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4 Effective Ways To Deal With Judgment And Judgemental People

Deal With Judgment And Judgemental People

Judgemental people are a dime and dozen these days, and no matter how hurtful they can be, you need to find ways to deal with their constant judgment.

The main job of judgemental people is to find faults in everyone, even when there aren’t any. Even if you tell them that their assumptions and insensitive remarks hurt you to no end, they don’t change their toxic ways, because they simply don’t care. Judgemental people get off by causing pain to people with their words. Also, no matter how good you might treat them, they will never appreciate it and will continue to inflict pain on you.

But does that mean you will continue getting hurt? The answer is no. You might not be able to change or reform judgemental people, but what you can do is know the right ways to deal with judgment.

Here Are 4 Effective Ways To Deal With Judgment

1. Release your own judgment.

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”  – Luke 6:37

This means that you must first learn to judge yourself. Most of the time, we are so busy finding flaws in others that we totally forget to put ourselves under the scanner. Only when we put ourselves under the purview, we will realize that there is so much within us that we should change.

Also, you would also realize that the flaws that we had been observing and criticizing in people were actually within us all along. This realization will surely help you become a far better person and will also help you to focus on yourself and your own potential rather than thinking about others and wasting your precious time judging others.

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2. Switch your focus to the positive.

The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment. – Swami Kripalu

Even when you are judging people, start doing a simple exercise. Begin by seeing the good in them. Look out for qualities that you adulate and want to emulate as well. This will certainly help you learn new things and this will make you far more positive in your approach towards people.

The moment you will start seeing someone positively, you will shun all negativity that the process of judgment promotes. Once you will be out of the negativity circle, there is nothing but excellence that awaits you.

3. Don’t take personal offense.

If you are the person who is being judged and you come to know about it, don’t take a personal offense. Understand the simple fact that people judge others when they actually have deeply embedded flaws in themselves.

Because they want to run away from their own flaws, the project that negativity on other people. People who judge are probably just trying to belittle you but don’t let them.

You are so much better than what people talk about you. Try to filter the judgmental people around you and understand that your self-respect and your self-esteem will not get affected by people judging you. So, don’t let the idea of your self-change because some people around you are judging you. Take it in stride. Anyways, it’s better to carry a tune, rather than a grudge.

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4. Leave the situation.

If none of the above are helping you, leave the situation altogether. Don’t let yourself be a target of judgment. Cut out the judgmental people from your life and choose your happiness. Leaving the situation also helps you rethink the ideals that you stand for. Become the larger person that you are, rather than letting anything around affect you.

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