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What Is Brahma Muhurta and How It Can Help You In Manifesting Your Dreams?

Brahma Muhurta

Brahma Muhurta or the creator’s hour is the time when you fall in sync with life and recreate yourself. Let’s find out what Brahma Muhurta is and how it helps in reinvigorating your purpose of living.

Haven’t you yet found your way towards the manifestation of your dreams? Do you feel that channelizing your path of living can actually help you redefine your soul and recreate yourself? If so, then you are on the right track of finding the real significance of your existence. And you can do that by experiencing Brahma Muhurta or adjusting yourself in the creator’s hour!

A Quick Fact before we get to Know Brahma Muhurta

We have always found it difficult to wake up early and start our day with the sun. But, do you know the Sun’s clock is surprisingly the most important clock to follow in order to find the true meaning of living? You wake up with the sun and have your supper with the onset of dusk. By evening you are fast asleep. That’s how our biological clock is set to be, from the days of our ancestors.

In fact, research has shown that sundials were invented long back in 3500 BCE, where people would lead their life according to the movement of the Sun.

I believe it is how human life is set to be, in accordance with nature. Pure Science.

What is Brahma Muhurta?

The answer to this question is simple. The Brahma Muhurta is the appropriate “muhurta” to wake up and acquire knowledge or as said “Brahma Gyan”. Studies have revealed that Brahma muhurta is the time before dawn. The last hours of the night or to be specific, the last quarter just before the sunrise is described to be Brahma Muhurta.

To get initiated, you must “come to ease”. Coming to ease defines that you are not fluctuating and this is what is achieved through Brahma Muhurta. It is not just a definition of time for waking up, it is a process to get in the habit of mixing with Mother nature. It is time to create yourself.

It is high time that you start your reincarnation and let your soul heal. Life is not just about finishing daily chores, it must also have a proper meaning and purpose. 

What is the Brahma Muhurta time? 

The Brahma Muhurta time is considered to be extremely auspicious and it starts one and half hours just before the sun rises. It is the span of 1 hour and 36 minutes (sums up to 96 minutes) just before the sunrise.  These 2 muhurtas or 4 ghatrika (both the muhurtas last for 48 minutes) are the respite to find your true self.

Importance of Brahma Muhurta

Brahma Muhurta is the most devout moment that helps you to recreate your own energy and redefine your soul. The holiest importance of this Muhurta is stated in Ashtanga Hridaya, a study of Ayurveda. It says if you wake up every day during this pious moment you will get to expand your lifespan and will heal from diseases. 

While engaging in practicing manifestation of our own self during Brahma Muhurta, you will find the most interesting fact. Dincharya, or the beginning of the day is the most precious phase and this is when a person should wake up and leave their bed. It helps to restore and protect your “Ayu”.

You do feel tired after long shifts at work and you want to sleep until your clock touches 10 in the day, right? But, have you wondered that life can be made more systematic? We can bring some more meaning to the monotony of our life!

Whatever we donate or put to the Universe, it will come back in the best way to us. Through Brahma Muhurta, we can find the curative measures of different diseases. Through regular practice, you will be able to find the hidden cause behind your stress. Deliberately following the routine of waking up at Brahma Muhurta, a success seeker can definitely bring success to one’s life.

Benefits of Brahma Muhurta

If you wake up during Brahma Muhurta, you will know that our biological clock is tuned with the Sun and regulates the cycle of circadian rhythms. Now, how does this clock affect our body and mind? Do you know, we actually reap what we sow? And hence, every malpractice of our human body will negatively impact our soul.

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