6 Hacks To Be Happier At Work, Backed By Science

6 Hacks To Be Happier At Work, Backed By Science

Do you want to be happier at work? Who wouldn’t, right? All of us want a career that is fulfilling and exciting.

As we spend most of our day at work, it becomes a necessity that we feel happy working, not just for better productivity, but for our overall mental health.

Why being happier at work is important

Most jobs have slumps. Most jobs have some pros and cons that offer us the right opportunities and challenges to enhance our professional skills and forward our career. However, despite how great your job may be, it is likely that you will feel ‘hump day’ blues at some level. Perhaps, this is why more than 50% of U.S. workers feel they are unhappy and unsatisfied with their jobs.

6 Hacks To Be Happier At Work, Backed By Science

Did you know you will spend 90,000 hours at work during your lifetime? For many of us, almost a third of the day is spent working. So it only makes sense to pursue a job that makes us feel happier at work. We want to make sure that our time at the office counts and we feel fulfilled, satisfied and pleased.

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Happiness matters

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard

Unhappiness and dissatisfaction at work can seriously affect your focus, motivation, productivity, and lead to communication challenges. On a personal level, it may significantly increase your anxiety and stress levels and result in various physical and mental health issues.

Studies have found that the unhappier you are at work, the more you will be unproductive and slack off. It can also affect the mood and productivity of your co-workers and impact your emotional health significantly. Research also indicates that being happy with your work makes you less likely to quit your job, communicate better with others and be better able to satisfy customers & clients.

6 Hacks To Be Happier At Work, Backed By Science

An extensive research on productivity & happiness, by the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, found that employees were 13% more productive when they reported to be happy. The study gathered data from 1,800 call-center employees over a period of 6 months. It revealed that when the workers reported as being happier, their productivity, attendance and customer satisfaction improved.

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How to be happier at work

Happier workers make better leaders and workers. They are more pleasing to work with and they add to the overall work environment and culture. But how can you be happy at work? As you struggle with your mental health while attaching another spreadsheet to your email, how can you be personally happy & professionally productive?

If you like what you do and your paycheck does justice to the effort you put in, then there are some science-backed ways that can help you find more happiness at the workplace.

1. Feel good in the morning

Starting the day with positivity can actually help you feel a lot happier at work. The fact is, the way we feel in the morning affects our mood, thoughts and emotions for the rest of the day. A study by Nancy Rothbard Ph.D. of University of Pennsylvania, evaluated the moods, attitudes and performances of customer service executives. The research found that workers who had a positive attitude and were generally in a good mood in the morning reported to be more productive throughout the day. Moreover, they also had better interactions with clients.

So if you wish to be happier with your work, then make an effort to do what you enjoy in the morning as it will make you feel better on a personal level. It may be going to the gym or a walk, gardening or something as simple as enjoying your cuppa joe.

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  1. Yes,it is very important to focus on positivenes in the morning,stretch,do the morning moves like shower or breathing,then light breakfast with fruit juice or water and work relationships,try not to gossip,do not be personally frank with people speaking about your relationships,money,stay talkative ,but nothing personal about anybody,never speak about achievements as people are envious,they think they do better than you.

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