When A Good Girl Gets Played: 11 Things That Happens

When A Good Girl Gets Played 11 Things That Happens

When a good girl gets played, she changes inherently, and she loses the things that made her, her. She gives up everything she believed in, because what else can she do? She gave her everything, and what did she get in return? Lies, hurt, pain, and heartbreak.

She is a girl who believes in giving, in compassion, and in never letting anyone down. No matter how busy she is, she’ll always find time for those she cares about and she always has faith in them. No matter how many times they fail, she’ is always there to pick them up.

She doesn’t do anything by halves and the same goes for when she is in love. She will love that person with all the love that is in her to give. She knows that they’re not perfect but she’ll accept them as they are.

A nice girl is nice because that is just the way she is. She didn’t ask for this but she was born this way and it’s very difficult for her to change the person she is.

Unfortunately, there will always be a few who will take advantage of her because they know that her compassion is unending. They will use her and discard her, only to come back when they need her again.

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This happens to her a lot. People take everything she has without offering her something to replace what they have taken. She is generous and so she never complains. She’s also accustomed to this by now and she has the strength to bear it. However, there are times when her heart cracks, just a little.

It’s hard for her when people come to her as a last resort. She doesn’t usually have to deal with someone she cares for letting her down. She also doesn’t take it well when she hears someone make a promise that they don’t intend to fulfill.

But there are some who always disappoint her, even when she does everything she can to help them. They take what they can and play around with her heart. She doesn’t know when to call it quits and it is especially hard for her because that’s not the kind of person she is. So they use her till they break her but by doing so, all of them lose.

When a good girl gets played, she loses faith in her emotions. When a good girl gets played, she stops believing in goodness.

Every feeling she had when she was with you, she begins to alienate. Her mind begins to blank out all the memories that hurt too much to think about. She begins to shut out her own emotions so that she won’t have to feel anything painful. Whatever she can’t handle, she cuts out.

Here Are 11 Things That Happen When A Good Girl Gets Played

1. She loses her ability to trust.

She begins to see the world as an unfair place that only hurts you, even if you are good. Gradually, she stops being able to see the best in people, and even when she wants to let a new person into her life, she cannot trust them the way she used to.

2. All that is good about her is taken away.

She loved herself the way she was and she didn’t ask for that to be taken away. It’s not her fault that another person used up all she had without caring about her emotions and what their actions might be doing to her.

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