9 Best Ways To Deal With Highly Judgmental People

Tired of judgments and destructive criticisms? It’s time you learn how to deal with highly judgmental people.

In this day and age, people get judged in every step. Whether it is in schools, colleges, at workplace or social gatherings, we’re always surrounded by people ready to judge us. This is a bitter truth that you can overlook but can never get rid of.

Knowing this, you might feel claustrophobic or even choked, but there’s nothing to brood on. There are ways we can tackle this situation without getting emotionally affected.

Here are 9 best ways to deal with highly judgmental people.


1. Try Not To Make Things Personal

We’ve spent so much time

When judged by people, you need to see whether you’re getting emotionally moved. If the answer is yes, then know that you’re taking it personally. You have to maintain a safe emotional distance from them. Not making it personal is the way to go.

It is in our nature to take things too seriously. But if we keep doing it, it will affect our mental state in the long run. Especially when we’re getting judged. Remember you’re not what they judge you to be. Therefore it’s nothing but an act of foolishness to get emotionally involved with them.


2. Look Into Them

Don't judge a situation

We get to see only the external appearance of the person judging us. But what we fail to see is their inner self. Our minds tend to play intricate games with us. They only show us the illusions of the physical aspect, and not what the person is from within. Instead of judging them back, we need to look deep into their eyes and dive into their soul.

All of us, without exception, are inherently good. It is only the negative circumstances that make us resentful, thus suppressing our inner goodness. This is something you need to consider when facing judgmental people.


3. Be Compassionate

Never Judge People By Their Past

The fact that there are too many judgmental people clearly shows the lack of compassion in our society. Without compassion, humanity becomes enslaved by cruelty and misery. We must not be hateful towards people who are judgmental.

Rather, we need to render empathy to build a brotherhood of positivism. You may not realize, but it is this very lack of compassion that makes people all the more judgmental. The feeling of extreme hollowness is substituted by the urge to judge objects, people and even themselves.

Yes you heard that right. These people end up judging even themselves, but reflect their insecurities onto us by doing the same. They need emotional help and support from us.


4. See What You Can Learn

Be Curious, Not Judgemental

Our life is a classroom that helps us to learn in every step. And judgmental people are just a fraction of it. We can learn from them too. The interaction we have with them also leaves clues on how life can turn out to be and why we act in certain ways.

Try to grasp the lessons the interaction is trying to convey. The hidden lessons are something you should not overlook. It contains the codes to a better life. People we come across, even the most judgmental ones have something to offer.

Instead of reacting to their seemingly harsh approach, you should be poised and observant enough to receive and assimilate the life lessons that are coming your way. Be positive with your approach.


5. Know How The World Mirrors You

Don't Judge People For The Choices They Make

Have you ever noticed how the world responds to your emotional states? Whenever you lose control over your thoughts, the world seems to respond to them in a very subtle way. You’ll find things are not that well aligned as they used to be. Nothing seems in place. It is as if the word is mirroring the way you feel.

You just need to restructure your thoughts in a more positive way. Doing that automatically alters your emotional reality and re-adjusts the world around you. The same can be done when dealing with judgmental people.

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