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How To Find Happiness With JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

Find Happiness With JOMO

Most of us are aware of FOMO or the fear of missing out and have suffered from its anxiety-ridden effects. But what about its cooler variant JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out? It’s time to welcome JOMO into your life and replace crippling “fear” with pure “JOY”.

What is JOMO?

JOMO, or the joy of missing out, refers to the pleasant feeling of enjoying your alone time and embracing detachment from socialization. It is about consciously unplugging from all the chaos around you, especially social media, taking a break and finding bliss in your personal time. The joy of missing out (JOMO) is about being mindful of the present moment, and enjoying the activity you are engaged in without feeling the need or compulsion to share it on social media or being keen about knowing what others are doing. 

The Joy of Missing Out (JOMO:)
How To Find Happiness With JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

The meaning of JOMO is the polar opposite of FOMO. The joy of missing out is the emotional and psychological remedy for the fear of missing out, a serious psychological issue associated with social media use. Not only does it help you avoid the negative feelings linked with social media use, such as stress, anxiety and depression, this simple mental shift allows you to be more mindful and understand your needs better. It also enables you to focus on self-development activities as well.

However, it is not about social isolation or withdrawal. JOMO doesn’t mean that you will avoid every opportunity to socialize with others. It simply means that you know how to prioritize your time and focus on what’s important for you. It is about living your life intentionally.

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Is there ‘joy’ in JOMO?

While FOMO is mostly experienced by extroverted people, JOMO is the unspoken mantra of introverts; but it can be practiced by anyone. It is a deliberate decision to do what makes you happy rather than allowing others to influence your thoughts, emotions, moods and behaviors. It is about being content with what you have now rather than being anxious about what you may miss out on. It is about not giving a shit about your social media reputation. 

According to Svend Brinkmann, Danish professor of psychology and author of the bookThe Joy of Missing Out: The Art of Self – Restraint in an Age of Excess”, missing out can actually help us find meaning & depth in life and help us be happier. JOMO allows us to use our time, attention, efforts and money on things that truly matter, develop healthier relationships, gain deeper self-awareness and be more productive in life.

By practicing self-control,moderation and restraint, we can avoid unnecessary distractions, pursue our passions, invest ourselves in creative pursuits and enrich our lives. The  joy of missing out (JOMO) is the simple act of opting out and not allowing the latest fad to affect your decisions.

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What does JOMO feel like

If you are still wondering what does jomo mean, then answer this:

What do you think feels better?

A. Taking 20 photos of your dinner to make sure it looks great on Instagram? 

B. Actually enjoying your dinner, taking in the sight, aroma and flavors of the food, without even touching your phone once?

I know it’s hard imagining having a meal and not taking a photo of it these days, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy your dinner while it’s still hot than letting it get cold while you take tons of photos of it for a few likes? 

Now imagine this:

It’s the weekend. You finally managed to cook your favorite meal after a long time and you are enjoying the food while watching your favorite movie. Suddenly your phone buzzes and a notification lights up the screen. You open your phone and see that a coworker has posted a new photo on Instagram about having a fancy dinner at a trendy new restaurant. 

For people with FOMO, their plan to spend the weekend at home suddenly looks pathetic, which affects their emotions and mood.

For people with JOMO, their home-cooked meal and evening plan to spend some alone time still feels great because they are not influenced by social media, rather by their personal needs. 

The joy of missing out encourages you to avoid negative triggers and distractions from affecting your emotional and mental health. You refuse to let external factors intrude, affect or disrupt your inner peace. You tune out of all the chaos from the outside world, when it is not associated with you. It is fueled by mindfulness as we devote our attention to our thoughts, emotions and senses instead of being a voyeur on social media.

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Practicing the joy of missing out (JOMO) helps you stop being a sheep and empowers you to do what makes YOU happy. It helps you use your time more effectively and explore your thoughts. So if you are unable to manage time to do what you love and to be with your family, or if you are feeling burnt out and want to take a much needed break, then JOMO is your first step towards inner peace and joy.

How To Find Happiness With JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out
How To Find Happiness With JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out
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