Emotionally Immature Parents and how they affect you as a child and your adult relationships

 April 19, 2018

Emotionally Immature Parents and how they affect you as a child and your adult relationships

Adult children of emotionally immature parents

Emotionally immature parents? Has this led you to a dysfunctional or abusive relationship?

Most of us view parents as the mature ones, the grown-ups, particularly when we are kids. The ones who nurture and guide us to healthy adulthood.

But, what if you’re dealing with emotionally immature parents? Ones who are distant, rejecting, needy, negative or self-preoccupied?

What if a parent is emotionally immature? Forcing the child to become the parent in the relationship?

Or, to come up with coping mechanisms to deny the fear of never being good enough?


Emotional Immaturity

Emotional immaturity in parents can take many forms:

>> There are those who are needy and whose moods fluctuate. The family walks on eggshells, as their behavior can be infantile.

>> They’re like a child themselves, reacting emotionally, without thought to any consequences.

>> They can’t control their impulses and everyone else is to blame. Or responsible for calming them down and their stability.

Or there are those who are driven, always busy getting things done. They have all the answers. They know what’s best for everyone else, including their child.

>> They fear their child will embarrass them if they don’t live up to their measure of success. They intervene in adult children’s lives. Even after the child has left home and is in a relationship.

>> There are the parents who do the opposite.

>> They build a wall around themselves. They reject them.

It’s as if their children don’t exist at all.

Their irritation towards their children teaches the kids to keep their distance from them.

>> Immature men may fall into this category, ruling the home as the aloof and scary Dad. He may even doll out physical punishments to his children

Then there’s the passive, emotionally stunted parent. The one who acquiesces to the more dominant one (usually another emotionally immature adult). They may look after your physical health, feeding you and buying your clothes. But, your emotionally immature parent is so preoccupied with themselves they ignore your emotional needs.

They can’t see what you’re experiencing or feeling. They don’t express empathy, they can’t support you.

They’re uncomfortable with their own emotions or feelings. So, they won’t go there if you try to express yours. If you’re upset they’re likely to tell you:

You’re too sensitive.

Or, make a sarcastic remark. Anything to change the subject.

–  They are egocentric, single-minded and have a low level of tolerance to stress.They like to be the center of attention and can be emotionally insensitive.

– They become defensive if you disagree with them. They get irritated if others have a different point of view.

– They don’t pay you any attention unless you’re sick.

– They’re inconsistent and unreliable. You walk on eggshells around them.

– Like a child, they erupt in emotional distress at the drop of a hat. The whole family runs around trying to work out what the problem is and how to fix it.

– They may be passive/aggressive towards you.

– They rarely accept blame or apologize for their behavior.

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