The Most Powerful Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign

The Most Powerful Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign

The Most Powerful Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign
Crystals are naturally occurring substances that have a very defined microscopic molecular density and structure, depending upon the quality, and the quantity with which it was formed.

They are extremely beautiful and have a pretty good history in astrology, horoscopes. It has always been mentioned, since the ages, about the effects crystals can have on zodiacs, and how they can bring to foray the negative or the positive of any individual, and in some situations also save them from fatalities.

Crystals might not be scientifically proven to be a savior, or an infinity stone, per se, but people from all fields of life and ages, believe in the power they have.

They can make or break a person and the more expensive or pretty the stone, the more power it bestows upon the individual. It becomes a shield that protects the person from any harm, and is worshiped, and considered sacred. They might work, or they might not. But, the trust and the belief stays. But not all crystals are the same. Some zodiacs respond better to some crystals more than other crystals. Similarly, a wrong crystal could affect some zodiacs more. Let’s see, which one is best for a zodiac.

The Most Powerful Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

Aries voices and counters the self-doubt that could manifest within someone. Aries suffers from massive self-doubt, and sometimes, they have voices in their head, that destroys whatever confidence they might have with themselves, or with others. Therefore, the best crystals an Aries can procure are carnelian, citrine, and garnet. Carnelian helps in promoting your voice that would counter every single self-doubt that you might be going through. Citrine works in a psychoanalytical way and helps to improve your dreams so that you are more focused. Garnet improves endurance and helps in performances that need it.

2. Pisces

Pisces is all about intuition. But sometimes, they might be questioning their own intuition and might be thinking that they are wrong in predicting something. This is when Aquamarine comes into play. Apart from being your birthstone, they are quite simply one of the most powerful stones in existence. They clear up your doubts, leading you to be intuitive again. Pisces is also about relationships. Heartbreaks, love-struck emotions, etc, all lead to a Pisces being what they are. This helps when Chrysocolla is applied, as they calm the heart when it leads to matters that depend solely on the heart. Amethyst calms and relaxes the mind.

3. Aquarius

They are forgiving and sometimes people trample on them, treating them like the soles of their feet. But they sometimes need yellow jasper to heal what hurts them. They also need amethyst to heal their mind and body, to bring them into balance.

4. Capricorn

Capricorn is people who would love to be in touch with their spiritual self, and use azurite to be in touch with their aesthetic self. It helps when you use peridot for a spiritual, energetic cleanse, which would be very useful for you to be calm, composed in a relationship when you could be envious, and spoil it. Garnet helps in influencing vibrations, removing blockages, and as a birthstone, it also works to rejuvenate the spirit.

5. Sagittarius

The adventurous type, you always want to run off into the wild, expecting a thrill and exciting adventure at every nook and cranny of the world. Bronzite would help you with this. Being connected to the soul is important as you need to be true to yourself, otherwise, it would be extremely tough for other people to accept you the way you are. Citrine helps in this situation. And lastly, turquoise would always be your guide, your philosopher and your knight in shining armor, removing obstacles along the way.

6. Scorpio

The fiery lot, you have a history with anger management and need the help of citrine, amethyst and malachite. Citrine is useful when it comes to spreading the light, invoking feelings of joy and happiness all around. Malachite helps in transforming negative emotions into positive emotions, and that brings forth emotional healing. Amethyst helps in unlocking your mind so that you are more open and accepting of things that would clear your aura.

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