80+ Introvert Memes That Will Speak Your Mind For You

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung popularized the terms “introverted” and “extroverted” describing two distinct personality types. Introverts have a rich inner world, they are internally stimulated and prefer to stay by themselves, which is exactly what these introvert memes are trying to say.

Extroverts, on the contrary, are actively involved in the external world and things outside themselves; they are socially active and more aware of what is going on around them.

Introverts are often misunderstood because they mostly stay in their own mind space. This might come off as being distant, indifferent and aloof to some people.

Introversion is a lot about being able to relate and feel connected to like-minded people – other introverts. These memes are some of the best and most hilarious introvert memes that will help you speak your mind and feel mentally connected to other introverts who share the same thought process.

Here Are 80+ Introvert Memes That Will Speak Your Mind For You

#1 Why should I?

introvert memes

#2 There’s no in-between.

introvert memes

#3 *Thinking of ways to escape*

introvert memes

#4 And what should I do about it?

introvert memes

#5 Watch me!

introvert memes

#6 Want to know another word for bliss? This!

introvert memes

#7 Emails are probably one of the greatest creations ever.

introvert memes

#8 Boundaries. Boundaries. And some more boundaries.

introvert memes

#9 Memes are life.

introvert memes

#10 Why? And again, WHY?!

#11 I wonder why I still haven’t met The One.

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#12 How can you even think of calling an introvert? Sigh.

introvert memes

#13 Does anyone actually?

introvert memes

#14 Stay away from me!

introvert memes

#15 Truer words have never been spoken.

introvert memes

#16 Well, well, well. Could have and should have said that.

introvert memes

#17 There’s really no other way.

introvert memes

#18 Again, boundaries.

introvert memes

#19 Can’t we just catch a break? Please?

introvert memes

#20 Whew! Close call.

introvert memes

#21 Being adventurous, are we?

introvert memes

#22 Why are you still here?

introvert memes

#23 Total and utter bliss.

introvert memes

#24 Absolutely not!

introvert memes

#25 Terms and conditions apply.

introvert memes

#26 Please don’t go there.

introvert memes

#27 Suffocation and then some more suffocation.

introvert memes

#28 When sleep is your best friend.

introvert memes

#29 Too peopley.

introvert memes

#30 Being a slow website is a better option, to be honest.

introvert memes

#31 Food for thought.

introvert memes

#32 Coolness personified.

#33 When you see your squad.

introvert memes

#34 Constant struggle.

introvert memes

#35 Alarms are like the gateway to real life, aren’t they?

introvert memes

#36 It’s like talking to a wall.

introvert memes

#37 Why have meetings when you have emails?

introvert memes

#38 “Hey!”
*awkward silence*

introvert memes

#39 Just the words I wanted to hear!

introvert memes

#40 Dilemmas. Dilemmas.

introvert memes

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#41 I am just doing you a favor.

introvert memes

#42 Please don’t take it personally.

introvert memes

#43 Too much. Time to become a monk in the mountains.

introvert memes

#44 God, please no.

#45 Did I go too far?

#46 Layers are good. More layers are even better.

#47 Can I leave now? Now? NOW?!?!?

#48 Silence is golden.

#49 Of course, I will come to your party. Not.

#50 Why have you forsaken me?

#51 Is there anything better than this? I guess not.

#52 I am seriously a nice person.

#53 Please get away.

#54 No. Just no.

#55 The bed is my best friend.

#56 Dilemma, part 2.

#57 What do you think?

#58 When you finally find your soulmate.

#59 If you know, you know.

#60 Why would you even ask me that?

#61 When your introvert battery is at an all-time low.

#62 That. Was. Agonizing.

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#63 Talking has never felt better.

#64 The best way to keep people away.

#65 Enough. Simply enough.

#66 Just leave already.

#67 I do, indeed.

#68 Reckoning is here.

#69 This is the dream, tbh.

#70 As dark as my soul.

#71 Textable is greater than callable.

#72 What is it with people and phone calls?

#73 You don’t even know the half of it.

#74 Why would you even think otherwise?

#75 It is what it is.

#76 I am really just doing you a favor.

#77 Why would you do that to me?

#78 Please don’t answer.

#79 Is this really necessary?

#80 Why would you do that to me, part 2.

#81 Why would I do this to myself?

#82 Well, there you go.

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#83 Do I?

#84 No other way.

Share these memes with your introvert squad and have a hearty laugh!

80+ introverted memes pin
80+ introvert memes that will speak your mind for you Pin

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    Thank you so much for this ..it’s like introverts really matter cause well I’m an introvert and all the people I know are extroverts so it’s nice to know that your not the only one

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