Why She Acts Like She Doesn’t Care When Deep Inside It’s Killing Her

She Acts Like Doesnt Care Deep Inside Killing Her

Have you ever come across a woman who acts like she doesn’t care, but the truth is she is dying on the inside, because of unrequited love?

“Because what’s worse than knowing you want something, besides knowing you can never have it?”  ― James Patterson

Honestly, nothing! It’s so comforting to be in denial. To put up that brave face and go on with life as if things are just in place.

Quite easy it is, to console yourself when you cannot afford that fancy ‘item’ in a store. It is because you know that will save some bucks. But what happens when real human emotions are involved? How does one come to terms with themselves? Knowing it will only eat up your mental peace.

You are like ‘everything is fine’, ‘I don’t care’, ‘how does it matter?’…. and so on. There is a reason for it. No, no one is trying to avoid being come across as ‘weak’.


Here Are 5 Reasons Why She Acts Acts Like She Doesn’t Care, But Actually Does

1. She is not bothered about it. 

At least she looks as if she does not care whether a guy she loves goes on with his life without thinking about her wherein, he plans to ‘hang out’ with some other friends. To be honest, she feels extremely hurt but never expresses it.

2. Unanswered texts. 

If her texts to the guy remain unanswered for some time, or if the guy does not care to pick up her calls or reply to her texts, it literally kills her from inside but she shows that she doesn’t care about all these.

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3. She is not ready to believe that she is falling for a guy so hard that she is gradually losing herself.

In fact, it is absolutely a nightmare for her to think that a boy can actually make her feel so helpless and crazy for him. In order to cover up for these feelings, she acts as if the guy is just another boy and is in no way ‘her guy’ because there can be no such concept.

She is a strong girl bubbling with confidence and energy, ready to fight the battles in life and come out victorious in all the ordeals. She does not need a guy beside her. However, her heart speaks in a completely different note.

She Acts Like She Doesn't Care
She Acts Like She Doesn’t Care


4. All those hours spent in front of the mirror are more than just making her feel good about herself. 

It unconsciously makes her wanting ‘his’ attention. She earnestly wants the guy to notice her and choose her. Things are not always the way we want it to be. This makes her even more confused and she keeps on acting that she does not care about the guy.

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5. She acts as if she is least bothered.

She behaves as if she is not affected by the guy’s other relationships or intimacy with other girls but this particular thing is the most saddening and painful part. This continues to kill her every single moment although she still refuses to express her feelings.

“Let no one who loves is called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.”
― M. Barrie

It doesn’t necessarily have to be true for every girl out there. This is something, rather, more generalized assumptions given that people tend to act differently when they are not bestowed with what they desire.

Unrequited love is not rare. It is definitely not a life-altering situation. Maybe it is best for you. You never know what life has in store for you, maybe something better, something more meaningful. Maybe your soulmate is waiting for you, just like you are.

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