The Game Of Thrones House You Belong To, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


the game of thrones house you belong to based on your zodiac sign

Each Game of Thrones House has its own personality, much like the astrological zodiac signs. Each house has its own set of values and distinct traits which dictates its progress in the show. Find out which Game of Thrones House you belong to, according to your zodiac personality.

Well, who doesn’t love Game of Thrones?

The whole world went bonkers about it!

So, we thought we will do a fun article for you guys. We will tell you which Game Of Thrones House you belong to based on your Zodiac Sign.

Fun, right? Keep scrolling!

The Game Of Thrones House You Belong To, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


the game of thrones house aries

House Targaryen

Aries believe that they are meant for greatness, and they also have a futuristic view. Yes, they are House Targaryen. They are special because the blood of dragons runs through their veins. They believe that they are doing things for the greater good, even if others are opposed to their views. They believe in the values of truth, justice, and courage. They are wise and have a fiery resolve. But at times, they are unpredictable, which makes it hard for people to trust them.

Use your rare gifts and power wisely Aries. You can be both good and bad; just depends on what you wish.


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2. TAURUS (APRIL 20- MAY 20)

the game of thrones house taurus

House Baratheon

Your House motto says “Ours is the fury”, and that’s for a reason. You come from a humble background but you’re determined to turn your fortunes around, often fighting against destiny. There will always be those who criticize you, but you have a way of winning people over. Your big heart and stubborn attitude have the power to turn enemies to your side, but unfortunately, the same things can also make you lose friends. Your stubbornness makes you pretty difficult to deal with, but there’s no doubt that a nicer friend would be hard to find.

Usually, Taurus is a good sign. They are considerate and very practical and super, super responsible. But that’s how they ‘usually’ are. On other days, they are just plain mean and possessive. So the sign knows what to do but sometimes may end up doing something so extreme that they may hurt themselves in the whole process, inadvertently.


3. GEMINI (MAY 21- JUNE 20)

the game of thrones house gemini

House Martell

The Gemini is like the House Martell in a number of ways. House Martell has a kind, passionate and happy-go-lucky personality. But they have a fire within that you better not provoke.

Gemini is like a coin; two-sided. Sometimes they are kind and benevolent and so much fun to hang out with. But sometimes, they are just tired of everyone around them and very restless. Like, House Martell, no one can ever figure out what does Gemini even want. Well, you will have to be very cautious around them. You won’t even know when they are seeking revenge from you and when they are wishing good for you. Try to be in their good books, that’s your safest bet.


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4. CANCER (JUNE 21- JULY 22)

the game of thrones house cancer

House Tully

Their House words are “Family, Duty, Honor”, which is apt for Cancer. They are sensitive people who are family-bound. Their first priority is usually family, just like House Tully. For them duty and loyalty are supreme. They aren’t just mere abstract constructs but the rule that they always abide by and follow. Catelyn Stark, born into House Tully, is the biggest embodiment of this. However, don’t forget the Blackfish– like him, some Cancer people can be smart and trick you too.


5. LEO (JULY 23- AUGUST 22)

the game of thrones house leo

House Lannister

For you, life is a contest and you live by the proverb, “He who dies with the most toys wins”. You are blessed with all the wonderful toys we can think about- brains, beauty, riches and power. They are super ambitious and aren’t afraid to go out there and get what they want. They know that everything good comes with a prize and are always willing to pay it.

One thing that is darn sure about Leo is that they are very ambitious. You cannot even comprehend how ambitious they are. They will just walk over you if there is a need to. They are all passionate and have great new ideas to work on but then their competitive nature rules them and makes them mean people.



the game of thrones house virgo

House Stark

Just like a fellow Virgo, loyalty, honor, truth and hard work are the defining characteristics of House Stark. In the cold, harsh and unforgiving world, you are an upholder of hope and humanity. Your sigil, a dire wolf, represents your courageous soul. You face life with bravery, but a lack of subtlety and common sense. Nevertheless, what’s lacking in your scheming capabilities, you make up with your heroic heart, which is universally loved.

You want everything to be in order. And you want everyone to be prepared for things that are going to happen. When people haven’t even thought about imminent danger, you have practically prepared for it thoroughly.


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the game of thrones house libra

House Tyrell

Talking of Libra, the first qualities that come to mind are charm and grace, and the house that best represents these traits is House Tyrell. House Tyrell is may seem all about beauty and gracefulness, but deep down they are a gritty lot, so don’t underestimate them. They know the power of benevolence and a charming smile, which ensures they have a host of allies by their side. Their road to success is never by force; they have smarter plans to get things done, but make it seem so easy.

They believe in justice and aren’t scared of confronting a character like Joffrey if need be.



the game of thrones house scorpio

House Baelish

House Baelish with the motto “Knowledge is power” has an insatiable thirst for greater knowledge (read secrets) and power. But they don’t know where to draw the line. And that makes them dangerous. They can be your good friend but if you offend them they won’t think twice before plotting revenge. Sounds familiar? Had they not been so greedy, they would’ve made respected intellectuals. But they are cunning opportunists who have an inherent capability to understand and exploit human conditions for their own good.

The way Scorpios are depends on the day you meet them. On a good day, you will like them because they are witty and entertaining. But on a bad day, you will find them doing the worst things possible. They are kind of jealous and sometimes even violent as well.



the game of thrones house sagittarius

The Dothraki

Nomadic, free-spirited, wild, and independent to roam freely around the country- something the Sagittarius will relate to perfectly. They love their freedom too much to be bound by the rules of any house. Just like the Dothraki, Sagittarius wants to break free, so they never have to conform to society’s norms. They live by their own rules and value friendship above all else. They love new challenges. When they set their mind on something- they do everything possible to ensure victory.


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the game of thrones house capricorn

House Mormont

Capricorns are the most responsible of all the zodiac signs. They are ambitious, extremely disciplined and sworn to their duty. The House motto “Here we stand” is an ideal embodiment of Capricorn’s personality. They are known to keep their word. When they say they are going to do something, whether that is good or bad, they will do it; just like the members of House Mormont. So the thing is that you can trust them and bet on their loyalty. They are never ever going to leave your side or cheat you. They are steadfast and reliable who can be counted on to take up big responsibilities.

But, they may take too much pride in themselves for their behavior and this sure makes them a little unapproachable sometimes.



the game of thrones house aquarius

House Arryn

Your house motto is “As high as Honour” and you surely do think very highly of yourself. But this pride can be the cause of your fall if you don’t keep your attitude in check. Though the audience never got to meet Jon Arryn, his position as the Hand of the King says a lot about his diplomatic skills. He had had the power to make decisions that could change the world. Likewise, Aquarians are wise, shrewd, and full of original ideas. The moon door and the sky cells of the Eyrie have an eccentric quality that Aquarius would like to surround themselves with.



the game of thrones house pisces

House Greyjoy

Isolated, independent, wise, and VERY proud. You rightly belong to the House Greyjoy. Ruler of the hard Iron islands, the Greyjoys believe in carving their own destiny. They have big dreams and a love for the waters. They put on a very strong exterior but they are actually pretty soft inside. They are sensitive and intuitive. And Pisces, don’t trust too much.


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The Game Of Thrones House You Belong To Based On Your Zodiac Sign
The Game Of Thrones House You Belong To, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
the game of thrones house you belong to based on your zodiac sign pin
the game of thrones house you belong to based on your zodiac sign

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