40+ Relatable Ambivert Memes To Make You Laugh

ambivert memes to make you laugh

People mostly talk about introverts and extroverts and how different they are from each other. There is another category of people who are mostly ignored in this battle between introversion, and extroversion, and they are the ambiverts.

Ambiverts have the best of both worlds. They’re neither entirely introverted nor extroverted; they fall in the middle ground. They share some traits of extroverts and some of the introverts. To show some love to all the ambiverts out there, we have compiled some ambivert memes, that will surely make you go ha-ha.

Here Are 40+ Ambivert Memes To Make You Laugh


ambivert memes

After Lockdown extension


ambivert memes

The extrovert state Ambivert Introverts trying to achieve extrovert state


ambivert memes

Social Scientist: There’s ambiverts
The general reader: ambi WHAT


ambivert memes

I’m an ambivert. Does that still count as introverted?


ambivert memes

Extroverts in quarantine
Introverts in quarantine
Ambiverts in quarantine


ambivert memes

Introvert salaries
Extrovert salaries
“Ambi-What?” Salaries


ambivert memes

When everyone is laughing about being introverted
Me and ambivert:

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ambivert memes

I’d say I’m a little bit of both…I’m an extrovert because I love meeting people…
Connecting with them, and smiling with them.
But I’m also an introvert because: no I don’t.
I feel this in my soul


ambivert memes

extroverts: yeah, I like socializing, partying, this is so fun, I love all this stuff meeting new people life is so fun i love being with a lot of people I have so much friends.
introverts: I enjoy being home I don’t need people I can make fun by myself playing games reading books making memes staying at home are the best things in my life I don’t need a lot of friends I’m fine with just one life is so fun at home
me, a fucking ambivert with social anxiety and social awkwardness, living in an area with a small number of kids my age: *autistic screeching*


ambivert memes

When you relate to both introvert and extrovert memes [visible confusion]


ambivert memes

You’re an “ambivert” because you need alone time but you also have friends. How rare and unusual for a human.


ambivert memes

Government: We are going to shut down everything for 30 days. Introverts, Extroverts, Ambiverts


ambivert memes

Ambivert salesman: * breathes*
Customer: I’ll take your entire stock
You guys will get this, right?


ambivert memes

Ambiverts *confused screaming*


ambivert memes

Does this man want to be seen or not


ambivert memes

Everyone talks about introverts and extroverts. And I’m just sitting here being an ambivert.


ambivert memes

Extrovert Vs Ambivert Vs Introvert


ambivert memes

Oh so you’re an ambivert. Please tell us again how much better at sales you are than the rest of us.


ambivert memes

Introvert me having a great time at home
Extrovert me wanting to go out
Fricking Ambivert


ambivert memes

Tonight I will be extroverting, tomorrow introverting. By the end of the week, you will realize I was just ambiverting the whole time.

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ambivert memes

Extrovert: You can’t defeat me.
Introvert: I know, but he can.


ambivert memes

If I go out I’ll want to come home, but if I stay home I’ll want to go out.


ambivert memes

I ate an introvert and I’m an extrovert. So now am I ambivert?


ambivert memes

Lonely introvert


As an ambivert I have the superpower of both entirely welcoming social isolation and also becoming stir crazy. Law of contradiction be damned.


Extrovert vs Introvert vs Ambivert


Arriving at a party
Extrovert: This is awesome! I can’t wait to meet everybody!
Ambivert: Oh, there’s some people I know! This will be fun.
Introvert: I can’t believe I put on pants for this.


Introverts and extroverts
Ambiverts: [laughter] You dumb bitch.


You are either an introvert or extrovert! Which is it???
Extrovert! Introvert. Ambivert


Government: We need to shut everything down for 30 days. Introverts, Extroverts, Ambiverts.

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Have to explain to people that while you like them very much, you need them to go away now.


My life is a struggle of constantly wanting to go out and have fun with people but also avoiding human contact & regretting leaving my house.


The outgoing introvert


Yesterday: Go away!
Today: Hello!


People as plants
Extrovert: Colourful and hard to get rid of. Most often found in groups.
Ambivert: Lovely and sweet most of the time, but can be unexpectedly thorny.
Introvert: Hoards life-sustaining water within. Stands alone; don’t get too close!


Somehow I am both of these people.


When she tells you she’s been reading into MBTI and proceeds to tell you she’s an ambivert.


ambivert memes

When you don’t know anyone in class and you have to work in groups.
introvert/ ambivert club right here


Another introverts vs extroverts meme: *exists*


Extrovert salesman – 🙂
Ambivert coworker: *arrives to work*
Extrovert salesman:


Introverts and extroverts. Ambiverts.


How my brain works.
Utterly obsessed


Introverts dealing with isolation
Extroverts dealing with isolation
Me an ambivert


“Is Ambivert an MBTI type?”


People who call themselves ambivert

So, these are all the memes for ambiverts that we’ve compiled for you. We hope you had a good laugh over this, and let us know in the comments down below, which ones were your favorite, and you found the most relatable.

Rib Tickling Ambivert Memes Pin
ambivert memes to make you laugh pin

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