Awesome Personality Disorder: 9 Signs You Are Way Too AWESOME


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Do you focus on the positive even when the chips are down? Do you tend to impress others without even trying? Do you love helping others without expecting anything in return? If your answer is yes, then you just might have developed Awesome Personality Disorder!


Yes, Awesome Personality Disorder! Being awesome is not about talking the talk, but about walking the walk, especially when no one’s watching! So are you guilty of being too awesome? Let’s take a look at the signs of awesome personality disorder.

What is Awesome Personality Disorder?

It is a hypothetical personality disorder in which a person has a strong sense of honesty, kindness, generosity and optimism. This personality disorder is characterized by a positive outlook, courage, moral values, inner creativity, strong character and the willingness to learn, evolve & grow. Awesome Personality Disorder can be observed in both men and women and the cause for the onset is typically unknown. However, a person can either be born awesome or become awesome through determination, hard work and sheer willpower. 

Awesome traits to find in a person with awesome personality disorder include –

  • Being passionate about pursuing one’s dreams
  • Having the confidence to overcome fears
  • Being resilient enough to triumph over failures
  • Being thoughtful and sensitive
  • Being brave enough to stand up for self and others
  • Being polite and generous
  • Being honest & caring in relationships

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So do you have an Awesome Personality Disorder? 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I totally made that up! But the fact is some people are just too cool and awesome and they just command respect and admiration. You can’t help but be in awe in their presence and feel inspired to be a better version of yourself. I believe such people have, what I like to call, an “Awesome Personality Disorder”. 

But why a disorder? Well, some people are just way too awesome and they make it look so easy that you wonder if they are even human or a demi-god. They are so hardwired at being awesome at everything they do that you can’t help but feel inspired. They make you stop and admire them, boost your spirits and make you believe that it is possible to be extraordinary.

Some people are good. Some people are great. And then there are people with Awesome Personality Disorder! And you know they are effortlessly awesome when you see them!

But on a serious note, personality disorders are serious mental conditions that require medical attention, support and care. Mental health is not a topic to make fun of. Here, I am using the term “Personality Disorder” in a positive way to admire people with signs of awesome personality. I do not mean to downplay the serious effects of mental illnesses in any way.

Now that we got that cleared out, let’s look at what makes a person awesome.

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Signs of Awesome Personality Disorder

9 Signs of Awesome Personality Disorder

Signs of Awesome Personality Disorder info

The truth is anyone can seem to have an attractive personality. They need to say the right things, act cool, look stylish, and post smartly edited photos on social media. Although these people may seem awesome, they don’t really have Awesome Personality Disorders. 

Looking awesome is easy! But being truly awesome is a whole different ball game.

Although I am not awesome by any means, I am inspired by some really awesome people who I know personally. But as they say, it takes an awesome person to know one. So here are some common traits of an awesome person to look for in yourself:

1. You love challenges

When faced with challenges, a person with an amazing personality feels motivated to overcome them instead of feeling crippled with fear and uncertainty. Although you may doubt yourself and feel afraid at times, you are courageous enough to overcome obstacles, whether internal or external, and taste success. 

You imagine how success feels in your mind and feel it in the grasp of your hands before you actually succeed. In fact, science confirms that mental imagery and visualization – the act of vividly imagining doing something successfully – can help in improving our objective performance, attentional focus, confidence and awesomeness.

2. You care about others

Another common symptom of awesome personality disorder is caring about and helping others. You are equipped with a strong sense of compassion and empathy. Whether they are your loved ones or strangers, you are always keen on lending a helping hand to those in need without expecting any favors in return.

When you are too awesome, you also realize the simple fact that your behaviors and actions can have a strong impact on others. Hence, you are considerate in making decisions and acting accordingly so that it benefits not just yourself, but others around you as well.

3. You admit your mistakes

If you are willing to admit that you are wrong then you have an awesome personality. Awesome people are never too proud to accept that they are wrong. They are humble enough to apologize for their mistakes and are capable enough to fix their wrongs. Some awesome researchers have found that apologizing can not only encourage forgiveness but also improve relationships.

But awesome people don’t just apologize and fix their problems, they also analyze why they made the mistake and take it as a learning experience to improve their mental, emotional & interpersonal awareness.

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4. You value relationships

One of the most crucial signs of awesome personality disorder is prioritizing relationships. People brimming with awesomeness realize how important relationships are for our happiness and success. Awesome people realize that healthy relationships build our confidence and self-esteem. So if you spend time with people you care about, respect them, communicate openly and refuse to take them for granted, then you have awesomeness to spare!

5. You are rebellious

Someone who is awesome often does things in their own way and tends to be indifferent towards authority at times in a healthy way. Your awesome personality traits make you rebellious without being disrespectful. You dare to question authority when you feel it is not the best way forward, but you also know how to respect and follow orders, when needed. 

You defy the status quo and believe in exploring your own ideas, abilities, creativity and mental boundaries. Moreover, your rebellious nature makes you a “notorious risk taker”, which means not only you think outside the box, but you find novel solutions to problems that not-so-awesome people may avoid. 

6. You are open to change

Most of us “normal” people resist change because we fear we may lose something we truly value. But people with awesome personality traits see change as an opportunity to explore the new and to improve themselves. If you have a positive approach towards change and are capable of adapting to change, then there is no doubt that you have awesome person traits. You don’t see change as a setback, but as an adventure that can lead to self-development.

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signs of awesome personality

7. You are not burdened with insecurities

You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone or compete with others to know or show your worth. What makes you awesome is that you are highly self-assured of your worth and refuse to play “games” with others to boost your or their ego. One of the crucial signs of awesome personality disorder is that you don’t feel jealous of others. You are well aware of your achievements and the sacrifices you’ve made to reach your goals. You don’t feel the need to tell others about how cool you are, you just let your awesomeness do all the talking.

8. You swim against the tide

One of the the most prominent signs of awesome personality disorder is having gumption. And this aggressive resourcefulness is what makes an awesome individual fight all odds to achieve what they set out to do. Studies show that “Highly resourceful individuals have been found better able to meet life’s challenges and to experience more positive health outcomes.”

Being awesome, you don’t pay any heed to naysayers and make no bones about going against the tide, especially when it comes to your values and goals. Your awesomeness keeps you going even when the situation looks bleak and empowers you to find your way towards victory. And you have no qualms about walking the long arduous path alone.

9. You are consistently awesome

One of the reasons why I call it a “disorder” is because people with too much awesomeness don’t put any conscious effort into being awesome. This is just how they are day in day out. When you have god level awesomeness, you are effortless about all the great personality signs mentioned above. Your awesomeness doesn’t depend on how you are feeling on a particular day. It is just who you are and you are painstakingly consistent in being the best you can be.

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Diagnosis of Awesome Personality Disorder

Do you know how awesome you are? If you could relate to some or most of the signs of awesome personality disorder mentioned above, then it’s safe to say you are pretty awesome. But do you have the awesomeness disorder? 

There are innumerable things that define a person with enviable awesomeness. Being a mere mortal, I can only list down a few of them. So here are a few ways to identify awesomeness in someone –  

  • They are self-aware
  • They own every room they walk into 
  • They are motivated more by the process than the outcome
  • They are generous
  • Their actions match their words
  • They are faithful in relationships
  • They know how to control their emotions even when stressed
  • They never take things or people for granted
  • They love to smile and make others smile
  • They are kind, polite and well-mannered
  • They always look for the silver lining in every situation
  • They genuinely compliment those who deserve it
  • They are never afraid of hard work
  • They are friendly and make others feel comfortable
  • They are the best at what they do
  • They take good care of themselves
  • They seek new experiences
  • They don’t believe they are awesome

Well, I don’t believe I am awesome either. So I can relate to at least one of these traits of awesomeness. In case, you can relate to only a few of these traits, like me, don’t worry. Read on.

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How to have an awesome personality

Wondering how to build an awesome personality so that you can be your awesomest version ever? If you are like me – someone who wants to be their best self but has no clue how to get started – then here are a few tips that will help you develop awesome personality disorder and be insanely awesome:

1. Dream BIG

Set goals that scare you and do everything possible to achieve them. Be bold, daring and audacious about what you dream to accomplish in life.

2. Take risks

Step out of your comfort zone. You are already late enough. Put yourself out there and take calculated risks. Even if you fail, you will be more awesome than you are now.

3. Have courage

Courage to fail. Courage to take risks. Courage to overcome the greatest challenges. Be brave enough to be optimistic and hopeful in your darkest days.

4. Gain new skills

If you want to have an awesome personality then learn to do more stuff. Learn things you are passionate about, things that you are curious about, things that you believe are awesome.

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5. Be knowledgeable

Awesome people read. A lot. They know about things that help them grow in their professional and personal lives. Start learning about stuff. Don’t be contemptuous.

6. Be great at what you do

Be the best at the thing you believe you are good at. Hone your skill, get better, and constantly work at mastering your craft. Practice and improve. It’s that simple. 

7. Be passionate

About life, about your work, about love and about yourself. Feel that fire inside and let it drive you. 

8. Be fit and fab

I am all for body positivity and all, but diabetes is a cruel fact. It’s not important if you look great, but you must always feel great physically, mentally, and emotionally. And being physically active helps you with that. Being healthy is awesome!

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Here are some other ways you can develop the traits of an awesome person –

  • Be kind, humble, empathetic and compassionate
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • F*ck self-doubt, self-criticism and self-pity
  • Dress good and be stylish
  • Have a truck load of confidence
  • Be playful, have a sense of humor and enjoy life
  • Be more social and approachable
  • Enjoy the little things
  • Appreciate imperfections
  • Learn to listen
  • Learn to let go
  • Mediate

And above all else, constantly work at being more awesome. That is one of the most understated signs of awesome personality disorder.

How to cure Awesome Personality Disorder

There is no specific cure for awesome personality disorder. Once you are awesome, you don’t want to go back to not being awesome. However, certain changes in mindset and attitude can help you become less awesome in life. 

Here are a few self-help strategies that can make you get rid of your awesome personality traits –

  • Focus only on yourself, be selfish and develop a “me-first” attitude
  • Be narcissistic, exploitative and abusive
  • Blame others for your own faults, mistakes and failures
  • Do not hesitate to manipulate others for your personal gains
  • Practice self-doubt, self-hatred, self-criticism and self-pity
  • Have poor self-esteem
  • Have a negative and pessimistic outlook
  • Demotivate others 
  • Be disloyal, untrustworthy, insensitive, shameless and greedy 
  • Always believe that you are not worthy of love or happiness

The above-mentioned coping strategies can surely help you get rid of your awesomeness and become more despicable and asinine in life.

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So, are you awesome or what?

“When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.” – Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

Okay, look! Awesomeness is a choice. You can choose to be awesome or you can choose to be… not awesome. But developing the signs of awesome personality disorder is a journey and not a destination. It is a process that changes your entire being and truly empowers you to be the absolute best you can be.

Life is short. Choose to be AWESOME – for yourself and for your loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the most attractive personality?

As they say, confidence is the most attractive personality, but it should be coupled with passion, empathy, optimism, kindness, and a good sense of humor.

What personality is attractive to guys?

Most men are attracted to confidence, cheerfulness, positivity, intelligence, passion, generosity, and a sense of humor.

What do females find attractive?

Women are mostly attracted to a good sense of humor. Intelligent men who can make them laugh are often considered attractive by women.

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