6 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Genuinely Interested in You

ways to tell if someone is genuinely interested in you

When it comes to love, and wanting to have a serious relationship, you know someone is interested in you, when all they care about is you. They will always try to make you happy and treat you as their first priority. You know someone is interested in you when all they want to do is make you smile, and feel special.

“A poor life this is if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.”
– William Henry Davies

We are so engrossed in our lives that we “see” nothing. Our fast-paced lifestyle has made us insanely competitive and mechanical. Your soulmate could board the same bus with you every day or try to talk to you at the cafe, but you’d be busy checking emails on your phone! Stop living in an alternate universe and start noticing.

“What we need to learn is always there before us, we just have to look around us with respect & attention to discover.” – Paulo Coelho

You may have phases when you are searching for love or decidedly neglecting it. There are certain signs for you to know if someone is genuinely interested in you.

6 Signs When Someone Is Genuinely Interested In You

1. The person makes sure you get what you like.

So imagine this: someone orders your usual dishes for you without asking, you’ll feel great right? It could be as simple as getting you the latest book you wished for or making a favorite playlist. When someone pays attention it means you matter to them.

You know someone is interested in you when they value your opinions and choices. They will try to make you smile by doing the small things you love, like placing a flower vase on your desk or get access to your favorite fan-fiction. All this would make you feel accepted.

6 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Genuinely Interested in You
6 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Genuinely Interested in You

2. The person showers compliments on you all the time.

Everyone loves flattery, isn’t it? When someone compliments you always and everywhere – social-media, face to face, post-it-notes, you are bound to feel good. Even better if the person pays attention to minute mundane details like the way you tie your hair or your phone’s ringtone, these show that the person is attracted to you.

To them “there is none like you” and they want to express it. Romancing with words can be very charming if done the right way. You may give the person a chance because of their sheer skill of putting feelings into words.

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3. Body language can never lie.

Did you notice how your fingers tremble during the exams or how you tap your feet while sitting? This shows your nervousness and boredom. Similarly, if a person runs their fingers through your hair, has a sheepish smile plastered on their face, or holds hands, it all speaks of attraction. Dr. Albert Scheflen, the author of Body Language and the Social Order, discovered certain behavioral changes that take place in the company of someone of the opposite sex.

When we wish to impress someone, we maintain good posture, we are happy and it reflects in our smile, we take care to dress up for that special person and exude confidence. We want the person to take notice and feel drawn towards us. We need assurance that they like us.

4. The eyes have it.

All of us have swooned when we heard the iconic dialogue of Scarface, “The eyes Chico, they never lie”, and it is the absolute truth. Eyes are the mirror to the soul and a study by the University of Chicago has shown that a person may fall in love by gazing into your eyes.

With our heads buried in our phones almost 24*7, if someone is willing to look at us and hear what we say, it shows the effort that comes with courtship. Admiration in one’s eyes for yourself is bound to tug your heart.

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