40+ Funny Friendship Memes To Send Your BFF

Funny Friendship Memes

Having someone who gives you a shoulder when you’re sad, an ear when you need to vent, or even just a hug when your world is crashing down is important. That’s why friendships are so incredibly special! And what better way is there to celebrate friendship than by laughing at some funny friendship memes trending all over the internet?

Here are some of the best friendship memes to share with your friends that will have you and your bestie cracking up!

A good friend can make you smile but a best friend makes you roll on the floor from laughing so hard. We’ve found the best memes that represent the little joys and craziness of the relationship you share with your BFF!

These true friendship memes will make you laugh until you cry!

40+ Hilarious Friendship Memes To Share With Your BFF Right Away!

1. Make sure to share this with your bestie!

Funny Friendship Memes To Send Your BFF

2. When you and your best friend have gossip

3. When you hangout with them but end up doing nothing

4. Friends who you can make fun of others with you are the best!

Funny Friendship Memes To Send Your BFF

5. Horror movie dates with bestie is fun!

6. Sometimes doing nothing with your BFF is like therapy!

7. When your friend says, “I’m fine”…

8. When they know all your secrets

Funny Friendship Memes To Send Your BFF

9. Friends vs Best friends

10. Do you feel like you have a telepathic connection with them?

11. You on your way to cheer up your friend

Funny Friendship Memes To Send Your BFF

12. When they tell you to save a spot

13. The look your best friend gives you when your crush walks

14. If two best friends say the same thing at the same time, their friendship is unbreakable

15. BFF knows it all!

25 Funny Friendship Memes
Funny Best Friend Memes

You can be crazy, stupid, silly, or weird but a true best friend will still choose you!

16. Friends who share funny memes together stay together!

Sharing memes in the modern era have become a way of expressing love and emotions with our loved ones, it also helps to keep in touch with friends without having to talk a lot.

17. When you love your BFF more than anything!

18. The best kind of friendship lasts a lifetime

Friendship Memes Funny

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19. When you both are dead inside but still trying to have fun!

20. Who are you happy to have as your friend?

Memes On Friendship

A funny friend meme is the best way to tell your friend how much they mean to you without using extra words or actions. Try it out!

21. When you haven’t met your best friend in awhile

22. Let’s get this right, I have to tell my BFF!

23. Happiness is when your best friend pays for your food!

True Friendship Memes

24. She’s a queen, she don’t know it yet

25. When you call your best friend to vent for the 10th time in a day


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26. There is nothing better than the stomach ache you get from laughing with your best friend

27. You know y’all are true friends when you hear their stories even if they’ve said it a million times

28. How would you like to describe your bestie?

29. Excuse me, but who are you?

30. You know your bond is strong when you constantly joking with each other

31. When you and your bestie can’t stick to a diet and indulge to cravings

32. When your friends don’t text back immediately

33. We all have that one FBI Agent friend who finds out everything

34. If you had two best friends, who would you go to for advice?

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35. It’s not gossiping, it’s called networking!

36. When they do the opposite of what you told them to!

37. How you spoke to your best friend when you first met vs how you speak to them now

38. When you can’t live without your bestie!

39.On FaceTime with your best friend be like…

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40. That friend who loves to spill the tea

Friendship Meme Quotes

41. The best group pose for your Instagram

42. When you are your besties rely on each other for everything!

43. Unhappy but finding happiness in each others company

True Friendship Memes

So, did you have a fun time looking at these hilarious friendship memes? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to share it with your best friends!

Funny Friendship Memes True Friendship pin
Funny Friendship Memes pin

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