Friendship Fortified: 8 Rules For Having A Strong And Unbreakable Friendship


Eight Rules For Having A Strong And Unbreakable Friendship

Having good friends and unbreakable friendships in life is truly a blessing, and it’s something that not a lot of people are lucky to experience. Just like every other relationship, having and maintaining strong friendships also needs a lot of effort, honesty, and most importantly, certain rules: rules for having a strong and unbreakable friendship.

Unbreakable friendships are those which feel like family, and these friends make you feel like you have known them forever. Having a friendship like this in your life comes with a lot of responsibility because if you don’t give it its due respect and effort, it will just be a matter of time before it ends and leaves you with a painful void in your life.

Even though every strong and unbreakable friendship is based on more or less the same values, like mutual respect, honesty, and trust, there are some more rules to keep in mind which can make sure that no challenging situation can put a dent in it.

This friendship day is 2023, make sure that the friends you are surrounded with are genuinely good friends. 

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8 Rules For Having A Strong And Unbreakable Friendship

1. You support one another through thick and thin.

No matter what life throws at you, you always stand by each other through it all and refuse to let the other person go through any of it alone. If your best friend is nervous about giving her first presentation at work, you keep on motivating them the whole time. If you don’t feel well and are down with the flu, they will be the first ones at your door holding hot chicken soup for you.

Real friends always support each other no matter what, and the best part is, you don’t even have to ask them for it. They will always be there whenever you will need them the most in your life. Authentic friends will always go the extra mile for you and will be your biggest cheerleader.

Rules for having a strong and unbreakable friendship

2. You never judge each other.

How to build a strong and unbreakable friendship? By never judging each other.

Everyone makes questionable choices and mistakes in their lives at some point, and while most people might judge and shame you for them, your best friend will never. They will try to understand why you did what you did and then stop you from making the same mistake again. But the one thing they will never do is judge you at the drop of a hat.

As best friends, you might stop or discourage each other from making the wrong decisions in life, but you never make the other person feel shameful for their actions. You know that they are not perfect, and that’s why you never fail to treat each other with kindness and respect.

3. You never try to change each other and accept your best friend the way they are.

One of the strongest pillars of a strong and unbreakable friendship is mutual acceptance. A true and real friend will never try to change who you are just so they can feel better about themselves. Rather, they will accept and respect the differences between you two and still love you the same way.

Feeling seen, understood, and accepted is very important in friendships, and if you get to experience all of this with your friend, then rest assured you have hit the friendship jackpot! If you ever feel like you cannot be your authentic self in front of your best friend, then it’s just a matter of time before the friendship breaks down.

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4. You can depend on them for speaking the truth.

This is one of the most important rules for having a strong and unbreakable friendship. 

Strong friendships are based on honesty and trust, and if it’s not then you can’t call it a real friendship. You know you have an unbreakable friendship when you never feel the need to lie to each other, or even twist the truth in order to make them happy. Whatever is in your heart, you can openly tell them without any fear of getting blasted by them.

That does not mean you will insult and put each other down every chance you get. What this means is that if there is some bad news, you can rely on your best friend to tell you with full honesty. If you are on the verge of making a mistake, you can rely on them to tell you the truth and why you shouldn’t do what you were about to do.

5. You always protect each other, no matter what.

One of the best things about having an unbreakable friendship is that you can always depend on them for support, and they will always be there to have your back. No matter what kind of sticky situation you might be in, they will always be there to protect you through it all.

They will never let anybody treat you badly, will come to your rescue whenever you’ll find yourself in a dicey situation, and if someone tries to hurt you in any way, they will be there to protect you.

There will be times when you might not agree with each other and will have your differences, but when the time comes, they will always support you and protect you from harm.

Rules for having a strong and unbreakable friendship

6. You are never impatient and disrespectful to them.

Again, this is one of the most important rules for having a strong and unbreakable friendship.

Sure, there might be times when you will feel that they are making you go crazy with their attitude and antics, but you will never disrespect them because of that. Both of you will make sure to put your point across politely and respectfully, but will never humiliate each other.

It’s important to be patient with your best friend, as a single moment of disrespect can change your whole dynamic forever. And both of you know this. You are not willing to risk this beautiful friendship you share for a single moment of anger and dissatisfaction. Whatever feelings you might have for each other, you always make sure that you put them forward in a nice way.

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7. You know each other inside out.

This one’s not a surprise, is it? When you are best friends, it’s all but natural that you will know each other perfectly. You always know what your friend needs, even if they don’t explicitly tell you about it. You can understand how they are feeling and what they need, just by observing their facial expressions, body language, and behavior.

When they are sad, you know exactly how to cheer them up. When they are angry, you know how to calm them down. Both of you know what you need to do to make the other person feel better and happier, and that’s how you build a strong and unbreakable friendship.

8. You always make it a point to spend a lot of time together.

One of the most important rules for having a strong and unbreakable friendship is making an effort to spend a lot of time with each other. You always make it a point to make plans and have fun together. Getting together once or twice a week to grab dinner or just have a pajama party, can go a long way in maintaining the friendship.

If you happen to have a long-distance friendship, video calling each other often and visiting each other once or twice a year is a good idea. Spending some quality time with one another is one of the best things you can do to have a strong friendship

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Having strong and unbreakable friendships in life is truly a godsend. Having friends who you can trust with your life is definitely one of the best feelings ever, and the more you think about it, the more amazing it feels, doesn’t it? Remember these golden rules and hold on to the most beautiful, strong, and unbreakable friendship in your life!

Also, a very happy best friend day, and happy friendship day 2023!

8 Rules For Having A Strong And Unbreakable Friendship
8 Rules For Having A Strong And Unbreakable Friendship
8 Rules For Having A Strong And Unbreakable Friendship pin
8 Rules For Having A Strong And Unbreakable Friendship
8 Rules For Having A Strong And Unbreakable Friendship pin
8 Rules For Having A Strong And Unbreakable Friendship
strong and unbreakable friendship

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