The Game Of Thrones House You Belong To, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is What Game Of Thrones House You Belong To, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This is what Game of Thrones House you belong to, according to your Zodiac Sign

Well, who doesn’t like Game of Thrones?

Seems like everyone is going bonkers about it!

So, we thought we will do a fun article for you guys. We will tell you which Game Of Thrones House you belong to based on your Zodiac Sign.

Fun, right?


House Arryn

Game Of Thrones House Arryn

Well, technically Aries is a very strong and focused zodiac sign. The people who are of this sign are known to be confident and sure-footed. But, this confidence sometimes becomes over-confidence and that sure ain’t cool. This pride and arrogance can be the cause of your fall if you don’t keep your attitude in check. Probably try a better approach towards things and you are good to go. Also, seriously, start distinguishing between your enemies and friends. Sometimes it is safer to know the same.


House Baratheon

Game Of Thrones House Baratheon

Usually, Taurus is a good sign. They are considerate and very practical and super, super responsible. But that’s how the ‘usually’ are. On other days, they are just plain mean and possessive. Sounds like House Baratheon?  So the sign knows what to do but sometimes may end up doing something so extreme that they may hurt themselves in the whole process, inadvertently.


House Martell

Game Of Thrones House Martell

Gemini is like a coin; two-sided. Sometimes they are kind and benevolent and so much fun to hang out with. But sometimes, they are just tired of everyone around them and very restless. Like, House Martell, no one can ever figure out what do Gemini even wants. Well, you will have to be very cautious around them. You won’t even know when they are seeking revenge from you and when they are wishing good for you. Try to be in their good books, that’s your safest bet.


House Tully

Game Of Thrones House Tully

They are sensitive people who are family bound. Their first priority is usually family, just like House Tully. For them duty and loyalty are supreme. They aren’t just mere abstract constructs but the rule that they always abide by and follow. Just like the Blackfish, Cancer can be loyal but they can also be smart and cheat on you.


House Lannister

Game Of Thrones House Lannister

One thing that is darn sure about Leo is that they are very ambitious. You cannot even comprehend how ambitious they are. They will just walk over you if there is a need to. They are extremely competitive and they seek revenge like everyone for some reason or the other. This does sound like a description of House Lannister, right?  They are all passionate and have great new ideas to work on but then their competitive nature rules them and makes them mean people.


House Stark

Game Of Thrones House Stark

You are the cautious and sure kind. You want everything to be in order. And you want everyone to be prepared for things that are going to happen. This is because you think and act in advance. When people haven’t even thought about imminent danger, you have practically prepared for it thoroughly. So you are like House Stark. But don’t end up being all work and no play. In other words, don’t always be the buzzkills. Go have some fun as well.


House Tyrell

Game Of Thrones House Tyrell

Now they are fun-loving and they love to just sit around and appreciate beauty. At the same time, they are filled with kindness and benevolence. But the problem is that people really underestimate them sometimes. So, House Tyrell is their obvious thing. This can be because of their puerile and selfish behavior but people really have a wrong opinion about them.


House Bolton

House Bolton

Well, the way Scorpios are depends on the day you meet them. On a good day, you will love them because they are strong and they can be trusted. But on a bad day, you will find them doing the worst things possible. They are kind of jealous and sometimes even violent as well. So, a lot like House Bolton. Scorpios try to delve into your positive side more and the people around Scorpios meet them on good days.

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