your country uses ‘summer daylight saving time’ you need to rule this extra hour out.

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21:00 – 23:00: Grumpy Mode – ON

wake up between 9 pm to 11 pm

Of course, this is the regular time we go to sleep. Most of us, have a very strict daily schedule full of pressure and a huge to-do list. Naturally, when we go to bed, we carry some of these anxious thoughts.

The meridian which is related to this time is the “Triple Burner”, which actually rules over most of our natural functions. It corresponds with Hypothalamus and endocrine system. Do you suffer from problems related to this?

Moreover, it’s Yang – the active energy. It goes without saying, that when you have trouble sleeping at this time, your anxiety is pretty strong. The element which is related to is Fire.

Ask this Question to yourself: Do you lack of pleasure in your life?

Antidote: Do the balancing Hatha Yoga breathing technique which will help you calm your Chi. Meditate on peace. Find more quality time for yourself.

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23:00 – 01:00 AM: Anger Mode – ON

During this time most of us are already sleeping and dreaming, leaving the pettiness of the material world behind.

However, there are some of us who find it extremely difficult to sleep during this time or repeatedly wake up, making us lose our sleep. Do you often Wake up around 23:00 – 01:00 AM?

The meridian which is activated during these couple of hours is the one of Gall Bladder. This meridian is related to migraines and persistent headaches. Do you suffer from these?

Moreover, this meridian corresponds to the Element of Wood (Chinese Element System). When you wake up during 23:00-01:00 AM you may need to let your anger go.

Ask this Question to yourself: Why are you so furious?

Antidote: You need to let the past go and make peace with it. Embrace your decisions because you made them with your current wisdom. Try having a bath before going to bed.

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01:00 – 03:00 AM: Hate Mode – ON

Normally, you should be snoring your daily troubles away. But if you keep on waking during this time, an issue related with hatred may haunt you.

And most usually, self-hatred is what causes this problem. Do you often Wake up around 01:00 – 03:00 AM?

The meridian which is related to this time is the Liver one. Do you suffer from liver, stomach, arthritis or intimate well-being? Why do you feel this hatred burning inside your heart?

This meridian is also related with Wood (Chinese Element System) thus everything about hatred and anger is related with it.

Ask this Question to yourself: Why can’t you forgive yourself?

Antidote: Healing meditation is what you need my dear. Put love and peace inside your heart.

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03:00 – 05:00 AM: Flight Mode – ON

wake up between 3 am to 5am, waking up between 3 am and 5 am
awake from 3 to 5 am

What does it mean to wake up every night between 3 and 5 am? During this “3 am to 5 am” your body experiences the lowest temperature and everything should rest in a deep sleep.

If for some reason you wake up regularly during this time, then my dear things might get tricky. So, do you often wake up between 3 and 5 am?

First of all, we should remind you that during 03:00 – 04:00 AM most mysterious phenomena occur. That’s why it is called the ‘Witching Hour’. Hence, you may sense mysterious energies around you or, you may experience the ‘Awakening’ when you are awake from 3 am.

Moreover, during this time, the Meridian of Lungs is activated which is considered the most ‘magical’ one, related to the sense of freedom. Is something blocking your path? Do you want to break free? Anxiety has already kicked in. What causes this anxiety?

Now that you know all about the ‘Witching Hour’, are you under attack by dark forces? Or is it just anxiety that causes all this trouble? You definitely need to figure this out before moving on.

Ask this Question to yourself: Why are you Alert? What do you fear? Why are you under attack?

Antidote: Proper grounding can help you as it fortifies your defense system. Moreover, you can call upon the Blessings of Archangel Michael. 

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05:00 – 07:00 AM: Confused Mode – ON

wake up between 5 am to 7 am

During this time, many of us wake up and prepare ourselves for a brand new day, full of possibilities and adventures.

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However, some of us schedule our wake-up a few hours later. If despite what you want, you constantly wake up during this time then something might be wrong with one meridian.

Which one? The Meridian of Large Intestine is activated during this hour. If you constantly wake up during this hour – despite your will – then this meridian might suffer. Do you have any problems related to this meridian – constipation, hemorrhoids, or allergies?

Moreover, this meridian is associated with the Element of Metal (Chinese Element System). The meridian of the Large Intestine is responsible for our body’s “detox” system. What do you need to let go off? What is bothering you? Why does your meridian so intensively try to throw negativity away?

Ask this Question to yourself: What is poisoning you? Which feeling / or person is so toxic that keeps you trapped?

Antidote: Peppermint scent and tea might be the answer as they help you abolish emotional and psychic parasites.

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waking up between 3 and 5 am spiritual meaning
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Are you often waking up 3 to 5 am?
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Are you waking up between 3 am and 5 am?

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