Guard Your Energy: 5 Tips for Strengthening Your Aura and Ward Off Any Negative Energy


Ways To Strengthen Your Aura And Ward Off Negative Energy

You must have heard people commenting about how people have auras, but do you know you can strengthen your aura to ward off negative energy?

Our aura is the center of all the energy that we can term as our own and there are a lot of things that harm and weaken it on a physical level.

Have you noticed how most of the time, we end up feeling lethargic and demotivated, lacking the energy to do things? We experience sleep deprivation and fatigue and owe these symptoms to stress and poor work-life balance.

But we fail to see the bigger picture, which is our aura, the harm that is done to it on a day-to-day basis, and how we might be unknowingly hurting it ourselves thereby weakening its very existence.

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What Happens When We Have a Weak Aura?

Let us first talk about what happens when our auras lose their strength, thus messing with the very place we derive all our energies from.

  • We find ourselves tired more than usual, on a regular basis.
  • We find ourselves with an extreme lack of motivation to get up and get things done
  • This often causes a number of difficulties in our professional as well as personal lives.
  • We end up failing at tasks that are as simple as maintaining a good hygiene
  • We feel a sense of ennui and fear that forecloses all the possibilities of enjoying life

You are more resistant to harmful energies if your aura is strong. But how to strengthen your aura? Here are a few simple ways to strengthen your aura, shield yourself from negative energies, and boost your well-being.

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How To Cleanse Your Aura? 5 Ways To Protect And Strengthen Your Aura

Let us get straight into how to ward off negative energy and how to protect your aura.

1. Exercise Regularly

Firstly, in order to cleanse your aura, get your walking shoes out and make sure you get some fresh air and some exercise as frequently as you possibly can. Walking keeps the body in better shape and the new sights you see and the new people you meet do the same for your mind.

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2. Eat Right

Secondly, what really gets this approach of cleansing your aura going, is a healthy and nutritious diet. Add proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals in sufficient amounts, ensuring your body has a healthy digestive system. A glass of milk at night and an apple in the afternoon go a long way, my friend.

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3. Stay Away From Toxic People

Third, to clean your aura, cut off everyone who dampens your shine, i.e., people who are negative and make you question yourself. You are better than that and you have to remind yourself of the same.

To Strengthen Your Aura Stay Away From Negative People
To Strengthen Your Aura, Stay Away From Negative People

4. Use Mindful Techniques

Fourth, comes some breathing exercises and meditation. One truly does not understand the advantages of these things on mind and soul, until one tries them. So get to these habits as soon as possible to understand their power and how they can strengthen your aura.

Meditate To Strengthen Your Aura
Meditate To Strengthen Your Aura

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5. Recharge Your Space

There are some external elements that might be of help to strengthen your aura, like smudging your space by burning sage, wearing amulets, and using crystals that will help your soul and mind protect themselves. You can use the internet to look up any aura cleansing incense or tool and do a cleansing ritual for home.

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What Causes Weak Aura?

The weakening of aura may be caused by a number of things, starting from physical to emotional.

  • Addictions can weaken our aura. It can be substance abuse or social media addiction. We always undermine the negative effects that a social media addiction has on us because it is just so commonplace: but remember, so are cigarette smoke and climate change.

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  • Another thing that may be held responsible is not having a proper and regular sleep cycle. Our body, mind, and soul need adequate rest to go about our lives and do the things that we must. So when we deprive ourselves of that, the effect will harm our aura as well.
  • Similarly, if we stay indoors all the time, due to our jobs or other commitments, and do not treat ourselves to a requisite amount of sunshine, we weaken our aura.
  • The smallest signs of nature’s beauty like a bird’s chirp and the golden dot at the heart of a roadside flower can be powerful enough to heal our auras and if we keep missing them, it is bound to make our auras lose their strength and stability.
  • Something we all are more or less guilty of is not having proper eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. Adding to that, a lack of exercise can make our aura significantly weak.
  • Our body needs to return to nature and gain what it has lost in the rat race that we all are a part of. Our aura also faces similar trauma when we let other people take advantage of us and drain us.
  • If there is anyone in your life that makes you feel tired and listless after you talk to them, you would be doing yourself a huge favor if you cut them out. They, either intentionally or unintentionally have a negative impact on your inner strength and your aura.
  • Talking to people and lending them your help when they need is a noble thing to do, but never at the cost of your own well-being.
  • Lastly, stress is a bigger evil than most of us give it credit for, and it is also one of the major reasons that drain aura.
  • Overworking and being motivated by results rather than enjoying the journey are something that must be stopped. Gig-economy is something that has created more ashes than trees and it is time you think twice before making yourself a slave to it.

Your aura is a precious thing. Your empathy comes from it and it is not only others that gain healing warmth from it: you yourself require the rejuvenating powers of your cleaned-up aura. So, you must work hard to strengthen your aura.

Keep in good shape, health-wise. There is a saying in India that the greatest temple of God is the body of the devotee. Keep the beauty of it safe and make sure the pillars hold it up in a proper place. Be healthy and cling to happiness. Practice these things to clean your aura and ward off negative energy. Namaste!

Watch this short meditation video to strengthen your aura:

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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Aura and Ward Off Any Negative Energy
5 Ways To Strengthen Your Aura
5 Ways To Strengthen Your Aura and Ward Off Any Negative Energy
5 Ways To Strengthen Your Aura
5 Ways To Strengthen Your Aura
5 Ways to protect and strengthen your aura
5 Ways To Strengthen Your Aura
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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Aura
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