5 Body Language Signs Of Attraction Backed By Science

2. Leaning in and head tilting

Attraction and consequent ease often lead both men and women to lean in, when they are eager to feel closer to the person in front of them. Both these behaviours are largely subconscious and more guided by our evolutionary needs and experiences than we can tell. Both leaning in and head tilting are known to release pheromones, chemical substances that get released by the body altering social behaviour.

The pheromones establish non-verbal connect and can actually pave the way for a deeper connect between two people. 

Jeffrey Hall, author of “The Five Flirting Styles” along with Chong Xing conducted a study to look at verbal and non-verbal behaviour among 51 pairs. In this study, they coded 36 flirting behaviors, including leaning forward among others and said that based on the behavior expressed by the person, they could tell which flirting style the person inherently fell back upon.


3. Feet point towards the object of attraction

The way the body works in a social context, if witnessed with ease and grace, can often tell us what we need to know about ourselves and anybody else we are spending time with.

Our feet are the channels we use to move around and physically, decide the way we are going to take in any given context. Watching out for how your feet are pointed when you’re getting to know someone can tell you tons about how you’re feeling. If your feet are clearly pointing in the direction of the person, there’s a high likelihood you feel at ease with them and have a genuine interest in them.

Similarly, if your feet have a natural tendency of moving away, check for the feelings you might be carrying.

An “exit” orientation is often a tell-tale sign you’re engaging the person out of duty or specific context rather than authentic interest. The feet of the other person, likewise, could also tell you where they might be placed in terms of the connection.


4. Trying to look one’s best

Courtship unconsciously entails looking your best.

Though realistically, this isn’t possible around the clock, the initial hours and days of doing your best to draw a person in often revolves around something really simple.

As innocuous as this sounds, whether it is a man or woman moving towards you and readying themselves to set up conversation, if you see them take the extra last minute care to adjust their clothes, you can be assured they want to make an impression, if not anything else.

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