21 Striking Characteristics of Genuine People: How Genuine People Behave

Characteristics of Genuine People

In this world of the facade, you are a genuine person with high moral values. Our world is inhabited by people, good and bad. It’s not easy to determine people who are truly genuine because most of the times, people fake.

“When we come from an authentic, genuine place in ourselves, our efforts to connect with people work to their fullest. Our relationships develop more easily and last longer, and we feel better about the people” ― Michelle Tillis Lederman, 11 Laws of Likability.

In this harsh, cruel world, there are very few people who brew kindness and love. Genuine people are rare to find. With their presence, their love and deeds, genuine people render beauty to this world. What makes a person genuine?

Well, these 16 characteristics can help us identify genuine people:

1. They are kind to everyone, friends and strangers alike:

It doesn’t matter whether they know the person or not. They are kind by nature and are there for anyone who needs help, be it a random stranger whom they met while travelling or a friend who hasn’t been in touch for long.

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2. They have patience:

No matter how fast the world is moving, authentic people understand the value of patience. Even in toughest of times, they don’t lose hold of themselves and wait patiently for the time to heal things. They are calm and composed which also encourages others around you to retain their integrity.

3. They are committed to working:

Work is of primary importance to them in life. If they commit to anything, they will finish the work before taking up new projects. Also, their decisions are not based on their egos. They don’t want admiration or validation from people, so they simply do what needs to be done. 

4. They are honest and trustworthy:

Authentic people have a good sense of morality. They are honest and people can trust them always. People count on genuine people with their secrets and feel secured with them. They can speak their mind and never feel shy to share their thoughts or perspectives about a subject. They don’t forcefully convince others but understand that their opinions count. 

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5. They seek justice for everyone:

They know the purpose of their lives and believe in inequality. Also, they cannot tolerate any wrong and even if they are not the victim themselves, they would not think twice before raising their voice for giving justice to the victim.

6. They respect everyone:

Genuine people have high respect for everyone irrespective of their age and profession. It comes naturally to them and even if people disrespect, they do not retaliate.

7. They remain sincere even when times are hard:

They might be in extremely difficult situations where they can escape by lying or dishonesty but they would never do that. They will try their best to get out of the situation by working hard. They never feel insecure and inferior. Instead always confident about their lifestyle and decisions.

8. They do not entertain drama at any cost:

Authentic people don’t practice melodramas in life, neither entertain them. As responsible adults, they hate complications. And try to solve problems in a very logical manner and avoid people who enjoy creating scenes. They are thick-skinned so they don’t make fish out of everything. They don’t take criticism as personal attack or insult. And can leave unnecessary stuff without developing hard feelings. 

9. They are not biased:

They might have people they love but are not biased with them. These people always give equal opportunities to everyone. And behave with people in the way they deserve.

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