21 Striking Characteristics of Genuine People


Striking Characteristics of Genuine People

Don’t you think people no longer wear their hearts on their sleeves as much as they used to do before? But if you’re observant enough you can find these characteristics of genuine people and identify the pure souls among us.

In today’s world, it’s hard to come across a person who is genuine in all aspects of life. Everyone is under tremendous pressure to be more productive, successful, and happier than the others. So, it can become a bit draining for a genuine person to survive in modern society.

In this harsh, cruel world, there are very few people who brew kindness and love. Genuine people are rare to find. With their presence, their love, and deeds, genuine people render beauty to this world.

Wondering how to identify genuine people in your life, then you have to understand how genuine people behave. If you are a genuine person yourself and value authenticity as an admirable human character, look for the following characteristics of genuine people, to find your kindred souls.

21 Unmistakable Characteristics Of Genuine People

These traits of a genuine person will lead you to forge honest connections with authentic people.

A person who is genuine is not always well-liked

1. They Are Kind To Everyone

One of the characteristics of genuine people is that they are equally kind to friends and strangers alike. It doesn’t matter whether they know the person or not. They are kind by nature and are there for anyone who needs help, be it a random stranger whom they met while traveling or a friend who hasn’t been in touch for long.

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2. They Have Patience

One of the important characteristics of genuine people is that no matter how fast the world is moving, authentic people understand the value of patience. Even in the toughest of times, they don’t lose hold of themselves and wait patiently for the time to heal things. They are calm and composed which also encourages others around them to retain their integrity.

3. They Are Committed To Their Work

Work is of primary importance to them in life. If they commit to anything, they will finish the work before taking up new projects. Also, their decisions are not based on their egos. They don’t want admiration or validation from people, so they simply do what needs to be done. Sincerity and commitment are surefire qualities of a genuine person.

4. They Are Honest And Trustworthy

Authentic people have a good sense of morality. They are honest and people can trust them always. People count on genuine people with their secrets and feel secure around them. They can speak their mind and never feel shy to share their thoughts or perspectives about a subject. Morality, ethics, and faithfulness are unmistakable characteristics of genuine people.

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5. They Seek Justice For Everyone

They believe in fairness and equality. Also, one of the characteristics of genuine people is that they cannot tolerate any kind of injustice. Even if they are not the victim themselves, they would not think twice before raising their voices to claim justice for the victim.

6. They Respect Everyone

Genuine people have high respect for everyone, irrespective of their age and profession. It comes naturally to them and even if people disrespect them, they do not retaliate.

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7. They Remain Sincere, Even In Adversity

One of the noticeable characteristics of genuine people is that they will never escape trying situations through lies or deceit. They will try their best to get out of the situation by working hard. They are always confident about their strength and decisions.

8. They Do Not Entertain Drama

Authentic people neither participate in melodramas nor entertain them. As responsible adults, they hate complications and try to solve problems in a very logical manner. Genuine folks avoid people who enjoy creating scenes.

9. They Are Unbiased

One of the most visible characteristics of genuine people is that they are never partial. They might have people they love but are not biased toward them. These people always give equal opportunities to everyone and behave with people in the way they deserve.

10. They Give But Don’t Expect Anything In Return

Life is not a give-and-take policy for genuine people. They give because they enjoy giving; they don’t give for the sake of getting something in return. Authentic people don’t expect anything from others when they give. They do it because it gives them happiness. Selfless good deeds are one of the characteristics of genuine people.

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11. They Prefer Action Over Words

People know them by their actions. Their identity is reflected in the things they do. Genuine people do not like wasting time by talking too much. Productivity satisfies them and they are always focusing on their personal development.

12. They Are Responsible

Genuine people enjoy taking responsibility. So, people depend on them on various levels. Authentic people can be trusted with important work. Also, they are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses, can accept their fault, and own up to their mistakes.

13. They Are Not Judgemental

People who are authentic always find the best in people and are never judgemental. Instead of focusing on the negative sides, they spread optimism among everyone. They understand that no one is perfect and accept differing beliefs and opinions.

14. They Have A Strong Sense-of-Self

Genuine souls have healthy self-esteem and never beg for attention or emotional support from anyone. They are very much emotionally secure.

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15. They Know Their Limits

Genuine people don’t consider themselves a superhero. They know their own flaws and limits. They work or give a commitment according to their limit. They do not brag about themselves or their accomplishments. Living within means and working within one’s own capacity are some of the lesser-known characteristics of genuine people.

16. They Independently Follow Their Chosen Path

Genuine people do not depend on anyone. They are independent and do take responsibility for their own life. They are extremely focused and know the purpose of their life. Genuine men and women don’t follow conventional paths and never depend on others’ opinions on how to pursue goals. They have an internal guide that takes them to their goals. They can create a new path in the process of getting to their destination.

17. They Offer Compliments

One of the striking characteristics of genuine people is that they are able to offer compliments and accept one too. But they do not get cocky. They do not over-think but are masters at channeling that flow of acceptance and giving.

18. They Are Not Threatened By Failure

Genuine people are not scared of failures but are always in a learning mode. They accept, learn from mistakes, try something new, and are ever ready to go down an unconventional route to achieve success. They like new experiences and love to gain knowledge. They are not craving to be in their comfort zone and prefer satisfaction over safety and security.

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19. They Preach And Practice 

Another one of the most important characteristics of genuine people is that they practice what they preach and preach what they practice. And it is due to their heightened self-awareness. Genuine folks are not hypocrites and their lives are instances of their views and beliefs.

20. They Are Attentive During Conversations

Genuine people are not glued to their phones so they create connections and find depth even in short, everyday conversations. A mid-conversation text message can turn them off. Once they commit to a conversation, they focus all of their energy on it. Giving undivided attention during in-person communication is one of the characteristics of genuine people/

21. They Aren’t Motivated By Material Things 

Genuine people don’t need fancy or expensive stuff in order to feel good or to be happy. They find happiness in little things such as friends, family, and a sense of purpose that make life rich for them.

Authenticity Liberates You

If you are authentic, you do not have to pretend to be someone else and you can live your life on your own terms. If you can relate, then these are the signs you’re a truly genuine person. Be yourself always!

Can You Relate To These Characteristics of Genuine People?
21 Characteristics Of Genuine People
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