16 Symptoms of Spiritual Fatigue and Ways To Cope

Spiritual Fatigue

Have you ever experienced spiritual fatigue, that has taken a heavy mental and emotional toll on you for a prolonged period of time? Many conscious-living souls on the planet at this time are experiencing symptoms of Spiritual Fatigue.

Spiritual Fatigue can occur spontaneously and last for days or even weeks. It can also disappear as quickly as the symptoms appeared.

Spiritual Fatigue occurs when individuals experience a series of downloads, recalibrations, and adjustments in their personal matrixes. Essentially their ascension process has sped up during collective and individual cosmic portals of opportunity for soul ascension. As a collective, we most certainly are experiencing the fast-track to soul ascension and have been for the past two and a half years.

By the way, many blessings are taking place before, during, and after these periods of ascension.

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Some of the symptoms of Spiritual Fatigue are:

Symptoms Spiritual Fatigue info

1. Headaches

2. Exhaustion

3. Lack of focus

4. Depression

5. Fear

6. Anxiety

7. Surges of anger

8. Sensitivity to loud noises

9. Impatience

10. Dehydration

11. Compromised immune system

12. Insomnia

13. Feeling out of touch with the inner self

14. Craving alone time, away from crowds

15. Disconnection from spirit real

16. Grumpiness

These are just a few of the symptoms of Spiritual Fatigue that so many are experiencing. There is good news, though, my friends. We are being realigned with our soul’s destinies and potentials as the recalibrations and alignments take place. There are practices we can implement during these times of significant change to help ease the transition process.

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Here are some suggestions from Spirit during these times of awakening:

  • Get plenty of rest. You don’t necessarily need more sleep, although some will need extra sleep. Rest can be in the form of shutting out the outside world and getting off the mental hamster wheel, staying home in your pj’s, and taking days off work.
  • Drink A LOT of water! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  • Eat rooted vegetables to help you stay grounded in your body.
  • Keep a journal nearby to write down the events of the day. Celebrate your victories.
  • Limit your time spent around electronics. 
  • Don’t buy into everything that you hear or read. There is a lot of nonsense out there. Use your discernment with all external information.
  • Keep the lines of communication open with your guides and Higher Self. They will help you navigate through these murky waters.
  • Steer clear of drama and judgment. 
  • The following crystals will help with the energy ~ tiger’s eye, shungite, black tourmaline, hematite, selenite, azurite, rose quartz, and black obsidian. You can carry them, wear them, or keep them near you.
  • Get as close to nature as possible as often as possible. Connect with all four elements ~ air, water, fire, and earth. 
  • Try not to impose too many deadlines on yourself. Things are shifting rapidly, and being flexible with timelines will eliminate a lot of stress if you can be flexible with your deadlines. 

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Spiritual Fatigue is temporary, and eventually, the funk and muck you experience will pass. Just think, the new perspective and realignment on your path are well worth the temporary disconnect and discomfort if we are in alignment with happiness, fulfillment, abundance, healthier minds, bodies, and spirits, and peace.

May your ascension process be well worth your temporary discomfort.

Blessings and Light,

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Written By Laurie Barraco
Originally Appeared In Laurie Barraco

Symptoms of Spiritual Fatigue and Ways To Cope pin
Symptoms of Spiritual Fatigue and Ways To Cope
Symptoms of Spiritual Fatigue pin

Spiritual Fatigue Pin

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