8 Overlooked Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame


Overlooked Signs Have Met Twin Flame

Do you think you have noticed any signs you have met your twin flame? Well sometimes, the signs are not always that obvious, rather they can be quite subtle and overlooked.

“So ancient is the desire of one another which is implanted in us, reuniting our original nature, seeking to make one of two, and to heal the state of man.” – Plato, Symposium

The concept of having a “Twin Flame” originated in Plato’s mythic dialogue titled “The Symposium”, in which he wrote that human beings originally had two faces, four arms, and four legs. Under the threat of being overpowered, the gods split them in half, creating the humans we see today. Hence, it is thought that we all have one “twin” soul out there in the world.

Humans are social beings. We strive for a general sense of togetherness and belonging. We’ll always prefer being with our best friend rather than be alone with anything. Whenever we come across something new or unheard of, we become curious and ask more about it. When we find out something new, we eagerly look for somebody to share it with.

On this journey of curiosity and discovery and sharing our inferences, nothing can be as wonderful as finding somebody who actually does appreciate what we have to say or share. What is even better is when they seem to like that one person who was meant to be your best friend.

It is almost like finding a soul mate, but not quite. This person is you, but in a different body. They call it ‘finding your twin flame’. This person is your Twin Flame: you, but also not you.

Finding this person could be the most amazing feeling, and there are enough articles out there that efficiently romanticize it, making you desperate to a certain extent to experience this seemingly hypes of a moment.

It is each person’s take on this.

But here are a few overlooked signs you have met your twin flame, that you might want to consider in case you are wondering about when you’ll have your moment.

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8 Overlooked Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

1. It could feel like something that has happened before; just like it could feel like it was something meant to be.

It could feel like déjà vu. Like talking to yourself, only you aren’t before a mirror anymore and it is not your washroom suite this time. You can find yourself wondering why you haven’t met this person before: this is who you are supposed to be living your life with.

2. You feel comfortable making eye contact with them.

This is one of the overlooked signs you met your twin flame. Looking into their eyes could become a natural thing for you; just like being and talking with them. Their eyes might become easy mirrors for you that tell you over time about what they really mean, or feel.

3. Being with them feels natural and easy, as if you’ve known each other for years.

There are no pretenses and no expectations. The connection is very intuitive, where you don’t quite wonder from time to time about what you should do in some particular situation. It is like a sixth sense.

4. It’s not the worst moment of your life, but it might also not be the best.

When you are with them, it feels calm, peaceful, fun and devoid of any extremes. You could imagine it to be something akin to spending a nice day with your best friend. Upon describing it to somebody else, it might not have the same effect as the experience you had.

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5. Your feelings or emotions towards them are not easily describable.

You might be willing to make the ultimate sacrifices for them, and they might be willing to go to any lengths for you, but yet, it might be hard to explain your emotions with that easily.

Some might argue that it is love in its purest form: the love towards your best friend, your Twin Flame. These may end up being the people you choose as your life-partner, but there are equal chances of that not happening so. Every person has their own preference for that role, and for you or your Twin Flame, somebody similar to themselves/ yourself may not be what is desired.

6. Your Twin Flame doesn’t have to satisfy your materialistic or physical desires.

That has to be their personal preference, as much as it should be yours, for that to happen. Even when it does, that is not what the Twin Flame connection is only about: it becomes an experience you both chose to have, and not one that was absolutely meant to be.

7. Twin Flames are often believed to come into your life when you need someone the most.

They come to you and uplift your soul taking it to higher levels. They are someone who can help you attain your true potential and unlock your physical abilities — it is not magic that they bring to your life, it is just the power of freedom that you feel around them while expressing yourself, and the general sense of ease (that I simply can’t seem to get over, it would seem).

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8. Sometimes, they appear in your life at the wrong time even.

But, usually, that is the exact time when you need a Twin Flame to appear.

Be it a situation where your old acquaintances seem to get replaced by this new person, or a situation where you are at your worst and you feel embarrassed to be seen at your lowest by such a kindred-looking spirit — as much as you might wish they had come on a sunny day, these people are cross your path only during your bad days.

What could be worse than finding such a precious person and having them be totally disinterested in you? Well, chill. It is absolutely okay. Like any kind of relationship (because that is what even this is), you need the other person to be as invested as you are. If they are not, it is best for both of you to just be and move on.

Twin Flames are believed to be the soul’s way of connecting with its spiritual-significant-other. It might happen to your soul this week, next month, or even the next life span; it is best for you to understand that you will be with them when the time is right.

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That being said; I would like to take this moment to mention one last thing. Life is not meant to be spent waiting for something that might be or somebody that might come. It is about each day and each moment. It is a route that is headed to a fixed destination and all you have in your hands is to enjoy the journey.

Twin flame
How to tell if you met your twin flame
Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame
How do you know if you met your twin flame
Overlooked Signs Have Met Twin Flame pin
Overlooked Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame pin

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  1. Lisa Avatar

    I lived next door to my twin flame. We were both 12.. I had an epiphany an awakening, I knew things about him, I had no reason to know. I wanted very much to kiss S. I planned to kiss him when I got him alone. My step dad raped me first. After that I no longer chased S. I couldn’t do to him what had been done to me. S never showed me any attention, we were best friends. He just never showed a sexual interest. I became promiscuous with guys who come on to me. My parent left tell tell signs of his actions. My step mom found the condoms in my room. She immediately said I was having sex with S. This was a lie just so she could get me out of the house. I never saw S. Until just recently. We do Facebook and he barely speaks to me. When we first met on Facebook he wanted to meet up with me. Then he got changed completely. He is running from me, he hasn’t blocked me though. I want to tell him the truth about my dad, and the lie step mom told. My step mom is alive and step dad has died. Step mom is telling lies to keep us apart so he will never know the truth. Stepmom has daughter who has lied along with her. I had no one to stand up for me against her. Stepmother still keeps interfering she is still a close friend to S. we have all been friends for 47years… She does everything to keep us apart. I know S. Loves me he. We have been out of each other’s lives for 46 years…He was excited about seeing me then something happened to change him… Please advise me, I have been celibate 17 years… I just wanted to meet true love.. That’s why I know S. Is the one I have always been ment to be with. When my soul has been on it’s knees through out the years he has come to me in my thoughts, everytime. My heart is broken please advise me…

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