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8 Stupid Ways A Guy Acts When He Likes You And What It Might Mean For You

As a female, most times we do not understand why men behave the way they do. It becomes even more confusing for us when the said man has been taken by the love bug. When smitten, guys tend to turn into such cryptic creatures that their behaviors stop matching what they actually have going on inside their heads. Often times, they will end up doing such incriminating things that most often they end up doing more harm than they were trying to prevent.

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At one point or the other, you might have witnessed these signs and aptly been turned off or amused or disgusted by a number of them.

Sure, these are all signs telling you that the guy you have blubbering in front of you is probably attracted to you, but not all of these are telling signs for you to base your decision on.

Your choice of dating a man lies with you and only you. We are here only to understand what makes a potential date act a certain way and what it might mean for you.

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#1 He just talks about himself.

This kind of guy wants you to be impressed by him. Because he thinks he is extremely impressive — and he lets everyone in the vicinity know of this by publicizing himself. A nervous guy will be aware that he is on a word-vomit and he will listen to you when you speak. A self-righteous pompous dude will not let you talk. If you do, you will immediately be able to tell that he is only pretending to listen to you but all the while thinking of new things to tell about himself, his job or his enormously expensive adventures. This is the type of person who won’t spare you any thought if it means less time for himself, and the not-so-expert advice on this guy is: pass.


#2 He just doesn’t talk.

Contrary to the previous one is the guy who is so nervous that he just shuts up. It is possible that you are witnessing an introvert out of his comfort zone. In which case, you might have to be the one who steers the conversation and also possibly end up feeling like he is not interested in you — when it might be otherwise. Dating an introvert comes with its own challenges and benefits, some of which you might get to try out first hand on this awkwardly one-sided seeming date.

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#3 He word-vomits.

We touched upon this briefly in #1 to provide perspective. A guy on a nervous-rambling mode might not be trying to paint himself the king of the world, but he might be just so nervous that he is afraid of the awkward-silences and hence, decides to keep them away. This type of conversation might be salvaged if you can both calm down and relax. Of course, it might get a little tough if he starts arguing with his own points and in turn with himself, but there is nothing a good meal and some wine cannot solve right?


#4 He over-vomits virility.

Or in other words, he tries to out-macho-ing everyone in his vicinity. Boy, do we not know this one? He will flick his hair and give pointless, smoldering eyes that are just plain embarrassing for you. He will shit a brick trying to flex his muscles and then over-do it if heavens forbid you don’t utter consistent approvals. He will talk down at you, mansplain everything under the sun and he will try imitating the melodramatic, dominant, alpha males of the daily soaps who are nothing but entitled, self-centered and for some reason, even with their Howard-worthy English-speaking skills, they do not seem to have learned the meaning of the word NO.

Also, don’t forget about the classic ‘I like you, so I will insult you, make you feel worthless and then expect you to still come crawling after me, seeking my approval’. Delusional much?

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