The MOST Psychic To The LEAST Psychic: Zodiac Signs RANKED

the most psychic to the least psychic zodiac signs ranked

Not every zodiac sign has the same level of psychic abilities; some are exceptionally psychic, while some not so much. Understanding exactly how psychic you really are can help you have a lot of clarity about yourself.

Ranked below are the zodiac signs from most psychic to least. Tapping into other dimensional energies is not everyone’s game! If you have suspected the presence of such powers in you, research, read and try; do not hold back.

Here Are All The Zodiac Signs Ranked From The MOST Psychic To The LEAST

1) “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most psychic of them all?” – Cancer, Crab-Mother of them all.

This is the most sensitive of signs, emotionally and mentally speaking. They are more often than not, empaths; that is, they can feel what is wrong with people around them just by seeing them.

The sign moreover is ruled by the moon, the source of all magic and sorcery. This is the sign that can trust their guts the most.

Also, they might not be able to provide explanations for everything they say/feel, but like your mother just knows what’s wrong with you, just by looking at your face, they too, just know.

No wonder they are also considered the most motherly of the signs and have been known to be very nurturing.


2) “Body of a woman, white hills, white thighs, you look like a world” – Virgo, the maiden.

When one says someone is connected to nature, it doesn’t apply to Virgos: They ARE nature in a human form. They can easily connect with anything living around them.

This ability makes them very discerning individuals and very sensitive to others’ feelings. They have a way, inexplicable like Mother Crab, of knowing the truth; just knowing it.
Hence it is NOT advisable to betray one behind their back. They WILL know.


3) “One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish True Fish” – Pisces, the Fish.

These are the dream-psychics. They also enjoy their dreams more than most of the other signs. They have been known to have healing and empathetic abilities. Your methods of expression may be cryptic but your powers aren’t.

Your gifts are unnatural and you should use them for the betterment of others; after all: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”


4) “I see you wanting to stamp me and I sting you” – Scorpio, the alert scorpion.

Your greatest ability is to be able to zone out and meditate on a situation for extended periods of time. This gives you not only a lot of insight but a more or less fair idea of the trajectory in which the future will play itself out.

This is really the start you need to harness your psychic abilities. Also, the moments in which you seem the most detached from life, and depressed are the moments when you most in touch with your psychic abilities.


5) “Goats: Meh or Nay?” – Capricorn, the dark underestimated one.

They do not talk of their powers mostly out of fear of being relegated and ignored. They are prone to having heavy visions that they can easily interpret and find the meanings of.

I know this doesn’t seem germane to the cold and more than often aloof personalities of Capricorns, but believe me, they are nodding alright.


6) “All hail Aslan(?)” – Leo, the sometimes trustworthy lion.

Plenty of intuition, loads of it, but the usage is what determines the personality of Leo. Sometimes when they are too focused on themselves and this is when they can lose sight of their psychic abilities.

On the flip side, when they actually start listening to what others have to say, they will get in touch with their powers. Their ability to know what happens behind the curtain of a smiling face has to be their biggest strength.


7) “Two-faced, double-edged” – The Airy Twins: Gemini.

When in tune with their surroundings, this otherwise mostly undecided sign too can turn their psychic caps on.

But in most cases, the individual has to be around other psychics to feel it. Or in other cases, have to read, be around mystics, etc to tap into their inner energies of empathy.


8) “One sheep, two sheep, three sheep zzzzzz indeed.” – Aries, the whimsical sheep.

There is plenty of potentials: you are a fire sign, check; you are intuitive and are a partial solitude-lover too, check. The only thing hindering you is your selfishness.

Once you get hooked on something, it gets to you, you fixate, not thinking about the other person’s feelings whatsoever.

Try changing that.


9) The friend of justice – Libra the scales.

Libras are too level-headed and practical to detect and fall for any mysticism. They are all about being tangible and explicable.

So for you, Libras, the notion of being psychic isn’t rational nor reasonable. Or you might consider it unfair that some people have such an innate ability whereas others don’t give your proclivity towards believing in the equality of all individuals.

Most Libras aren’t psychic simply because they don’t believe and that hinders a lot of introspection. However close proximity to people who indulge in such practices can lead to habits changing.


10) The Stubborn Bull – Taurus.

Rare, very, very rare.

They are way too career-oriented and hard-working to even stop and think about such things of the heart and spirit. Your focus has always been “tangible” and “personal” gain.

Thing is all progress is not of the wallet, little calf. Unless some serious thought and elbow grease are expended towards other realms, there is very little to go on with.


11) The Fickle Water Bearer – Aquarius.

Water signs are normally very connected with their auras and the world. Aquarius’ are no exception except the fact that their connection isn’t psychic.

It’s not that they don’t believe in such skills/powers, but they feel that their paths are just a little different, and that doesn’t bring them down anyway.

Aquarius is totally in touch with the arts and people, but they tend to do their collaborations in their own very eccentric way. While the world might mistake them for someone who could or even should be psychic, you’re really just a down-to-earth human seeking a righteous path to enlightenment, which is always a good thing. Always.


12) Imaginary Centaurs but Real Problems – Sagittarius.

It’s not going to happen because you can think of nothing but yourself. Bad things might not necessarily happen to bad people, but in this case, good things, definitely don’t.

By the time psychic energy trickles down the constellations, by the time it reaches you, it has fizzled out.

Not sowing blind hopes here, but not gonna happen.


So, which zodiac sign do you belong to, and how psychic are you really? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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The MOST Psychic To The LEAST Psychic : Zodiac Signs RANKED
The MOST Psychic To The LEAST Psychic : Zodiac Signs RANKED
The MOST Psychic To The LEAST Psychic
The MOST Psychic To The LEAST Psychic: Zodiac Signs RANKED
the most psychic to the least psychic  zodiac signs ranked pin
the most psychic to the least psychic zodiac signs ranked
most Psychic To The least Psychic pin
The most Psychic To The least Psychic pin

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  1. lola Avatar

    yeah sorry but this is inaccurate, Jupiter also rules such, abundance and prosperity, sagittarius are LITERALLY KNOWN for being lucky. All my sag friends are highly spiritually. but nice try 🙂

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