What Is The Color of Your Aura? Personality Quiz

What Color of Your Aura

What is the color of your aura? An aura is a form of energy emanating from your body, which can tell a lot about you, from your personality to your innermost emotions and conflicts.

It often mistakenly spelled ora, is the energy (electromagnetic) that radiates about the body from the various main chakras that line up from the top of your head to the base of your spine.

The energy emits around the entire body and has a vibrational quality similar to the energy waves of heat radiating from a metal surface. Auras often appear as outlines of the human body. This is often referred to as the halo effect.

  • Auras can contract or expand depending on the situation a person is experiencing.
  • Depending on the individual’s energy, auras can be a thin outline or very intense and distinguishable.
  • Auras usually have uneven edges and sometimes rays of color (energy) streak out from the body.

What kind of energy β€” are you giving off?

Play this aura quiz to find out

So, what color did you get? Red? green or blue?

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What is the Color of Your Aura? - Personality Quiz
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What Is The Color of Your Aura? Personality Quiz

38 thoughts on “What Is The Color of Your Aura? Personality Quiz”

  1. Avatar of Bj Clark-Larson

    White…Perfect Balance: You are an innovator and a creator and your strongest qualities are more spiritual than physical.
    Your unique level of energy allows you to be more sensitive and intuitive than others.
    The white color can sometimes be pale and blank, So you need to pay attention when you are out of touch with the world.
    But even if you feel indifferent, remember that the white color is the combination of all the colors of the visible spectrum. And just like that, you represent balance, harmony and peace.

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