10 Unwritten Rules Of Modern Dating

Unwritten Rules Modern Dating

The dating landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade. Although dating is a very personal and unique experience and everyone should follow their intuitive hearts and internal guidance system to navigate this experience, there are a few unwritten rules of modern dating that can help you on your next romantic adventure.

Here Are 10 Unwritten Rules Of Modern Dating

1. Before getting into a new relationship, you need to heal your wounds and clear your emotional baggage.

If you have not done the inner work of healing your wounds and clearing your emotional baggage, you would keep on attracting the same kind of people again and again.

Before you start looking for a new relationship, it is better to heal your wounds and clear your emotional closet.

Once you heal your wounds and work on yourself, you will be able to break the cycle of repetitive patterns and emit a new frequency; the Universe will then align you to a person who matches your new vibe.

2. If you are interested in someone, don’t be shy to make the first move.

If you like someone, then don’t be shy to make the first move. Don’t be stuck in the redundant belief system that the guy should always make the first move. If you like someone, then go for it. The Universe rewards those who are courageous and brave.

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3. Be your authentic and vulnerable self.

More often than not, we make the mistake of revealing only our shiny parts to our prospective partner fearing that they will dislike us or reject us. But until we become our authentic and vulnerable self with someone, we will just block our way to real intimacy.

Sooner or later the mask that you put on to impress your partner will fall off and your partner would be really confused and conflicted as to who were they really dating? Therefore it is best to always be your true and authentic self in the dating journey.

4. Do not use communication as a means of control.

There are no rules as to who should text first, and how long should you take to reply to a text. If you want to reach out to express to your partner or compliment them for something, by all means, do so.

Do not withhold communication till they text you first or till a certain time has passed, only to play games or to gain an upper hand on them. Dating should not be treated as a competition or a race.

5. Don’t be clingy or obnoxious.

While keeping in touch and consistent communication is important, this does not mean that you pile on and send continuous texts to your partner and get impatient when they don’t reply to your texts immediately.

Don’t be clingy or obnoxious, it’s not sexy at all.

6. Work on self-discovery and personal development.

Once we get into a relationship, we get totally consumed by it. We make our partner the center of our universe. We stop making time for our friends, hobbies, or passions.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, your first priority should be to invest in yourself. You should be able to create a life on your own that supports you and nurtures you. If you just rely on your partner to support you and make you happy all the time, you will just scare off your partner by your neediness.

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7. Don’t stalk their social media profiles.

I know it can be tempting to stalk your partner’s social media profile to get to know them better. But it is far better to get to know each other organically over a course of time as compared to checking out their Facebook posts of the last five years and killing all curiosity.

8. Hold the sex.

This advice may look contrary to current trends in the millennial generation where relationships start with casual intimacy. While there is nothing wrong with this approach per se, but it does have the potential to unnecessarily complicate things.

When we get intimate too soon, we let the chemicals in our bodies cloud our judgment and we tend to make choices based on chemical rushes instead of sound reasoning and logic.

9. Enjoy the process and don’t get hung up on the destination.

While marriage and happily ever after’s are still relevant concepts but do not treat every single date as your potential life partner. Approach the dating process as an opportunity to get to know each other better and let the relationship unfold organically.

When you approach the dating process with certain agendas in mind, you tend to become controlling and manipulative and it kills the spontaneity and charm of the relationship.

Be natural, fun, and spontaneous, and enjoy the process without getting too hung up on the destination. What is meant to stay will stay, what is meant to go, will go.

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10. Follow your own Internal Guidance System.

Ultimately the most important ally in your life is your own internal guidance system. Go with the wisdom of your own intuitive heart and go with what feels right for you at the moment. Take time to tune into your body, listen to your own gut instincts, and follow what they tell you.

Your own internal guidance system will never lead you astray.

These unwritten modern dating rules can help you get into a relationship that will genuinely make you feel happy, content, and satisfied with the person you are with. Give these rules a try, and see for yourself how they truly transform your dating game.

10 Unspoken Rules of Modern Day Dating that everyone should follow
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