10 Characteristics Common In People With High Emotional Intelligence


characteristics common In People with high emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence impacts our lives in different ways. Are you keen to check yourself for the Emotional Intellectual Scale? People with high emotional intelligence possess the following TEN characteristics–

1. Acceptance-

Acceptance is the currency of love

You think very neutrally when it comes to accepting things. You do not live in your world or your lies. You always listen to others to create or understand the real perspective of the situation.

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2. Self-awareness-

People with high emotional intelligence have high self-awareness. You are aware of your emotional strengths and weaknesses. You have learned and jot down your experiences which deeply affect you. Through this event, you have understood what and how things can affect others as well.

3. Focus on Outcome than reactions-

emotional intelligence

No one has full control on emotions but unlike others, you have control on your reactions. While we communicate with anyone or dealing with the situation, we react than listing or focusing on the actual problems. You can listen and process the people and situation to reach the conclusion and solve the actual problem.

4. You surrounded by high EQ squad-

Of course, you have people around you who possess high EQ. Sometimes these people are your motivation to be like them or at least start thinking like them.

5. Good listener-


You can listen, people, even when it is not related to you or your work. You are keen to understand their background, their struggle, their interest. This helps you to read people and understand their problems and even others can relate and open with you easily.

6. You are Genuine-

You have made a habit to keep your word and in this way, you only talk real and achievable things. This makes you very genuine and you have gained the trust of others.

7. You can protect yourself from emotional sabotage-

As you possess high emotional intelligence; you understand how people can manipulate others. But by the time you have learned to protect yourself by sharpening your EQ.

8.You appreciate others-

You appreciate people genuinely and you never consider this as a task. Your way of appreciating people is very impactful and you always not require any tool to do this. You can do this only when you focus on good things and not consider other competition or believe in healthy competition.

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9. Less judgmental-


High emotional intelligence people have empathy with others but that doesn’t mean you always agree to others opinions or ignore mistakes. You do have the perspective to look at the situation in others’ perspective, you understand why people do things or what emotions they have behind talked negatively or positively.

10. You apologize-

It is a continuous next step after acceptance. You never go for convincing others when you realize you are wrong. Rather you invest your energy to say sorry and rectify the situation soon.

Other many points might also prove that you possess high EQ but these are quick and major points to measure your EQ.

Hope this is helpful to all of you.

Please write to me your points and perspective for the same. It helps me to broaden my views and I will write the next blog with some different perspectives.   

Do you possess high Emotional Intelligence EQ
Do You Possess High Emotional Intelligence?
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