Signs Someone Is Attracted To You, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Signs Someone Is Attracted To You, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

These signs will tell you if someone is attracted to you according to your zodiac sign.

Astrological signs do offer a sneak peek into the character of a person. An insight into what he or she is in person through the ways of proposing. There is a specific reason why men and women express their attraction and desire in many different ways.

Based on zodiac sign read these traits below to decode his or her interest straightaway:


Sign of Ram

Aries people are subtle and signal the interest with persistence and make excuses by stopping by you as often as possible. He or she will show off as much as possible to keep the attention focused on him or her. Most Arian lovers are competitive and apart from vying for the attention of a chosen one he or she is also very charming. They often sweep you off your feet before its time to even blink.


Sign of the bull


If the person is attracted to you will make his or her desires known with the gifting of compliments. Taurians know how to treat their men and women with their romantic charisma. Their object of desire almost always gets single-minded focus and can get wooed almost all the time. If you are in love with someone who is a Taurian, you are bound to enjoy life.


Sign of the Twins

Gemini lovers are flirtatious and inquisitive and always interested in finding out about you and what makes you tick. They like being treated with curious attention and have romantic cores. Gemini lovers have diverse interests and fall for a lot of women at one time. If you can hold on to the attention, you can crave for more fascinating consideration for a long time to come.


Sign of the Crab


Cancer lovers are protective and have a kind heart. They are counterintuitive and offer advice when necessary without showing you their actual mental side. Safety and security are often their top priority in life and when he or she is into you, the protective streak starts blossoming.


Sign of the Lion


Leo lovers hold a superior position when it comes to spotting love. One of the most passionate of signs, a Leo is all about grand gestures and smooth talk. A Leo lover will shower you with attention and warmth of radiant love. They are champion of hearts and will love you to bits.


Ruled by Mercury


Virgo lovers are notoriously reserved and even if his lady love is in competition for attention with other men, a Virgo lover will not step up the heat. Virgo people are good listeners and will always lend an ear to your problems. If there is truly a spark between you and a Virgo lover, you will be able to appreciate the person well and cherish the connection for years to come.

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