Are You In Tune With Your BFF? 13 Signs You’re In An Emotionally Intelligent Friendship


Signs Emotionally Intelligent Friendship

Got that friend who just ‘gets’ you? Emotionally intelligent friendships = no judgment, pure healthiness! Do you have one? Let’s find out!

You know those friends who really get you, never joke about your insecurities, and support your choices? Yep, that’s what having emotionally intelligent friends means!

They always support you and don’t put you down for the sake of having fun. While some people are born with emotional intelligence some people struggle to know and understand themselves on a deeper level while remaining sensitive to others.

This Happy Best friend day, let’s learn more about the signs of emotionally intelligent friendships, and why everyone should have one!

What Is Emotional Intelligence In Friendship?

It is the ability to identify, acknowledge, and control one’s own emotions. However, being a emotionally intelligent friend involves more than just being aware of your own emotions; it also involves being sensitive to the feelings of those around you and being able to empathize with somebody else’s situation.

If you’re an emotional intelligent person, you will be able to develop healthy relationships, and here are are some signs of emotional intelligence in friendships.

13 Signs of Emotionally Intelligent Friendships

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13 Signs Of Emotional Intelligence And Friendship

1. You Stay In-Touch, Even If You Don’t Have To Talk Daily

You aren’t worried about whether or not you are in touch because you understand that being an adult also involves responsibilities and busy schedules. You don’t have to text each other every day, but your bond with them is strong and unbreakable.

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2. You Respect Each Other’s Time

Respect is an essential component of any relationship, especially when it comes to their time and efforts. When you’re together, you’re both mentally and emotionally present. You don’t keep cancelling plans or showing up late for them. If you’re swamped with work, you politely inform them without making them wait.

3. You Make An Extra Effort To Encourage Each Other

Every day can be a daunting experience when you have responsibilities and stress from work. You know that just like any other relationship, a friendship requires care and support.

Hence emotional intelligence and friendship is important. Your relationship with them is built on love and mutual understanding so you try your best to encourage them and tell them how proud you are of them.

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4. You Understand That Boundaries Are Important!

You don’t bug them, ask them inappropriate questions, or invade their personal space. You respect them not out of fear, but because you know that’s how a healthy friendship works.

You even acknowledge each other’s romantic relationships and make space for their partner in your life.

5. You’re Not Each Others First Priority, And That’s OK!

There will come a time when you will have to schedule time for each other, and that is perfectly acceptable. You understand their busy schedule and do not hold them accountable for it.

You may not even be present to witness each other’s successes or celebrations, but that doesn’t mean you take each other for granted.

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6. You Share The Gossip But Also The Real Stuff

You don’t just talk to each other to gossip or to share the big news, such as a promotion or an engagement. Sometimes you hit them up about the most random things, like the TV shows you’re watching, the books you just finished, or the new restaurant you tried. You talk about the little things that mean the most to you.

7. You Don’t Force Them To Do Things They Don’t Want To

When you don’t force your friends to do anything they don’t want to do, you know you have emotionally intelligent friendships. It’s not because they’re shy or unwilling to participate, but because you understand and accept their limits. You’ve figured out how to meet each other halfway and do things that you both like.

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8. You Don’t Compare Each Others Accomplishments

You are aware that you have a unique personality, as does your friend, and that each person in your life plays a different role in your life.

You don’t try to compare each other’s lives based on successes or failures; instead, you try to be as emotionally intelligent as possible and celebrate them for who they are.

9. You Communicate Effectively With Them

You and your emotionally intelligent friend are open to discussing your fears and concerns. You know you’re not being judged, and your friendship is a safe haven. You actively listen to each other and give appropriate advice.

If you believe they have said something hurtful to you, you should tell them that what they have said is incorrect. And they even apologise for their words or actions.

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10. You Call Out Each Other When Needed

When friends make stupid decisions or do things that are inappropriate, it can be difficult to call them out. When you confront them, even if it makes you uncomfortable, you know you have an emotionally intelligent friendship.

11. You Understand The Need For Space

As a person, there might be days when you don’t feel like talking or meeting anyone. In an emotionally intelligent friendship, your friend will understand your need for space and will not force you to talk to them.

They will allow you to take a break from the friendship if necessary, for you to recharge your mind.

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12. You Respect Your Personal Friendships

It’s a natural instinct to be jealous when your friend has other friendships. But you don’t make them feel bad for not spending time with you or don’t get angry with each other. Instead, you respect the fact that they can have other friendships in addition to yours.

13. You Don’t Try To Fix Each Other

No matter what you do, you will never be able to change or fix someone, even if you love them and consider them friends. The most you can do is be present with them, listen to them when they want to tell their story, and effectively support them.

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Final Thoughts 

The most important aspect of having emotional intelligent friends is that you share experiences, and even if you don’t talk every day, you both understand that you can just pick up where you left off without feeling judged.

This Happy friendship day 2023, start by being an emotionally intelligent friend! And so share your thoughts about this in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is emotional intelligence important?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, manage, and understand one’s own and others’ emotions. It is important because it helps in the development of relationships, the reduction of stress, the resolution of conflict, and the overall improvement of one’s life.

How to improve emotional intelligence?

Being more self-aware and being able to identify how others feel are two ways to improve emotional intelligence. You should further work on active listening and communication with others.

What is emotional intelligence in friendships?

Emotional intelligence in friendship refers to the ability to understand, empathize, and effectively manage emotions within the context of the relationship.

signs you have emotionally intelligent friendships pinop
Signs Of Emotional Intelligence In Friendships
signs you have emotionally intelligent friendships pin
Signs Of Emotional Intelligence In Friendships
Signs Of Emotional Intelligence Friendships pin
Are You In Tune With Your Bff? 13 Signs You’re In An Emotionally Intelligent Friendship
Signs Emotionally Intelligent Friendship pin
Are You In Tune With Your Bff? 13 Signs You’re In An Emotionally Intelligent Friendship
emotional intelligent friends
Emotional Intelligence In Friendship, Signs Of Emotionally Intelligent Friendships, Happy Best Friend Day, Happy Friendship Day, Friendship Day, Friendship Day 2023 , What Is Emotional Intelligence

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